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Married at 22
A mother at 23
And loving it.

Why? Because i married someone who makes me truly happy.

And this blog is dedicated to everyone i love.


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★ Sunday, September 30, 2007 AT 8:14 PM
click to enlarge image
click to enlarge

it's 3 pictures joined together, so yah.

1st picture, super cute dog, i make any sound, he will bark. haha. super cute.
2nd picture, i call it HOMIE, while my father calls it LIZZY. my mom told me it's always there, haha. so i call it homie. my father and his cool names. hahaha. yeah. it's a LIZARD, BABY one. yupyup.

today, slept till 12 plus, went tim sum with gong gong, then car shopping, then furniture shopping then home, i mug. ):
yes, i'm mugging, real hard, hare core, not eating dinner.
NO I'M NOT ON A DIET. i just don't wanna eat, just study.

in my don't know which post, i posted my exam time table, but! i made a mistake. i shall post it up HERE.


yes, thats my time table. and exams starts TOMORROW. how cool is that.

it is gonna end sooon, yeah.

9th october GOTTA GO SCHOOL, this is to all 4E1 humans. yes. why? because ehh, i better use MRS LEE is coming to our class to talk to us, so BETER COME. or else, i don't know what will happen.

after that, disappear for all anyone cares, i'll disappear together. hahhahaha.
shit, got the Sarawak trip training -.-
oh yes, i'll be going to Sarawak for some stuff. school stuff, in Nov i think.

then i can go out with ONE DECADE and do what we have planned together. woo!

will my class keep in contact after all graduate? hmmm.
i'm comment-less. but as for the 'few' of us, you know who you are, we are sooo gonna keep-in-touch!


just curious so i went to check from the dictionary of the definition of friends.

friend |frend|
a person whom one knows and with whom one has a bond of mutual affection, typically exclusive of sexual or family relations.

cool stuff huh.

i miss my primary school days badly ):
i'll miss my secondary school days too ):

primary school, for all the carefree kinda thing, and the petty quarrels and the phrase, 'i don't friend you anymore' those days are love man, where every quarrels are forgotten in minutes. but sadly, i forget some of them ): opps, haha, no offence.

secondary school, for all the growing up, the talks and quarrels, non stop. where quarrels don't just get settles within minutes. but friends are such love also, will never forget EVERYSINGLEONEOFYOU. all those lovies. whether i'm being forgotten or hates, i'll not forget every single one.

a post before the major exam. yeah.

back to baby life.

fav topic talked among my friends and myself:

- Marriage (who will get married first)
- Kids (who will give birth to the first kid)
- 10 years (10 years down the road, how will ever be like)
- Wedding (how you wanan your wedding to be like)

hahahaha, typical girls. why am i saying soo much now, i've got no idea, like totally NO LINK. hahahaha. oh well, nevermind, random.

i think i'm going crazy thats why, study too much, last night and today. maths maths maths science science science. these 2 CAN KILL. i know NUTS about science. maths will better. but prelims i fail my maths pass my science. what rubbish.

COUNT DOWN TILL END OF EXAM, yes start my count down even though exams are not over yet. hahahahahahhahahhahahahahahaha.
exams ends on the 8 OCTOBER. ok.

i'm looking forward to that day, seriously looking forward. after that 1st thing is MY HAIR WILL GO CRAZY.

after prom, i'm gonna chop my hair SUPER SHORT, maybe, hehehehehehhehee. something like Posh Spice aka Victoria Beckham. something like that, SOMEHTHING. and i'm gonna go blondeeeeeeeee. hehehehehhehehehe, shiok. haha. my hair will cry for help man.

can't wait to move house, really CAN'T wait. dad is not in a rush to move, while mama mself and kajie is. hahahha. gosh, CANNOT WAIT LAH.
after loft is up, i'm flying over.

dad tole me to do a painting for him -.-
my art is like @%@#$^#$%&$%^*@!#$.
so i told him this, 'paps, i can only do abstract, i'll just splash paint on the canvas, but don't ask me the meaning behind it. hahah'. yes, paps is SUPER funny today don't know why also, wait, he is always funny. oh well. hahaha. LUBX LUBZ still.

i lubx lubz practically everything and anything.

shall end here the, (shall do it the ah-lian way)
8181 (go figure)

it ends here
i don't know you

★ AT 12:21 AM
went to school in the morning, left only late afternoon.
shalin's party today, went for it. late late afternoooon yup.
was good man, hahaha. ate and stuff. then talk alot, gave shalin a birthday bash.
stayed in the room, mone of us wanted to move man, 4th level who wanna run up and down. hahaha. her cousins all there also, so we all talk and stuff. was fun, really, knwing her cousins all super fun sia.
lets see, how many friends i made, hehe, being lame ehhh. wow, about 10 or more man. rocks. hahahaha. new friends. haha. yup.
we had a screaming competition, pretty coooooooool baby.

off to sleep/study (:

kakee, take care alright? sleeeeep well

★ Saturday, September 29, 2007 AT 1:38 AM
off to bed with a freaking pain muscle, at my shoulder/neck area.


★ Friday, September 28, 2007 AT 11:36 PM
hoho! went out today, went to aunt min shop to studieeeee.
YES, I STUDIED OKAY. haha. ate my fav gnao lam meen. whoo. shiok-a-doo!
after that went out with mama and papa and kajie. went to taka ate Sanuar (sp?)
shiok. yes. good food good company. loves my family. lubx lubz. haha

wenta see new house, shiok, can move in in ABOUT 10 days HOPEFULLY.

★ Thursday, September 27, 2007 AT 11:33 PM
i think i'll get real fat soon, because all i do is, study and sit on the couch and do online shopping. one day when you meet me, don't be surprise to see a SUPER FAT PIG. yes, it might be me. yayyyy. seriously, buying clothes online is SO MUCH CHEAPERRRR!!! the only disadvantage is that cannot try the clothes. yup, and gotta trust the seller. woo!

