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Married at 22
A mother at 23
And loving it.

Why? Because i married someone who makes me truly happy.

And this blog is dedicated to everyone i love.


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bored typo
★ Monday, November 28, 2005 AT 8:46 AM
waa!!...bored bored..nw in my grand papa hse..my cousin rebecca victor rachel hav nt reach yet..so i shall juz blog..but i m boredd...i m only chatting to kenni...bored.YAY!!...TRM FLYINGG...WHEEEE!!!!...*FLYS*...haha...but i will miss ppl...awww...i m alrd missing alot of ppl..hww??...gg to kohn kean..hehe..i m soo excited but yet sad..trm flying..hayha..my cousin will be staying over at my hse..cos she say more convineant..since i stay soo near air port..so i run away from home very easy...10 min then reach air port..haahhahaa..but i will nt run away...then we can go eat breakfast together...n try to meet the othersss..haha...then send the 1st flight ppl offiee...than go to bangkok then see them again...i think..hahaha...

.OH NOO!!..i hav devotion things to doo!!!!..ahh!!!....n PW...hav to doo...i shall do it nw...boo..my cousin also nt in the hse cos they went to tokyo...gooood riteee.....i also wanna to go..then can go play wif them..they go to disneyland u noee!!!!....i also wanna go.

.i wanna to go to ALLLLL the disneyland around the wrold...then can get to sit allll the SCARY rides..which is my fav..hahaha...i will wanna sit those wif 2 or 3 or even 4 loops..wow..cool rides..then all the free fall rides!!...alll my fav...hahaha....if gt anyyy tis type of rides or anything muz ask me goo!!!...i sure go one...i wanna sit the singapore the reverse bungee...super ex can!!!...$$$60 for 90 sec of screams...if only its cheaper i will be the first to choing..haha...yeay..today i nv go to church for the prayer..cos of family stuff and i hav to leave the hse at 6.30 the bus service hav nt start..for my bus...so went out wif my family...gt impt stuff to doo...then cannot go...so sorry..hehe...

hehe...nw i m trying smt new..anisia teaching mee..soo nice..haha..cool!!..i gt itt!!..wahaha..i noe hw to use it alrd...YAYY!!...oh yah..i packed my bag alrd.!!!...ITSSS SUPER LIGHTT!!!!..I THINK IT IS LIGHTER THAN MY COUSIN ONE..MY COUSIN RACHEL....hahaha....


★ Sunday, November 27, 2005 AT 3:21 PM
WAA!!...hahah..leaving in 3 DAYSS!!!..HEHE...SOO EXCITEDD!!...but rite..my bag arx...i put in so little things tt i need only.then it is (at least to me).its heavy...then still hav SOOOO MANY THINGS tt i hav nt put in...ahh!!...hope tt the bag is nt gg to carry me..big bag small owner.haha.i look at the bag n i look at myself.it is lyk a WOW.nw ppl will see me at my UGLY image...cannot dress nice nice lyk gg out...argh..hahah...the AUNTY side of me

..wahahahah...sooo swah kuuu...bui ta han...hahaha...nw my maid is helping me seee the bag..she is trying to find cool stuff..from the bag..haha..trying to help me..wahahaha...she sooo niceeee...my father say tt i m tall enuf tt y i carry the bag is nice..but.i think after i check EVERYTHING.more lyk the bag carry mee!!!!..hope its nt lyk tt.

..haha..super crapy..today me n weiwei wore the SAME top n bottom..hahha..cool rite...then today daryl did PW!!!..for his first timee!!..it was good alsoo!!...mission is in 3 days..cannot take it..soo exciting..but will miss my family also..nt forgetting frends...aww..hehehe..

haha..today in church saw SOO MANY MONKEYY!!!..ON THE TREES!!..than there was 1 big monkey went into the carpark there..then climb on to one of the car...then after tt chase away then alot alot of us went to see the tree..WAA!!..it was lyk a whole big FAMILY of monkey...some more the monkey go shopping one.cos gt 1 of it holding NTUC plastic bag..hahaha

cool rite?..hahaha..monkey shopping in a super market..

full of missess
★ Saturday, November 26, 2005 AT 5:21 PM
wahahahaha..today is saturday.cos past 12am..hahaha..friday was cool..tot tt i will be late but i was nt late..cos hav to meet at 2pm to do prac..then i tot i m gg to be late cos of the massive jam..cos today friday then the malay hav their prayer.so the road all jamed..but i was nt late THANK GOD.but in the end i reach there on time only 2 person there..muz wait abt 1/2 hr then another few come

then we did ACTING!!..WHEE!!...MY FAVV!!!..then did alot alot of acting...wif the prpos..WOW.the props r done BEAUTIFULLY!!!...the hand fone.lilipop.n other stuff...all done really nicely...wanna take a foto of all the prpos.all those r our XING GAN BAO PEI for the trip.i will be leaving in 2 DAYSSS!!..i noe the world will miss me...wahahahaha...

plz pray for me n ALLLLL MISSION TRIPPERSS!!....we r all gg there to IMPACT THAILAND FOR GOD!!!!...AMEN!!..hahaha....yeah..go there wif a smile on our face.n come bac if a bigger smile on our face.tt will be nice riteee...tt will be soo coool..haha..then my blog will nt be updated for 10 DAYS!!..CANNOT TAKE IT...hahaha...its part of my lifestyle to update my blog.hehe...check my friendster n stuffiee..haha...i will miss my DOGG!!!...she is lyk the love of my life...i willl miss her lyk madd!!!..gosh..cannot take it..i noe she will miss me.then when i come bac she will be agry wif me cos i nv play wif her.n i nv see her for 10 days.