★ AT 5:14 PM

meet SHINO. she is my dog, and she is trying to act real good here. she look decent and 'guai'. she's mad. hahahahaha.

★ Wednesday, September 26, 2007 AT 4:06 PM
going to school and not going to school, does it make a big difference?
besides going to school show my face, attendance mark as present.
no teacher in class, class plays all day long. class cool class cool.


★ Tuesday, September 25, 2007 AT 10:35 PM

yeah, today was a GREAT day i tell you.
school was...well. GREAT!
first time hwaring me say right, well, because i got PHOTOSHOP! YES, THE THOUSAND OVER DOLLAR PHOTOSHOP. super happy lah, i went to school because of that -.-
the min i went to school, i got CAUGHT for my SCHOOL UNIFORM. had to unpick the hem, shit right. yes! i walk around no no more like parade around looking like a stupid moron. my uniforn dangggg long, i got fed up. i bought safety pin, and pin it up, HEH HEH. bridget and friends had a suprise for shalin, and it went well. hahaha super funny too.

after school, flew home, bathe change and went zooming out of the house to the mrt then to town. but, when i got home, my house phone ring...

maid: helllllo?
person on the line: may i speak to evangeline please?
maid: -points at the phone looking at me in shock, trying to tell me 'it's your school'-
me: huh? my school?
maid: -said softly- yahh.
me: hello?
person: is this evangeline?
me: yah, why?
person: you are not in school today, whats wrong?
me: WHAT!? i'm not in school?!??! I WAS I WAS I WAS!
person: har? but your teacher, JDW, did not mark you as preset.
me: there must be a mistake, I WAS IN SHCOOOOOOOL.
person: did yu tap your ezlink card for attendance?
me: heh heh, no.
person: yah lah, see lah. never. next time must okayyyyyyyy. remember ah.
me: hahaha, yeah will do. thanks. byeeeeeee
person: haha ok, bye.

some cool stuff huh. i talk to my school person like macham my PENG YU (friend). hahaha. i think i can chat on the line with her ALL DAY LONG. hahahhaha.

ok, i took a train to CITYTYTYTYTHALL. then was waiting for the train to town, yup, i took form bedok (east west line) and had to change to the north west line. (i think) yes. then i was waiting for the train, the north west line, then then then here comes the exciting part.
i was standing at the door there waiting for the train, then i don't know for what reason, TURN AROUND. guess who i saw, I SAWWW MYYYYY DEARESTTTT OF ALLLL DEARESTTT ONE DECADE!!!!!!!! no i did not see my 10 years of life, but i saw my ONE DECADE FRIEND. yes. which is LAUREN CHANGE YEN MING. i freaked out, she freaked out. i ran to her, HUG HUG. hahahahha. yes. she was about to go meet KAKEEEEEE to get miss tong's aka kerrie present. kakee, was at doubyyyyyyyy, so i phoned her.

me: hello? kakeeeee!!!!
kakee: hello!!
me: kakee, go to orchard now!
she: huh?!
me: go now! faster, just go listen to me, everything will b safe just go now. douby gonna bomb anytime!
she: but i now at douby
me: i know i know, just go orchard now
she: har, then lauren how?
me: she is safe with me go now!
she: har, ok ok.

so i asked them along with me to orchard, since i'm meeting kerrie and they know shalin too, MORE THE MERRIER FOR BIRTHDAY SURPRISES!

they came along, no one knew they came along, when they reach. and of cause with me. kerrie was kinda shock, then shalin reach shortly after, and she also shock. yup, so alll went together to walk walk and stuff. super funny. we went to see lynn too! haha

after awhile we went down to swensen then jasmine was there, hehe, planned. yup. we had a plan! hahahhaa. everything went normal, ate and stuff. hahahaha. yup. then in the end, got the people to bring shalin's swensen birthday thing out. hahaha. then all sang, we sang DANGG LOUD. then the staff there gave shalin a balllloooonnnn. but but but, hahaha, all talked and stuff. then kakee, went to ask the staff give her 4 more. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA. soo she had 5 balloonnnssss altogether, hahahhaa super funny. she malu until cannot malu.

left the place, she did not want to hold the balloons sooooo, one decade and i hold up the balloons like it's an unbrella, then hide under it, and walk together, the WHOLE orhard was staring at us. hahahha. super funny.

we walked back to far east, to find lynn again, stayed in the shop for freaking long, but bought clothes form her lah. i bought a dress, while jasmine bought a top! haha.

after that, went to shalin's house, to cut cake with her family and her. haha, was really fun man. her lil borther super cute, he calls me LIYING JIEJIE or MAYI(ants) don't aks why, becuse he only know that word. hahahaha. super cute right. PICTURESS!! AND VIDEOSS!!!!!

woo, super hyper.

today is a fun day (:
girls who went out are,

yes, hahaha, lame-ness. i use my mama bag, SHIOK SO NICE. laacotes.

and lastly, the video of LITTLE MR PATRIC, who calls me MAYI or LIYING JIEJIE

★ Monday, September 24, 2007 AT 9:28 PM

i dreamt and love you. always.
yes, i had a dream that could bring me to tears.
and i love you.