she will get angry wif me..i will miss all my dog kiss to me..her fun time..her jumpiness..her crapyness..i will JUZ MISS HERR!..cannot bare to leave her!!...aww..sad sad sad...i will also miss her huggiess...aww..sad rite..soo sweet also...i will miss alot alot alot of ppl...things also...sad...

personalize blog
★ Friday, November 25, 2005 AT 5:33 PM
coolest blog ever!!..cos i edited the WHOLE blog..hahha..today i juz STAYED homeee...hahah..until night went out to vist all the grand parents..hahha...went to buy stuff for the mission trip..the props..the boards..haha..i love wat i do.i think it is soooooo nice..hahaha...mission is in 3 days...my mother will be gg our if town also..she is gg to Taipei on 2nd dec to the 6th dec..then i come bac on the 7th..haha...timing so right..hahaha..

i love the song from the movie crops bride..i juz think it is soo nice...haha...the duet..nice song..haha..trm gt mission training!.i m soo excited..haha...pastor preaching trm hw to cast out demons....sooo very cool..haha..haha...

★ AT 11:00 AM
tis blog is taken from blogskin.but i EDITED the WHOLE BLOG.i had to READ the HTML code!!!!!!!!!!!..it almost make me madddd!!!!!...could u imagine me tis dumbo here.trying to read HTML code!?!?!!?!?!....gosh..hehe..but i did it!..wif God's help.hehe.to make it look nicerrrrrrrrrr..it took me very long.was reading it since yesterday until today.

no title
★ Thursday, November 24, 2005 AT 3:49 PM
wow.today gt.mission trip traininggg!!!..haha...then everyone is in charge if smt.so i m doing transport.but there is nth much to do.cos everything is done.so i m also doing phtotgraphary...yeah..and nw i m doing the props...finding thai words.for the skit.yea.haha.it is fun finding.than as i find i can learn also.ain't it good?..haha...see my last few post.don hav SINGLISH...but it is really kinda hard.when u wan to e.g say no.but very direct lyk very rude.so ya.but nvm.try.wahahahaa...cool.than hav to make the word AS BIG AS POSSIBLE.missions r in 5 DAYSS!!..excitedd!!..ahhh!!..hahahahaha...DOING GOD'S WORK ALWAYS MAKE ME HIGH...hahaha...o.0.haha.i m watching SIX SENSE.it is a good show.tis boy is soooo cute!!..haha..but he can see dead ppl...ppl tt don even noe tt they r dead..tis boy can see..its a good show..but nw doing alot of stuff so i nv really pay attention...but i m also recording the show.so can watch..haha....i fasted n pray today...fast breakfast n lunch..actually lunch no need to fast cos of the training..so ya...during dinner i was soooo hungry until eat 1 plate of char kway tiao n kwa chap..it is lil to guys..haha...wanted to eat fries but my parents reach to pick me up.so no chance..haha...haiz..but nw i wanna eat the fries..haha...wahaha...madnessss...i donno wat to bring for mission..haha..i really hope tt my bag is NOT HEAVY.if nt it will be the bag carry me not i carry the bag..hahaha...tis sat.i doing pw...nervous can!!..ahhh!!!..i juz feel soo.scared...haha...but i shall juz pray.ask the Holy Sprit to guide mee...wheee..hahaha...m i still diff?..heheheh...

★ Wednesday, November 23, 2005 AT 6:25 PM
what do you think of my new blog skin?

★ AT 6:00 PM
AHHH!!!!!!...CANNOT TAKE IT ANYMORE!!..AHHH!!!....but!.nvm.i will leave everything in God's mighty hands..gosh.cannot take it.I WANNA EAT.!!!.hehe...cannnnnnnnotttt caaaannnnoooottttttt

★ Tuesday, November 22, 2005 AT 3:47 PM
helllo...haha...i donno why.but y izzit tt everyone say I M DIFFERENT.is there a problem wif me!?..really.is there a problem wif me?!.y are ppl saying tt?..i m weird i m different.i m nt normal.m i really different?.some things i do without noeing.i juz did it n i will be lyk "opps!!!"...kind...but ya.the person ask me.m i getting spritual attck.i said no.then the person ask me to me wat is spritual attck.i said it is some thing tt will disturb you or ur family and thoughts to scare u and things.so the person ask me m i lonely.i said no.and yea.i said i m fine.but he still feel tt i m different.but why?.m i getting spritual attack?.i don thnink sooo...hai ya.i've gt no idea.nw some one say i CHANGE.see.wats the problem???...he say i m quiter.nt so jumpy any more.is tt true?..or no more the bubblyness in me.hmmz.i m getting 2 types of comments 1 is i m different the otehr one is my looks change..see only tis 2.ONLY.why?.