★ AT 12:59 PM
'N' level in 7 days.

i'm soo dead. mug yes mug. i am. finally.

check this web out, i really enjoy reading their post, and i hope you will too ((:
they are some cool stuff man. freedom in expression. totally agree (:

i'm gonna be super random man, i'm going crazy over my exams.
sometimes i wonder why i study but nothing goes into my sponge brain. yes, sponge brain. and it has nothing to do with spongebob. though i love him to bits. yeah, maybe it's my studying tactic. oh well i just study.

whats the definition of the word STUDY
according to the Oxford American Dictionary, the meaning is
1 the devotion of time and attention to acquiring knowledge on an academic subject, esp. by means of books : the study of English | an application to continue full-time study.

yes yes, DEVOTION OF TIME AND ATTENTION. i guess many teenagers lack that, thats why none can ever get anything into the brain. haha. i said many many times hat i wish my brain works like a computer when it comes to studies, where i just insert a microchip into my brain, then i got all the info. but thats impossible. haha.


was studying at the airport on saturday night till sunday morning. it is really some cool stuff, like you can see people sleeping and stuff, and there was this guy who sat beside my table. and he was telling his friends this, 'once i get home i'm going to bathe, sleep, go swimming, go gym, go church, and go shopping shop shop shop for myself' i doubt he did all, don'tthink he will have the energy to do all.

it's getting random and random-er.
oh well, i love my blog. lovelovelove my blog. for i don't know what reason.

★ Sunday, September 23, 2007 AT 6:11 PM
is it a weird feeling?
of being invisible? like seriously.
i even dream that i'm invisible.
i'm a loner man, a loner.
some of you might be grinning and laughing.
i'm gonna get use to it. really.
alone, ALONE.
yeah. i use to talk and laugh and be together with the rest. i guess now everything changed. i'm alone, no one notices. and they have fun on their own. good for them.
i guess only this paragraph only some will understand. you know who you are. no, it's not from school.

oh well, once again airport. it's really fun there. loves it.
i mug i mug and mug.
amazing stuff.
i did maths for 2 weeks in a row. and starting to love it.
i use to say, 'wahlau, give up lah. don't do already forget it fail.'
now i nevevevevever say alright. hahaha.
got home at 7am plus, slept at 7am plus. woke up at 6pm.

ok, the beautiful xiao zhen, yes the mother, DREW ON MY FACE.
i was holding my pencil box open because my cousin needed some stuff. she walk pass me, took my red marker and drew a heart on my face. i thought can rub away, since it's on like face yah skin. but NOOOOOOO. could nottttt. i rub, use tissue use water use facial wash, and it's still there. fading only a little at a time. haha.

celebrated mid-autumn with Nissi3 it was yeah, alright. everyone had fun and stuff. walked with my cousin, talked about how we miss old times. yeah. haha.

i dreamt a dream i'll never forget.

blog more later


home, went for the bbq, took some really cool videos. we played fire. woo. made an explosion. made it like 3 times? haha, cool stuff man. really. haha, it's the one which you boil the candles then set fire, then spit water into the fire then big explosion. hahaha. come come i show video. I LOVE MY COUSIN <3 <3 XOXOXOXO

haha, cool stuff huh. loves it lah. haha. got other funny videos. the failed ones. shall put it up also, haha. super cute.

oh yah, haha, get to play with uncle's D400 SUPER SHIOKKKKKK.
i took many many pictures, and he is super funny. he was like, 'wah, you take left right up down all also take'. hahaha, yes, i loveeeeee photography. capturing the moment. nice. i want a DSLR CAMMMMMMMIIIIIEEEE. told uncle to buy for me 1 then no need buy any present for me for the next 20 years, hahahahahahahahahahaha.

i love my family, REALLY LOVEEEEE THEMMMMM. so happy that i'm in a super united family. loveeeeeeee. haha.

finally tomorrow is T.O.P finally!!! the longgg awaited while. haha. woohoo!!


★ Saturday, September 22, 2007 AT 2:22 AM
i want it back, i really do.
i never say i did not.
i want it.
it was impulse.

★ Friday, September 21, 2007 AT 4:25 PM
ok, i just got up not long.
woke up at 4.15pm. my maid came into the room and shout, 'LIYING! 5 0'CLOCK ALREADY!!' then she went out, HAHAHAHAHA. i open my eye, look at the clock 4.15 only -.-
nevermind, late enough. so i got up. hahahahaha.

shiokkkkkkk, slept at 2 am plus. shiok shiok.

wah! damnnnnn sexyy. whynn hotel, they have a Ferrari show room in the hotel.
wah! i wana test drive a falaliiii!! shiok, i want i want. fly go U.S just to test drive. hahaha. maybe buy 1 back, toy version. haha. been to the exotic car museum it is freaking cooooool. but nowwwwwww, they have something new, you can test drive a falali shiok righttttt. i also want. hahahaha.

my english getting from bad to worst man, my english is getting soo weird. haha. like how ah pek pronounce words. falali.

N level is in 10 days time, and i need to study BADDDDDDDDLY. freaking badly. after Ns i'm going to go mad. i'll be smiling allllllll day, going out alllll day! till the day results are out.

i love eating.

this is a question asked by many many people.
and the question is, WHAT IS THIS?!

it's not fish cake.
some call it SPACESHIP.
thats what i call it too! but can someone tell me whats that. everyone has different names for it, spaceship, meat thing or what ever. but can someone tell me whats that?

do you realise one thing? in chinese dramas that, if someone in the show pass aways, the wake would be a Buddist wake/funeral. but if it's a wedding it would be a church wedding. i guess because it's more obvious, like in church it's very obvious kinda thing, a wake they have buddist because it's more ovbious it's a wake. i guess it's like that. funny huh.