★ Monday, November 21, 2005 AT 11:22 AM
wahahaha....SHHHH....weiwei is sleeping.i m at her hse now.she is sleeping as sound as a baby.today is sundayyy!!!...fund raising...it was fun fun fun.but my grp was doing the flowers...and wat we sold today was nt as good as last week...tis week still left alot of flowers..maybe ppl also don wan.cos the flowers don look very nice.wake up at 8 today...too tired..and sooo early..trm gt MISSION TRIP TRAININGGGGG!!!...YAYYY!!!...haha...from 2-6pm..hehe...soo exciting...once i wake up i hav to get ready n leave my hse.cos i wake will sure wake up at abt 12 - 1 plus..sure one..if nt nth on i will wake up at 3-4pm..hehe..i m a lazy pig.haha.all i do is eat n sleeeep...haha.i can eat at anytime of the day n sleep n wake up at anythime of the day..hehe...my parents aslo nth to say.hehe.cannot help it.haha.juz nw was watching a show wif weiwei on her com..hehe...was watching MWAN GIRLS...the show the girls is all abt gossips n very funny also..but cool show...cannot wait for the next sunda then FLYYYYY TO THAILAND...=)...HAHA..SOO EXCITING...then for 10 days i will nt hav any new post..haha...but when i come bac i think i will hav alot to say also..haha...

★ Sunday, November 20, 2005 AT 3:11 PM
hahahaha...today is SATURDAYYYYYY!!!!....hahaha..went to church..fun fun fun!!!...now watching true files...abt the mother lover tt abuse the son..eww..sooo bad la..wat a man..horrible!!!...tis man no feeling...

i love my cousin!!..he is soo sweet..he go to china for study trip wif the school.then he buy things for EVERY SINGLE person...even my parents!!...soo sweet...he gt tis stoft toy rabbit to hang on handfone..so i hang it on my handfone..soo cute!!...my cousin is sooooo sweeeet...

why izzit nw a days teenages r all abt RELATIONSHIP?!.wat is the problem...all abt boy boy n the girl girl...person 1 lyk person 2..but don dare to tell person 2...but person 2 don noe anything.and they need to work together.hai ya.soo confusing..then person 1 think abt breaking up wif person 3.then person 3 donno anythign abt it.see it is sooo luan..hai ya.don careeee

today n yesterday
★ Saturday, November 19, 2005 AT 1:30 PM
hehe..yesterday was to bz doing pw stuff..then alot of other things also..hehe..had mission training alsoo..heheh...sooo exciting...i cannot wait fr mission..hehe..but muz go thru training first..hehe...so exciting...can get to noe my team member..hehe..coool.hahaha...madness...my team is so fun!!..hahah...we did acting yesterday also...more of a skit....mimeing for the thai..haha..it is cool..but it is super hard to be the girlfrend..i was abt to cry.really.it is very hard..haha..my face was red lyk tomamto alrd..o.0...abt to cry..haha..it was tt bad...but yea.pulled it off after tt..but took awhile cos ya.i could nt take it.my team is soo nice..cannot stand it..haha..cannot stop saying also..cos they r juz sooo nice..tis is my first mission trip..so very excited..haha...LOVES TIS CHURCH!!...hehe..fun fun fun...soo exciting..than today went to meet huishan also..haha...go shopping wif her..after tt weiwei came to meet us also..haha..see weiwei again..hahaha..then trm will be meeting her for lunch also..haha..cool.rite...juz love her.haha.we 2 juz bought the same t-shirt it is RED...hahaha..nw me n her we gt alot alot alot of the same clothe..haha...cool rite..haha...than after tt guizhen n jaslyn came to meet us also..then huishan n guizhen n jasnyl went to walk other place..while me n weiwei...contuine to walk then eat...after went to meet wanping n aldwin..did i spell it correctly?..don think so..but yeh..then when to eat wif them than nw at church office...hearing weiwei n wanping singing..hahahahaha..wanping playing the guitar....fun fun fun...=)

★ Thursday, November 17, 2005 AT 1:38 PM
today went to meet WEIWEI again!...WEDNESDAY IS WEIWEI'S DAY..haha...hav been gg out wif her on all the weds...went to meet her at ochard...then took alot of foto.BUT i donno wat happen my CAMERA gt problem!!..memory card error..i feel lyk crying.than nw it is still nt working!!..ahh!!..hav to get a new memory card i think...hope it will work again..boo..

hehe...went shopping wif weiwei..bought 4 tops...1 from Mango.3 from Girdarno..haha..weiwei gt 4 tops from giodarno..ahah..n we hav the same t-shirt n same polo tee..hahah..we hav been buying tops but nv buy bottoms..haha.muz start to buy bottoms and we 2 juz ordered a pair of shoe.haha..$10 only..so cheap..haha..cool..same pair..haha..

la le lo GONE!
★ Wednesday, November 16, 2005 AT 12:51 PM
haha...i woke up at 2.45pm today..haha..which is sooo shiok!!..cos i so long nv get to sleep for soooo long..i sound lyk a pig..hehe..i only now hw to eat n sleep..yesterday befor i sleep at abt 4am i was eating potato chips n my sister was eating muruku...hahaha..but my sis hav to wake up early.n i no need..haha..i noe i m a pig.hehe...stayed home today until abt 5 plus.went out wif my sister...to taka...to see see things...finding present...my sister wants to buy smt for her frend...then end up she buy thing for herself..haha..she was lyk..i m gg to gib my frend..end up she say..i lyk it alot lex..ok la..i shall kep it for myself..haha..she is so cute...haha..today will be the first time i watch the 9pm show.EVERYONE IS TO WATCH THE CHANNEL 8 9PM SHOW ON FRIDAY.COS MY SISTER IS ON TV!!!...hahaha..yayy!!...cannot wait!..trm gg out wif weiwei again..it is already 3 weeks stright i m gg out wif weiwei...haha

i m gg to try smt...i will nt speak singlish but speak PROPER ENGLISH.don hav all the la le lex lo hor...no more!!..haha..see wat i type on top gt all the la le lo n stuff..but i will stop..cos it is very un-glam..hahahaha...