★ Thursday, September 20, 2007 AT 9:01 AM

staying in school is really boring, i come to school just to clock in my attendance.
com to school to watch shows with my class, thats all, use the school's internet. staying home, i'll sleep allllllll day till the sun shine on my ass.

had to do my shuttle run just now, danggggg shit man. i got scolded. crap lah.
i did my run, my teacher scold slow. then made everyone remove pinafore and do the run, because of the skirt cannot run.

now watching wei xiao pasta. smiling pasta. i find it really cute. haha.

lets see today's class attandance is 18/35
coolio. hahahhaa.

this blog is getting from random to random-er. crap.
i think i should go to hill side, get inspiration, then i'll blog better. what shit am i talking i've got noooo idea. haha.
oh well, i'm bored super bored. even in school with all my friends, really bored. nothing to do in school also. hahahahaha.
shit man, the show really VERY funny, super. loves it.

but i promise mummyer that i'll stop watching till AFTER my exams. ok i should stop, today is today, thats all. no chasing.


just cam back form break, celebrated kerrie's and azu birthday. it was madness. pictures to be uploaded when i get home.
pictures are CRAZY, they smash cake on the like MAD. seriously. hahahaha.
break was madness.

shall blog more when i feel like.

i still do alright.


homeeeeeee, went out with kakeeeee and one decadeeeeee. was fun haha. we went town walk aimlessly with the freaking hot sun shining at our asses. i think we macham like horse, we SWEAT. like can drip sia. HOTTTTT LIKEEE SHITTTT.
but we talk walk and laugh. laugh until i squat down at the side, outside taka, i laugh until cannot walk, then when i squat i was laughing like crap, miss lovely one decade came and give me a nudge i fell on the floor. hahahaha. super funny. we 3 can laugh like mad, till there is no tomorrow, wah go out today saw 1 group of sec 3 already. they today tomorrow no school because of innovation week aka cyber week. they rather then go do project, they go SHOPPING WALK WALK. hahahaha. saw other school girls also, so cool. hahaha.

kakeeee best <3 <3

one decade is my laughing machine man, she can laugh till no tomorrow.

i saw junk food tee today, wanted to buy, but crap never. should i or should i not, will i give a wrong impression or not, will i or will i not. nevermind.
i wanna get other stuff, get vintage bag. shiok shiok. and bucket bag. and and many many many clothes more. yayyyyyyy.

saw lynn again today, woo. she coolio yo!

oh my gosh i love shopping, be it online or not. hahahahahaha.
i can't buy clothes form MAX&MOREEEEEEEEE )))))))))):
all their clothes free size, super big for me lah, i this little puenny thing. wahlau.

confuse and blur, i don't know what to do at all. it omes it goes, what am i really feeling?

★ Wednesday, September 19, 2007 AT 6:08 PM
daddy's the funniest man on EARTH.
today i think he special mood, dang funny lor. hahaha

talked over dinner, super duper funny. he keeps making me laugh lah, talking about BOOKS. like how with books you know everything and how without books you know nuts.

me: i rather be best road sweeper, street smart then book.
daddyer: yah, people ask you sweep north bridge road you go south bridge road sweep.
me: haahha, aiyah, then BOTH ALSO SWEEP LOR.
daddyer: come come, eat some egg, eat more also. (it's not egg actually it's mushroom)
me: okok, come come, mummyer, eat some egg!!
mummyer: huh? egg?!
me: yah, daddyer says it's EGG.
mummyer: -.-
daddyer: yes, see...never read books, without books you won't even know.
me: yah lah yah lah.
daddyer: come come, eat the corn, oh NO NO. it's SUN. hahahaha
me: hey cat come here. (calling shino, since daddy change everything)
daddyer: no lah, not cat is TIGER.

daddyer is MAD. hahahaahha.

class was madness today, we even made our own video -.-
CLASS CLUB. hahahaha. play music ALLLL DAY. dance sing scream.
hahaha yeah, we played the GUESSING GAME. who dance like how during parties.
hahaha, super funny. the class was all laughing our ass off.

today JDW suppppppppper cute. alot of people is saying she super cute today, first time see her dress so hot. hahahha. soooocute la. haha.

why is it ALWAYS repeating?!

★ Tuesday, September 18, 2007 AT 12:29 PM
fook's mine.

i don't know what to blog.
but i love blogging.
no idea why.

SHIT! mozzie HATES hair.
thats why no one gets mozzie bite at head.
crap man, it's proven that people who are hairy don't get mozzie bite.
not say don't get, but much much lesser. many people say it's because of your blood type, it's not tureeeeee.
it's actually because of.

- smell (lotion, perfume, deodorant and other smell)
- your diet
- genetic (hair, like family members who are hairy and stuff)

yes! wah, siao liao, no wonder and sister and i like always kana mozzie bite.
we dang suay man, we use everything that has smell. deodorant we use lotion also use perfume of cause use, and we are not hairy people. wah suayy

smell is more like if the mozzie DON'T LIKE the smell, it will bite. mozzie gt like and don't like also, cute right.

so right, must try all kind of perfume, then make a record which smell the mozzie like, then won't bite you. amazing right.

jialat, i still coughing and having block nose.
cool stuff, can't taste and smell anything.
people can say, 'i just farted' i would not even know.
i'm bored, so i shall blog random stuff.
that day after paper, i was under the void deck with my school friends opp the school at the mama shop eating instant noodle. hahaha. half way while eating, all my friends stop eating and cover their nose, and me. happily eating like nothing wrong.
all of them look at me, then i also ask them, why, why stop eating?
all them look behind me, so i turn around i saw the rubbish collector -.-
how cool right. hahaha. good thing i can't smell, but sad thing i can't even taste my food.

my sister told me while i can't taste anything go and eat all the healthy food, those gross disgusting stuff, those food bar which taste like shit. haha. oh yes, i've taste shit before, i just forget how it taste like. for those who did not know, when i was young i ate my own shit while my maid was washing the clothes. hehe.

Josh Gorban(sp?) his songs dang nice. new album AWAKE reallllly niceeee.