★ Tuesday, November 15, 2005 AT 3:38 PM
hehe...stayed home today..but it was still OKIE!..cos..haha..i woke up at 3 plus.near 4..haha..so half a day taken up..hahaha...then come online n chat..do blog.haha..after tt i went out wif my parents..my father wan to buy shoe..so went out together after dinner..haha..soo long i nv eat dinner at home..cos last week i went out lyk the whole week..haha..so today stay home for dinner...after dinner then went out..haha..we went to bugis...after tt went to MUSTAFA...the place there sooo big..hahaha..went to buy stuff...bought lyk 12 BARS OF CHOC!..to gib ppl for thxgiving..then bought more choc for CELL GRP!!..hhaha...the choc all soo nice..haha..soo tempting..haha...love my cell grp!..haha...so gt alot of choc.wanted to buy more.cos gt more flavour but my mother don allow..cos if she allow i will juz buy the whole shop..hehe...i m a SHOPPING MACHINE JUZ LYK WEIWEI...haha..

★ Monday, November 14, 2005 AT 3:07 PM

haha..today was graet...the FUN RAISING!!..IT WAS GOOOOOOD....haha..i sold flowers!..haha..the flowers was good..cos we manage to SELL ALL THE FLOWERS...fun fun fun..i did a foto shoooot too!!..the pic is so niceee..THANKS MUEN!!!..hehe...the flowers was so nice..DEEP RED,PINK,CHAMPANE,SUNFLOWERS!...haha..nice flowers..haha...hehe...gt ppl gib me flower..soo nice..haha...then it was MISSION TRIP TRAININGGGGGG....hahaha..it was soo fun la..all sit there..then hav BRIGHTON N RIVERLIFE ppl there..they r so nice n fun ppl!!!!....RIVERLIFE pastor is soooo young n she is pretty..haha...then we noe our team alrd....I LOVE MY TEAM!.I DON WAN TO CHANGE!.cos the ppl in my team is so nice!!..haha...love my team forever!!!...brighton ppl.they r so nice!..hehe..but the names so confusingg!!..hahahaha..great day todayy!!

★ Saturday, November 12, 2005 AT 4:53 PM
haha..had a goodie time today...hehe...today church gt a wedding function so for cell gep the whole NISSI 3 had cell together!!..it was fun fun fun!!!...haha..ITS THANKSGIVING!...haha..we played ice breaker...our ice breakerer was goodd!!...we played burt the balloon gamee..hahaha...we hav ti pair up wif another peron n tie our leg together than tie a balloon together n hav to try to protect ur balloon but at the same time burts other ppls balloon..so i paired up wif mu cousin victor..haha..then had 3 rounds la...soo...me n my cousin balloon did nt burst the 1 round..so we went on to the 2nd round...but only i gt a disadvantage...cos i was wearing a dress(FOR THE FIRST TINMEEE!!)...i was wearing a dress.knee length so i cannot cover my ankle ..so my ankel hurt lyk madd...cos when my cousin pull or move tt leg.it will PULL my leg.so it is super pain...but yea..its fun..but our balloon gt burst at the 2nd round so no choice lo..haha..but had a graet fun..haha...then it was Praise And Worship...it was really powerfull!!!...haha..love it...haha..then it was service..then when service end.we will always hav praise song after alter call n stuff...then me n weiwei huat n mossise went on stage to jump!!..haha..i noe it is mad but ya!..it was super fun!!!..hahahahhahaha....it was soo crazy.haha

★ AT 4:03 PM

HAHA!!..today is a totally MAD DAY..haha..me n weiwei went mad..hahaha..i met her at 2.15pm at her school..then we went to lido to watch the show SKY HIGH...GOSH!...IN THE SHOW WARDEN PEACE IS SO CUTE!...I LOVE HIM MAN!...AWW...SOOO CUTEE!!..IF U DONNO HU IZZIT IT IS THE FIRE GUY!..HE IS JUZ SO..AWWWW...GOSH I CANNOT STAND IT!...haha..n WEIWEI LOVES WILL STRONGHOLD THE BOY....gosh..haha..haha..to day WE DID NT GO SHOPPING!..(tts for sylvester)...haha...we spent al our money on FOOD..haha..WEIWEI had to control me..cos b4 the movie i went to buy KFC POP CORN CHICKEN.FRIED RICE.FISHBALL.then i wanted to vget chips n stuff but weiwei don allow..sad la..then she bought a shroom burger set..haha

and the show went on n on n on n on...haha..cooolest show..n while watching the show rite..i was eating la..the fried rice..then suddenly i juz out A WHOLE SPOON OF CHILLI IN MY MOUTH...i told the auntie tt i wanted chilli..so she juz out at the side..then in the movie it is super dark.then i donno so i juz put the WHOLE SPOON OF CHILLI in my mouth..stright away my face turn sooo hot...i was almost gg to cry lo!!..then i drink the water it is COLD coke..then u could imagine la..hot then cold..waa..i was really abt to faint la...hehe..but i gt over it..haha...after the movie me n weis went to CHINATOWN!!..MY ALL TIME FAV PLACE!!...WHEE!!...haha..went there for a break..haha..half time..we went to coffee bean to sit..i drank a ice blexnded pure vanilla n wei drank a ice blend pure choclate..haha..the drink was good..haha..then we sat down n tok..tok abt our life n GUYS..hahaha...saying hw far they can get n stuff...then toking abt husband..hahaha...n boyfrend..hahahahahahha...as usual gals tok..haha..then we also toked abt SHOPPING!...how blesses we r in our family..haha..toking abt staying over tooo..haha..then we went to walk walk in chinatown..see alot of things..i saw a skirt tt i love soo much but it is lyk 43 ofer less is 35 it is sooo ex la!!...haha..so we nv buy..juz keep on walking...then we decided to go bac to ochard..so we went bac to ochard...

then went to walk walk then TAKE NEOPRINTS!..hahaha...had alot of fun..haha...take 2 neoprints..haha..some more it is super nice..cos gt us in it...hahhahahahah...then we went to marchie to eat!..i bought their rostie...weiwei gt a steak...she drank coke i drank root beer..haha..then i went to buy BANANA CARMEL CREEP...haha..very nice...then haha..we toook alot of foto too..i gt some really ugly,maybe cute, weiwei foto..haha..will post it up..hahahahah...we took foto lyk mad..cos weiwei juz gt the cam also..her cybershot cam...haha..we took foto in the mrt juz everywhere la..in the mrt station also hav..haha..very funny..but super fun la..haha..i made weiwei stuff 2 piece of bana in her mouth.hahaha...haha...

weiwei is such a nice gal!!..i really enjoy the time we spend together..cos we can really get along bery well..and when i hav any thing i noe i can count on her..LOVES WEIWEI TO BITS!...haha...THANK GOD FOR HAVIN WEIWEI!!!!...hahhahahaha..

fun fun n more fun!
★ Friday, November 11, 2005 AT 2:25 PM
hehe...today went to knights ppl to "PLAY" basketball...but i nv play..hee..cos i nt in my sporty mood...hehe.so watcj ppl play lo!...hah..had fun to la..abt 10 of us went but in the end gt 22 PPL THERE!...haha...cos winnie brought some frends tooo...haha..had soo much run man...JAMES!!...haha..after playing for HOURS!..we went to lu wei's hse..went to buy food to eat..sat at the hse downstair there..the pool side...we were all screaming lyk mad..cos james scream then all of us also scream..haha..cso we saw lighting...very scary..then james keep on screaming..so we decided to go into shelter haha..had soo much fun there..after the slight drizzle n lighting n tunder..james juz jumped into the pool..haha...lu wei was using his handfone to take vedio n do ringtone..soo funny..haha..lu wei is OBSSESED wif his new HANDFONE...haha...very funny..after tt we all went up to the hse...to play PS2..hehe..we played CRASH the whole time..soo fun..soo cool..haha...james fell asleep...hehe..then yanqi is sick..so she was in her room sleeping..then we contuined to play la..haha...then my mom called ask me to go home by 9pm.if nt i will be GROUNDED.n tt is the last ting i want..hehe..i will take abt 1 1/2hr to reach home la..so i noe tt i will nt reach home by tt time so i called my mother tell her tt i go n eat then go homee...hehe...the nw i m HOMEE!!...haha..when i was on my way home i saw alot of young Malay girls n boys...i always look at their Baju Kurong..cos it is really nice la..soooo colorfull!!!...hahaha...nice..MUS WATCH CHANNEL 8...9O'CLOCK SHOW.WATCH THEIR 10TH EPSIDE.MY SISTER IS ON TV!!!!!!..HEHE.....nw is their 4th or 5th eps le...

★ Thursday, November 10, 2005 AT 5:22 PM
hehe...today had soo much fun!...woke up late..haha...was supose to meet weiwei at her school at 1.15pm lyk tt...then when i m in the bus tis huijin call me say tt meet her 1st.cos her turtorial cancled...then i told her tt y nt go to weiwei school to meet us...but she say tt she LOST her wallet!...haha..she say she rush on the bus then after tt muz be drop n donno..hehe...then i say ok lo.i go n meet her at ochard mrt first.so i told weiwei.then after her school she go meet us.

when huijin call me tt time i was at my hse nearby only,still will take abt 1/2hr la.then!.when i reach.she nt yet reach lex!...she nv tell me when she reaching some more..haha..so i juz leave it lo..she will call once she reach..soo i waited waited waited....N STILL WAITING...haha..after tt then she reached,AT LAST,haha...hehe..then hang ard wisma until she reach.so she reached la kinda fast.hehe

so we went to eat!..ate at HAN'S weiweis FAVORITE!...haha...ate the same thing..the set linch steak...HmmMmmM....soo nice..haha..then we went to get a notebook..it is so vier nice..can costom make it urself one..haha..cooool ritee...haha..very very nice..i love it..haha..after tt syl huat came to meeeeet us...haha..so we went walk walk.shop shop..haha..

then while shopping we saw audrey n adelene...haha..soo cool..haha..so after tt tok a lil then they went off to meet some ppl..the met us again..to take noe print..haha...had alot of fun today man...i toked to adelene abt FASION..hahah..cos i juz love her dressing..i think it is really nice...very different from other ways of dressing...then it was late lee...soo everyone went off..then my sister say she will fetch me..so went to eat wif adelene n drey..haha..i ate CHEESE STEAK n they ate the EGG MAYO...at SUBWAY...haha..i love thier food...

after eating my sister told me to go to LAU PA SAT to meet her.cos she is gg to eat..soo ok lo...go n meet her lo..hehe...then wait for her to eat finish then she went home..haha...guess wat!?...I BOUGHT A SHOE!...THE CROCS...THE UGLY ONE....THE ONE TT THE NEWSPAPER TOK ABT.THE ONE TT IS GOOD FOR EVERYTHING.THE ONE WIF HOLES ON THE SHOE.it is sooo nice laa..i love it...haha..my sister also will be getting one for herself..haha..cool rite..i juz love it...hahahhaa

(drey..see alll tis paragraphs?)