★ Monday, September 17, 2007 AT 1:29 PM
coolio, lesson really very funny.
check this conversation out man, best teacher ever.

teacher: class do this paper.
class: huhhhhhhhhh )))): don't want lehhhhhh.
teacher: why do you think me and mrs pang spend our time coming up here printing papers for you girls to do and skip our lunch.
class: -kept silent-
teacher: -gives out paper-
class: -does paper-
-finish paper-
teacher: ok girls, times up. lets check the paper.
class: -all get up form sleeping-
teacher: don't lie on the table, i'll make you stand!
class: -wakes up and listen-
teacher: -talk talk yak yak yak yak blahhhhhhhh-
class: -not paying attention-
teacher: listen! i have skipped my lunch for you girls! to let you girls do! your exams are around the conner! if you don't want to do TELL ME. not interested tell me!
class: -looking t each other whispering at each other saying 'we told her we don't want already what' hahaha-
teacher: -angry face- so who don't want to do!??!!
class: smiling away.

how cute can my teacher get right!? the class, in the first place DON'T WANNA do, she force the class to do, then now she say don't wanna do tell her. -.-
gosh, haha. cool stuff teacher.

school has internet! hahaha, tap on to people's internet.
shall blog more later when i get home.


oh gosh, i have just spend #@^$%&^@$$#@!#$!3 amount of money.
bought stuff for my lappie, printer ink and FOOOOOOOOD.
oh man...nevermind, i bought what is needed. ok.
smile, vanns smile.

singapore is experiencing winter now man, or is it me, or the weather really very cold.

school today was r-tard.
class watched HSM, while i watch kdrama.
it's only the 2nd kdrama i'm watching ok, i'm not totally crazy over it.


WTH! that chinese drama, the channel 8 7pm show.
that guy that Lizhe guy, wahhh. power pack.
the director more power.
they got him to sing the song There is none like You that christian song, he sing that song to the girl.
'i could search for all eternity long, and find there is none like you'
he sing to the girl, POWER. suddenly god become a girl.

★ Sunday, September 16, 2007 AT 4:50 PM
airport is love.

studying there rocks.
love it.

reach airport at 10pm, studied till 6 am plus,
7 plus left the place, 8 reach home, 8.20am slept.
woke up at about 4pm.

school tomorrow, SUCKS.

★ Friday, September 14, 2007 AT 1:42 PM
2 male 2 female.
people triangle love, they square.
it's always like that.
and guys loves to runaway, or avoid. it's always.
i wonder if there are such thing really happening in this world.
why ah? the guy will give her up for his bestfriend, then he hurts the girl.
then after that in the end, he go back to her when she wants to give up on him.

i think i should stop, STOP.
just study, JUST STUDY.

ok ok, EOY. Sarawak here i comeeeeeeeee!!!
Kuching Sarawak. zooom i'm going to fly over.
visit animal farm, hahahahaha.
aiyah, it's the company, fun man.
i hope at least.

ok, no more, stop enough
round and round and round, and here we are again.

fashion, style, trends.

★ AT 1:42 PM
2 male 2 female.
people triangle love, they square.
it's always like that.
and guys loves to runaway, or avoid. it's always.
i wonder if there are such thing really happening in this world.
i think i should stop, STOP.
just study, JUST STUDY.

ok ok, EOY. Sarawak here i comeeeeeeeee!!!
Kuching Sarawak. zooom i'm going to fly over.
visit animal farm, hahahahaha.
aiyah, it's the company, fun man.
i hope at least.

ok, no more, stop enough
round and round and round, and here we are again.

fashion, style, trends.

★ Thursday, September 13, 2007 AT 2:57 PM
phew, at last home.
paper kinda alright, sucked also.
but could do (:

drama-ed. wow.
everythings fineeeeeeeee
blog more laterrrrrr

home! went to ikea with kajie, haha we walk ans shopped.
we laughed like siao, today we all good mood, laugh ka siao.

ate at ikea for dinner, just the 2 of us. WE ATE ALOT OK.
we ordered,
1 plate of spag
10 swidish meat ball
1 slice of salmon proched
4 chicken wings
1 bowl of soup
1 cup of drink

2 girls, ALOT LEH. and all not say small small portion, all big. we finished it. HAHAHA. SHIOKKKKKKK. sadly i could not taste nothing, i'm having block nose, so for the past few days i can't taste my food ))):

i love my sister and i new phrases or whatever you call it.
i shall name some.
whiskey dry, on the rock, more rock please.
can i have a whiskey dry, on the stone. no rock please.
can i have a bloody mary? more bloody please.
bloody mary please, oh can i see mary?
hi, i want a sherily temples on the rock.
whiskey dry, make it dryer please.
i want any cocktail, no sir i don't want the drink, i want cocktail, that wine? cock? wine cock?

HAHAHAHAHA, i find it super dumb ad funny, my sister keeps saying WU LIAO. hahahaha. shit man, dang funny.
2 girls walks into a hotel lounge, no one gives us any attention, hahaha because we dress super down, like tee with berms. hahaha.
went to the lounge sit, 2 young girls, and ordered MOCKTAIL. haha, wth right.
sit there waiting for our mother, haha. finish her friend's wedding dinner and come down. yup.
guess what, we paid for valet parking, and GUESS WHAT. most amazing thing.

mum: how much is it?
guy: $8
mum: i give you a 10
guy: oh ok. -search through pocket-
guy: -look up- you want the change?
mum: ehh, ok nevermind, keep it.

now say WHAT THE HELL. the guy ASK my mother if she wants the change. HE ASK.
wahlau, i was like. mum you should have said DUHHHHHHH. hahahaha
oh well, all jokes today. lame one indeed. hahahaha.
super crap lah.