★ Wednesday, November 09, 2005 AT 5:00 PM
hehe..i stayed home the whole day today..only at nite..went out wif my parentss..to get a DVD recorder..so tt can record alll my sister dance performances on TV...went to walk walk also..in the end my mother bought tis pendent thing..very nice..it is made of glass...it reflects diff color from diff angel n under light it shines also..cool..i love it..haha..in the end my mother bought for me n my sister 1 each also...it is cool..

after tt went to get a ear stud for mee...my mother buy for me..cos my ear studs lost...then my mother buy for me new one..hehe..soo fun..haha..trm gg outt!!...haha..gg out wif syl weiwei huat huijin and mee..haha..i m the youngest there..haha..go out wif all the leaders..hehe..cool.actually gt more ppl onee....then all say cannot go.cos of some reasons...haiz..nvm..still gt ppl gg...

story of my dog
★ Tuesday, November 08, 2005 AT 5:14 PM
hehe.i m so bored nw.so i decided to post all my dog's story.hehe.my dog is a 4 years jack russle.hw i get her name SHINO cos tis name SHINO is was my last time fav cartoon charater it is from a jap cartoon...she have a few story...of her life..as her owner i also learn alot more abt dog.cos i hav always been a dog lover...i bought my dog when she was 3 months old...my sister n me actually wanted a dog.but we donno wat breed to get...my parents always don wanna a dog cos they think tt we will nt look after n stuff but in the end they allowed..so of cos very happy...one fine day we juz went out to look for dog.so.we went to many places.but no dog actually catch out attention..cos we don wanna look for a dog tt we think is cute n sweet but more of juz looking n catching our attention..we actually went to many places to look for dogs but all also lyk tt la..until be go to 1 pet shop which is at paya lebar.we went there see all the dog..the dogs was all very jump n mad lyk tt one la..haha..cos the dogs a all very excited..so we was juz looking WHEN!.we was my dog.tis small guai dog tt juz sit there did nt move..very super guai..so we told ther person we wanted to see tt dog.se he took out the dog..she was so good n guai la.so quite.after awhile.we took her.she was so sweet also.we bought her at $888 tt is after bargaining....but in total wif the food n everything it was $1000++++ la...when she first reach my hse she was so blur.donno where to walk.did nt even walk.she juz stayed in her cage.but when she was older.when she is warm up.she started she *fun game*..she loves to RUN out of the hse!..so everytime she run out.my family will chase her...there was once i still rmb it was a friday getting ready to leave the hse to go down stairs to meet my parents...when my maid open the door she ran out!...could u imagine me n my sister is all dressed up!!!..ready to go out!!..but tt was lyk 10 years old...i ran out of the hse to chase my dear dog...tt was the first time my dog ran out.n she also ran across the road...so at tt point of time i was lyk don care abt anything only care abt my dog...so i a;sp run across the road la..it was a small road la...when i ran across there was a oncoming lorry.i din see the lorry so of cos the lorry horn me la..but don care i juz keep on running...then she run run run.until she met a CAT!.my dog is so small.n she face a cat.the cat was lyk wif its hunched bac all ready to attack...so i juz scream!...haha.."SHINO!"..then my dog run away...some how i caught her la...went home n go out again la..hehe...there is a few story abt my dog la...there is amother story.my dog actually ran out of my hse without me noeing on a stormy day...i din noe cos there was alot of ppl in my hse...after awhile my neibour came to my hse.carrying a wet dog...haha..so i was soo thankful tt my dog went to my neibour hse cos she stay on the first floor i stay 2nd floor...so she helped me to bbring my dog up.cos she saw my dog at her hse door step...hehe..so i bathed my dog in warm water n help her to wear clothe n i juz carry her almost the whole day cos she very cold la..haha...there is more story abt her la..gg into rooms...she only go into me n my sister room but she don dare to go onto my parents room...hehe...there r more story but i cannot rmb all..hehe..today is a mad day...i rush to the bus stop cos i m a lil late so i went to the bus stop n take the bus..but thank God.i did nt go up the bus cos i forget my wallet..so i rush home but hehe..my sister say she will send me to church...so good la..when we left hse..still hav enuf time to get to church at tis time it was 6.00pm le...hav to reach there by 6.30 still hav enuf time la..so drive drive then after tt saw the sign PIR MASSIVE JAM...waa!!..siao..don take PIE hav to take ECP then go ochard there than bukit thimah..it is way longer..n it is peek hr some more..so bo bian..i was lyk thinking if i wanted to go for the meeting..i was abt to say hai ya lets go home la.i don go for the meeting.but there was juz smt n i noe it is God tt was saying..go for the meeting..it is impt..so i juz listen n went...but it was a really long to go there la...i reached there abt 7pm..it took us 1 HR!!!!...yea...1 HR!...so nvm..i juz took the lift up...THANK GOD when i go in it is only brain storming...nt yet start..so i was really really happy la..thx God alot alot...so i juz sit n listen...then pastor came in n gave ppl wat job to do n stuff lo...so i had to do FLOWER.SELL FLOWER..i shall juz do it...my hrp will be getting roses n all la...every week will be diff flower..if nt every week same flower it will be boring...so every week diff flower..hehe...after tt went to eat wif my cousin..it was sooo cool la..we went to Hong Kong street the restrant la...we went there..order food..we noe we hav enuf la...then my cousin call her father to pay the bill for us.cos they r at church only..we was at church office la...then i also call my father ask him to come n fetch me..then ask him to pay the bill also..haha..soo funny can..then both parents came...but my father was eariler so my papa pay la..haha..soo cute...ask both parent to pay..hehe...so nw i m at home slackinh..nth to do...cos trm i hav nt plans at all..which is sooooooooo super boring la!!!...hehe..i hav nt bathe..hav to go n bathe le..hahaha..shall juz stop here...happy reading!