★ Wednesday, September 12, 2007 AT 2:34 PM
class was kinda fun today, played all day like N level is over.
hahaha. well, we had KT TUTION CENTER in class, for those who wanna study.
it was so much of talking.
881 songs are nice. getai song but really nice.

coolest thing ever, mum told me she wanted to name me Zixin.
i like that name, kinda nice right. my mum wanted Xin while my father wanted Li.
i like Xin. oh well, thats why there is Lixin and Liying.
and yes, our name DON'T have a spacing, spell it with a spacing and it's NOT ME.
thats called, RANDOM FACTS.

i went out, for awhile, when i was waiting for my bus back home. something crazy happened, not happen to me, but i saw. goodness. i was waiting for 228, and the bus took kinda long to come, so there is this mother with 3 girls, 1 carrying the other two following, she is a hokkien speaking lady, jialat man.

she scold the daughters in hokkien telling hem go and die. amazing huh. scolding them all kind of words, but no vulgar words lah. but scary. in the bus she was complaining big time, i think her youngest also at least 3-4 years old, and still carrying, then other 2 is in primary school. then she still help them scan ezlink. tsk, then she complain bus slow, then scold the bus captain, then super long to scan. primary school already still help. tsk, called sbs and complain somemore. say loud loud the bus number and all. amazing stuff. haha. cool auntie.

mum is amazing stuff man, her acting are the best, not only her dad too. goodness. i love them, amazing parents with superb acting skills that makes me laugh.
during dinner
me: ma, i came home today looking like a monster
mum: haha, yeah, who do for you? (refering to which beautician did my facial)
me: there that one lor, i cannot remember the name
mum: which one, christen? florance?
me: not the one that daddy say very zi zha one
mum: har? both also zi zha leh
me: that one that one, not do for me the previous time one
mum: christen lah.
dad: -must be heard wrongly- what you sayyyy?? you NOT zizha?
me: har? since when i say?
dad: you not zi zha?

and he keeps repeating 'you not zi zha?' with that FACE. hahahaha.
the whole dinner he keeps saying. thennnn.
me: mummy ask daddy to shhhhh
mum: -never do anything-
me: chey, daddy shhh.
dad: you not zi zha meh?

after dinner i went to the hall sit, then my mum was beside me. holding on to her bag
then my father came out of the room.
dad: ok! come! i'm going!
mum: oh ok. yu want me to go with you?
dad: up to you. oie, you want mummy to go not (asking me)
me: ehh, anything lor.
mum: ok, you want me stay home also can, invite me then i go. hahahahaha
me: aiyah, mum, you go lah
dad: you want stay home then stay lor.
mum: wah! you don't want me, then you also don't want me.
me: hahaha yah lor, you go lah.
mum: but your daddy never invite

-she walks back to the sofa sit beside me-
dad: ok lah ok lah, come lah come lah.
mum: -looks at me- hehehehehe.
me: hahaha, go lah, you waitttting only!! just want dad to ask rightttt. waiting onlyy!!
mum: haha, sometimes, girls must be expensive.
me: WAH! mummy ah, waiting only. but DADDDDDDDY LEHHH.
mum: thats why, it's DADDY. haahahahaha.
me: -.-

oh, and again. 2nd time.

★ Tuesday, September 11, 2007 AT 4:45 PM
had CPA N level today, it was really funny.
hahahaha, kinda easy to do, still doable.
which is good. after paper went to lunch with my friends after a longgggggg talk opposite school.

went to pepper lunch (:
nice food, good food, but dirty plate.
seriously, after eating we end up using our spoon to scrape the hot plate, then alot of those dirty stuff came out, all those black and brown stuff, hahahaha. was really funny.
we started laughing and stuff, then the manager saw us cleaning the plate, we even wipe it with tissue and use water clean, yea, hahaha, dangg funny i tell you.

here are some plates, the AFTER, we forgot to take the before.
but anyway, if you eat in pepper lunch before, you would know how oily and dirty the plate will be.
yup, our pretty plates after cleaning. hahahaha. i guess they don't need to wash the plates after we clean it, it is seriously clean, i touch the plates and it is not even oily -.-
hahahahahaha, yes we are clean people.
hahaha, we had loads of fun laughing.
yes, and we're the 3 mad girls, you have Veronica, Ruth and Vanns. yes. the three mad.

*this is not to bring pepper lunch down, it's just our personal views, ok not even views, is just us cleaning plates.

hahaha, fun time man, talk and laugh like some mad humans.
we even wrote a feedback. yup. tat helps we hope, really. just our frank comments, it's not really nice to give customers dirty plates right? even though it's black, or you might say, 'who in the world would use a spoon to scrape the plate after eating' but i would say, 'don't you think that keeping plates clean is really important? having black hot plates is just an excuse? it gotta still be clean right? do you want to eat on a dirty plate?'

i'm like talking to myself, ok whatever. hahaha. ok, *personal views.
hahaha. i needa shop shop shop!!!!
but i don't wanna spend a single cent -.-

thats all for now, maybe? i think.

★ Monday, September 10, 2007 AT 1:51 PM
in no mood of blogging.

but anyway, heres a picture of my sister and her dance group.
DA FUSE.love'em

★ Sunday, September 09, 2007 AT 4:18 PM
i love studying at airport.
toned there. got home only at 8 plus.
had breakfast at 6am plus, MAC. hahaha.
we're dead tired.
once i got home, i bathed and went to bed, you never know how good sleeping feels.
really shiok. hahaha.

i went to suntec after church to watch ka jie's dance, IT WAS DANGGG GOOOOOOOD.
LOVE IT. woo!!
was there with my family, idah azu and faizal.
was coolness i tell you. the dance was GREATTTTTTTTTTTTTTT.
rocks. yeah, and i wanna thank my friends for coming down too (:
sadly shalin was not able to come, she had to do house packing.
she would have enjoyed it. ((:
we even dance. (:
no, it's not clubbing. but you know...the song. then we end up doing stupid dance move, and laugh at ourselves. we danced like MR BEAN and EVAN ALMIGHTY. hahahahha.

yeah, thats them (:
Azu, Me, Idah, Faizal

was just friendster-ing, and i came across this bulletin that says.
1. Fine
This is the word women use to end an
argument when they are right and you
need to shut up.

2. Five Minutes
If she is getting dressed, this means a
half an hour. Five minutes is only five
minutes if you have just been given
five more minutes to watch the game
before helping around the house.

3. Nothing
This is the calm before the storm. This
means something, and you should be on
your toes. Arguments that begin with
nothing usually end in fine.