unbraided hair
★ Monday, November 07, 2005 AT 4:46 PM
UNBRAIDED HAIR.cos it is too bad...my head is itchy..cos the auntie add all the stuff inot my hair..then ichy..so i remove le..haha..nw i feel soo very good..haha...no need to sleep wif a shower cap on le..hahaha...i m really bored..i m free the WHOLE week...if YOU u r reading tis..when u free ask me go out wif u or smt..cos i m really bored..i wanna FELLOWSHIP!!.....ahh!!..i totally miss it!..hmmz..muz plan..hehe...madness..hehe..i m total bored!!..ahh!!..help mee!...hehe...i really gt nth better to do nw lo..except..hmmz..scream?..haha..bored la.no one to go out wif.shall FIND frends to go out wif...haha...ask ppl then ppl will ask ppl.then ppl will ask ppl ppl..hehe.ya..then gt alot of ppl to go out wif le..haha..i noe it is lame.but ya.tis is hw it works.see la.i bored until type crap.haha..i love syl story!!..it is sooo nice..hahaha...muz publish the story..it is cool..END TIMES...haha...hehe...my cousin came my hse today...then tok tok...haha..went to across my road to the reservoir...soo many things there..i saw banana boat(which is totally nt fun cos when i see m compare to the one in malaysai it is nicer there)..haha...i nv sit la..juz see..haha...i also saw a boat it is for ppl to juz go in n then lyk sight seeing lyk tt...then hav the most fun one...KAYAKING!!!!!..it juz rox la..i love it..hahaha...hav alot of things here la...taufik came to sing also..then hav games for the kid...they hav tis big ballon thing u noe where kids can jump on it super big one lyk a play ground but juz tt tis one is infalted la...haha..the "play ground" is a big ADECE MOZZI...hahaha..funny loo..trying to teach kida tt don be afride of them...cos u can play on them...haha..tt is wat my father say..hahha...then hav the new water thing....they hav the shuttle bus to the new water factory..hw they change dirty water to drninking water..some more the water they r giving free la..then i tried it..it taste lyk..werid werid one..abit gt the biting feeling one..soo funny lo..haha..cos it is free then gt all those aunties hor..they take sooo amny laa..take lyk mad..hahaha...my aunty juz went home at 11pm plus lo...was toking to my parents..haha....hehe...will be gg out on wed wif church ppl..hehe..soo exciting..hahha...

haha..i did wash my hair
★ Sunday, November 06, 2005 AT 5:37 PM
today is SAT!...it is CHURCH!..haha...went to church wif my new hairstyle..haha..i juz love doing my hair...i lyk doing all tis type of crazy things to my hair..but of cos nt every time la..but it is cool.to do tis stuff to ur hair..haha..was chatting to shuen n she say she also lyk to do her hair wif all the CRAZY styles..hehe..so cutee..hahaha...me n weiwei is mad..we 2 r juz lyk twins la..gt the same cloth some more..same handfone..same dangling thing on the handfone..ALL THE SAME...haha...but it is cool..it is good tt we can connect well..hehe..happy man..siao lo..my hair cannot wash..nv was for yesterday le..but today i don care i juz use water wash also good..if nt my scalp very poorthing la..hehe..so today wash..haha..READ IT.I WASH MY HAIR...haha..ah hau ah hau...muz read..hahaha...waa..my com is flodded wif foto..haha...sooo many foto la..haha...nw so late le.trm i will be doing cafe some more..hav to wake up early.but i m still here doing my pics n stuff..hehhehe..tt y i so easy sick..haha...

★ Saturday, November 05, 2005 AT 3:30 PM

hehe..todayyy foo funn..went to do my hairrrr...hahaha..cool..i did braidss..haha..after tt went to weiwei hse early..to donno do wat..haha..cos bored mah..u noe hw kaypo me n wei is annot..haha..we saw all the poilce n cilver defence ppl at a block..setting up tt cusion thing so tt when some one jump down the person will nt die so we ka si ka si...walk over the bridge lyk we r gg home..then after tt wanted to juzz see than go off..haha..no!..haha..we to kaypo le..so we stand there n look..hahah..we saw tis long thing lyk when ppl tie all the blankets n bed sheets thing tigether than throw down the window to climb down lyk tt..haha..we saw tt..then tts all la..no body one...all we see is poilce poilce n more cilver defence ppl..haha..soo he gt fed up n left..haha..walked to weiwei hse then hui jin n syl camee...then all sit down in weiwei room then solw 1 by 1 come lo..haha..after everyone tao qi then start lo..haha...started wif praise n worship..haha..then after tt leaders tok then PRAY!!..hahah..cool neh..after all tis..weiwei mother is so sweet..she cooked for us dinnerr...beee hoooon n chicken wing..so kind of herr..haha..hehe...after tt went to play lo..haha..we took i think 3-4 vedio of us fighting..fake ont la..but wile acting i gt injured..haha..my handdd my nakel..hai ya donno hw to spell la..actually is action box winnie than in the end of cos nv touch her la..action only..then my hand also hit the wall..pain can!!..then bleed a lil..haha..but fun la..so its alrite..haha..then went into the hse to sing songgg...haha..soo funnn..hahaha...then went home lee...hahaha...huat was the funniest la...he act dead then when he wake up he saw his own body lyking on the floor.then he freaked out..so i went up to him saying..its ok..u r in the dead world..haha..soo fun la..all the "actors"...hahahaa...i did my hairr!!..whee..hahahahhahaha