4. Go Ahead
This is a dare, not permission. Don't
Do It!

5. Loud Sigh
This is actually a word, but is a
non-verbal statement often
by men. A loud sigh means she thinks
are an idiot and wonders why she is
wasting her time standing here and
arguing with you about nothing. (Refer
back to #3 for the meaning of nothing.)

6. That's Okay
This is one of the most dangerous
statements a woman can make to a man.
That's okay means she wants to think
long and hard before deciding how and
when you will pay for your mistake.

7. Thanks
A woman is thanking you, do not
question, or Faint. Just say you're

8. Whatever
Is a women's way of saying F@*K YOU!

9. Don't worry about it, I got it
Another dangerous statement, meaning
this is something that a woman has told
a man to do several times, but is now
doing it herself. This will later
in a man asking "What's wrong?" For the
woman's response refer to #3.

how true is it? seriously.
many says it's true.


am i dreaming or dreaming.
zac efron is hot, too hot.

★ Saturday, September 08, 2007 AT 1:03 AM
List out your top 5 birthday presents you wish for :-
1) DSLR camera
2) ring
3) another dog
4) clothes
5) angpaos

The person who tagged you :-

Your relationship with him :-

Your 5 impression of him :-
1) super tall (or maybe i'm really shirt)
2) funnnayeee
3) shopping lover
4) a great friend
5) this is not a impression but, he loves gigi ALOT.

The most memorable thing he has done for you :-
ehhhhhhh. oh oh, JAPANNNNNNN TANK

The most memorable words he said to you :-
let the answer be X

If he becomes your lover, you will?
freak out.

If he is your lover, what improvement/s would you like to see him changing :
how would i know, he is not even y lover.

If he becomes your enemy?
don't think it will happen

The reason why he becomes my enemy?

The most desire thing you would like to do for her :
how would i know

Your overall impression of him :
great i guess

How do you think people around you feel about you :
i hate his question, ask them

The character you love about yourself :
errrrrrr. myself lor

On the contrary, what do you hate about yourself :
when i spend, I REALLY SPEND

The most ideal person you would like to be with :

What do you want to say to your loved ones :
i love you all.

Pass this quiz to 9 friends whom you wish to know how they feel about you :-
1) chaichai
2) priz
3) timkan
4) bobbbbby
5) one decade!
6) victor
7) belle
8) rowena
9) girlfriend

#8 is having relationship with :-
no one

#9 female / male :-

How about #3 and 4 :-

What's #2 studying about :-
beats me

When was the last time you chatted with #3 :-
just now

What kind of music does #8 like :-
she is rojak

Does #6 has any siblings :-
2 siblings, WE'RE COUSINSSSS ((:

Will you woo #3 :-
he is my dearest cousin

How about #7 :-
love her. no i'm not lesbian

Is #4 single :-
ehhhhh, ask him

Surname of #5 :-

Nickname of #1 :-
no idea, i only call her CHAICHAI, maybe that is it?

What's the hobby for #5 :-
no idea

Do #5 and 9 get along well :-
they don't know each other

Where is #3 studying at :-
ACS (i)

Have you tried develop feelings for #1:-
i'm not a lesbian

Where does #9 live :-
in the west

What colour does #4 dislike :-

Is #1 and 3 best friends :-
They don't know each other

Does #7 likes #2 :-
don't know each other, they they are NOT lesbians

How do you know #2 :-

Does #5 owns a pet :-

★ Friday, September 07, 2007 AT 10:58 PM
towned, vivoed
at last, a fruitful shopping trip.
no regrets at all.
went to far east, Tea With Teddy to get clothes, nice.
Lynn is working therererere. haha. can get discount. rocks.
for today, i bought 2 tops 1 bottom 1 scarf and a bag.
yay, happy. haha.

my father said i look weird -.-
after that, i saw what my mother was wearing i say, 'wow, mum why you suddenly so into fashion'
mum: then. where you think your fashion from
me: ehh.
mum: from daddy meh.
me: ya hor, right daddy?
daddy: of cause, fashion from me.
me: -.-

i find it funny, one min say i look weird the next i am fashionable because of my father.
tee and shorts weird meh.

tomorrow, ka jie's competition, suntec dance comp.
miss her man, so long never see her. then i can get my I'm not a plastic bag bag. hehe.

guess what.
ONCE AGAIN I SAW XIE LAO SHI. sooooooooo scary.
tuesday saw her, today AGAIN!
i was like , 'xie lao shi'
then she said hi. HAHAHA. SO FUNNY.
keep seeing her, i think she loves her yellow Giodarno tee.
always see her in it, tuesday and today. sameeeeee top. hehe.

★ Thursday, September 06, 2007 AT 1:28 PM
gonna stay home alllllll day ):
what a holiday is this.
oh man, suppose to be study break lah, but i've been having exam for the past 3 days.
wanna go out also cannot, no one to go out with.
sucks, seriously.

man, i wanna go out.

★ Wednesday, September 05, 2007 AT 4:54 PM
before i start with anything, this are yesterday's pictures, unglam but who cares. enjoy! (:

i look father fat in the pictures, NO IDEA WHY. i think my gross food is getting me. shit.

2 subjects down
4 more to go.
9 papers down
10 more to go.

had english paper 1 and 2 today.
paper 1 sucked while paper 2 rock.

paper 1 dang crap lah, my head was BLANK. ask to write a letter to a movie star of your choice to invite him/her to your school.
points to include are:
  • Information and history of your school
  • What is interesting in your school
  • How long should he/she visit your school for
  • Why should he/she go to your school.
but remember that he/she is a movie star, and he/she is a very busy person. so make your letter short but all points included.
write a letter between 80 to 100 words.

yes, thats exactly what it is, i don't know why i can remember but amazingly i can. i did not know what to write, i find it rather hard. and thats only the 1st compo. the 2nd compo is a summary about a compre. yeah.