★ Friday, November 04, 2005 AT 6:50 PM
AHH!!..i already start to miss my cousin..he is only pri 5..gg to Shanghai for some school study stuff..i miss him laa!!...i will miss all his sweet kiss..haha...cos everytime see him when when everyone gg off..lyk gg home or watever..he will kiss me n my sister on our cheeks..haha..he is sooo cute la...he is pri 5 but looks lyk some sec school boy la..he is tall funny cute..hahah...such a unforgetable cousin of minee...awww..misses him man...TIMOTHYYY!!..WHEN U COMING BAC??!!...sadness...hehe...nw soo late lee...aww..total miss him man..nvm..he will come bac fast..yea..fast..but when arx?..can some one tell me??...hehe...it is late n my sister is still using her laptop outside the dining room..i m in the room wif all the air con..haha..watching O.C using the com..haha..muilt-task..haha...on sat my sister will be on the T.V...she is the dancer for SYLVESTER.FISH LEONG.TWINS.AND THE OPENING...my sister will be dancing for all of themm..watch the showw!!...the 933 thingg...yeaa..hahahaha...watch it1...haha...

★ AT 3:43 PM
wat do u think of tis new layout?..cool?.i love it man..tis 1 nt so plain...-sparkles-

shoppping trip 2
★ AT 11:27 AM
haha..went shopppping again today!!..but nw wif family..hehe...sooo funn...haha...i m new things from HEAD TO TOE!!!!..haha..went to Robinson.to shop.hehe.so fun.than gt sale some more haha...yeaaa!!...hahah...cool.trm i will be gg to braid my hairr!!...yea..haha..then after tt i gt PRAYER MEETING!...ACTS first PRAYER MEETIng.hmmz...no no..its second..haha...i m mad la..nw i m alone at homee!!!...haha...i ordered MAC!...hahaha...my maid n parents r allll outtiee!..they went to eat..but i to lazy to eat la.so stay home lo..haha..watch tv n SLACK..haha...on 1 nov i nv post anything cos i was really sick...really really bad...than nv post anything lo..hehehe..but nw better...HEY!.THX FOR PRAYING FOR ME PPL!!...i feel better now!..thx alott!!

★ Thursday, November 03, 2005 AT 1:41 PM
WHEEEE!!!...TODAY WAS SOOOOO FUNNN!!!....went SHOPPING wif weiwei n yanqi!!...had a great time man..we did nt play at all lo...we did serious shoppingg...sent abt $123.9...exculding food...hahhha...buy kinda alot laa...cos cannot find nice nice clothes...i bought...
-2 jeans-3 top-1 dress-1 pair of slippers-...all the cothe very niceee!!...hahah...went to 2 places to find alll tiss....we went to Far East and Bugis village...very cheap too the stuff there...at least cheaper then the branded stuff..hahah...me weiwei yanqi gt the same top but diff color n picturee...me n weiwei gt the same 2 jeans and the same top n the same slipperss..haha...cool ritee?..hahahaha...actually hav to go to my cousin hse one..but i did nt go..cos i m nt feeling well...my WHOLE back bone is super pain la..i cannot bend..n my neck cannot look up or down..super pain la...so i go home lo...nw resting...hmmmzzz...

★ Tuesday, November 01, 2005 AT 6:40 AM
HAPPY DEEPAVALI!!! HAPPY DEEPAVALI!!!.....haha...slept at 3am...haha...use com until 2 plus.then went to watch O.C on t.v...haha..then slept..i was actually waiting for my sister..cos she nt home yet..cos she went for HALLOWEEN PARTY...haha...so she is nt bac...so i fell asleep...next morning...which is today..i m soo tired la...10am plus my mother call me wake up cos she wanna bring me out to get my mission trip the bag..she gt angry cos i nv wake up..haha...late 10am then i woke up..then went to suntect carrefour to get the bag..but whn go there the sport section gt taken down YESTERDAY cos of christmas salee..then don hav the bag..so went to other shop..look at the shop see allll the bag all also i don lyk..so walk walk some more..after walking cannot find so decided to go bac to the same shop to find bag..soo in the end still gt the bag...50liter bag..haha..the bag can be bigger then me man..hahah...can put my dog inside..haha...nw at home rotting..no one at home at all..i m ALL alone wif my dog..cos my father went to fetch my mother n maid to a hse...i will be gg there later to hav party...at james's hse there..jlan Bungbong...haha..dono hw to spell la..haha...go there play play..hav FUNN!!...wif my cousins...haha..can go james hse also..so near..haha....i m soo sleeepyy!!!..arghh..i wanna go play sportss!!..TENNIS BADMINTON SOCCER SQUASH!..i wanna play all nw!..at tis monemt...hahaha..lameness..hrmp..i m really rotting...shall do some thing...cos a IDILING MIND IS A DEVILS WORKSHOP..haha...