2nd paper was shiok, 1 part was easy i must say, it's the kind where they will give a passage with words underlined, then gotta write the correct word at the side. this passage i also can remember. but i forgot the boys name. it's all about a boy who loves to ride bicycle. the sentences all very easy. like, He was riding his bicycle one day, and he fell. yah this kind. haha. shiok.

overall was good. yupyup.

i think my post are getting more unnecessary. blogging about my paper -.-
oh well, i'm too free. anyway i doubt many people reads my blog.

i watched Rat.ta.too.ee great show, really 5 stars.

): but also (:
next paper is monday practical. then wednesday is the next practical.
then after that 2 it's oct 1-8.
after that i freedom, shiokadoo.

i wanna go shopping but i refuse to spend a single cent. seriously, i see something i really like something i really want, but in the end i'll not buy it. i don't know why. thats not me. haha. i am only spending on food. shiat.

i'm longing for a HOLIDAY.

a dark alley i wanna walk
hey man, nothing is wrong.

★ Tuesday, September 04, 2007 AT 10:42 PM
had Chinese Listening today, it was, ehh alright luh.

i qued up for the tix, THE QUE WAS MAD! at PS, the que was until the arcade lah. tsk!
i saw MISSXIEXIANGRU there. my chinese teacher, i was like
me: xie lao shi!
her: aye, hello. ni jing tian na meh zao wan?
me: yup, kao wan le.
her: ni zai teng sui?
me: xiao hui he jian ying
her: shalinda?
me: yeahhh.
her: orh ok, ni men yao can si?
me: yup, can ba ba yao.
her: oh ok, ni men wan de kai xing tian ba. bye
me: bye

i'm super bored, so i can even type such not-a-need-to-blog kinda of thing.

i call today the AUNTIE day. seriously.
i went to watch 881 with Shalin and Sotong.
we sat at the 4 row form the front at the side.
yes, it's pack till where we're sitting.
of cause uncles too.
the show is good, really funny.
i think my Hokkien improve, i can sing Hokkien song already.
ji lang ji puaaaaaaaa. hahahahaha.
i cried non stop at the end, really cried like streams of tears rolling down my cheeks.
jasmine was like, 'i can see your tears.'
yes, she show is funny.
i lovelovelovelovelovelovelove the way they speak chinese, shalin and i kept imitating them.
the jia kan tang trying to speak cheeeeeeeeena.
nice. hahhaha.

i know who's laughing at me now. hoho. merry christmas. jia kan tang.

anyway, shopped a little, no no window shop. i only bought 1 CD.
i refuse to buy anything, hahahaha.
Jason Marz. shiok.

shalin's mom, sister and youngest brother came to meet us.
haha. had a good time.
hip mom.

tomorrow, english paper 1 and 2.
gosh, hate it. written exam.
2 compo, suckxZxZzZ.

i think today i broke my own record of changing the most time. hahaha. and keep saying i got no clothes. HAHAHA.
kept changing lah, my maid was like WAH! again ah. change again.

new house area, is like a ghost town, certain part. dark without street lamp.

★ Monday, September 03, 2007 AT 4:26 PM
now i know, now i see.

had 2 paper today, chinese written and english listening.
chinese SUCKED.
it was hard, to me that is.
some of my friends still can say EASY. they are amazing.

i shall not, i shall not, i shall not.

i'm not in.

★ Sunday, September 02, 2007 AT 11:56 PM
1. Put your music player on shuffle.
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.

Sugar rush (WTH)

Last Flight Out (wow, does that mean i'm always THE LAST? hahaha)

Final Goodbye (wow, how funny)

Low (oh yeah)

Crazy Bitch (is it?)

Get up (amazing)

It's the way you make me feel (it's somewhat true?)

In this life (YES! THEY ARE IN THIS LIFE!)

Owner of my heart (sounds...emo?)

I'm all about you (i'm all about them?)

What dreams are made of (dreams hahahha)

Turn me on (WTH#$%@#$%#$%?)

Sunshine (oh yeah, i so want to be)

Over it (i'm over the person?)

With you (with me, i love them)


Half light (must as well say LIGHTS OUT)

Beacuse of you (no no, you're neither my hobby nor intrest)

Me against the world (my biggest fear is myself)

Chocolate ice (wow, chocolate ice)

I'm bossy (i think my friends are bossy? WTH)

Through with you (makes sense what)

Same direction (yeah, same)

Gimme the light (wow)

Pump it (yeah, pump it)

★ AT 9:20 PM
out the whole day with my family.
lunched with granddad, brought him to see new house.
went to ikea and garden.
bought stuff from ikea. bought the blue bag thing too! it's real nice.

i saw the FIRST lizard in the house today, FIRST.
it's gross. while my father say, 'a home without lizards is not a home'
gosh, who can he say that, LIZARDS ARE GROSS LIL THINGS.

ate at this coffeeeeeshop for dinner, food is really good. ain't expensive also.

i'll never forget what brother told me, 'freedom of expression'
thanks bro. much loved.

yes, freedom of expression.

N level 'part 1' starts tomorrow.
7 am - school.
i wonder how will it be like, i really wonder.

i'm tired, really tired.
not today, but tired of everything.

do i have you?

have you ever wondered
or rather, have you seen? or notice?
while people stand and wait for a lift, or for the traffic light to change to green man?
does pressing the buttons help?
some even complain and hit the buttons.
every few seconds people would change their standing position.
from a smile to a frown.
waiting for a 30 seconds to a min.
it's really cute actually, some would walk away.
take the stairs or J-walk.
is it just singaporeans or world wide.
ever wondered?

★ Saturday, September 01, 2007 AT 9:54 PM
haha. loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee her many many.
thanks to you kakeeee.
i love daddy, he makes me laugh. hahahaha.
me: -in the car- daddy this bottle water can drink right?
dad: ehh can.
me: -drinks water-
dad: oh, i think that day my friend's baby high tight then i pass them this bottle
me: hahaha, yahh righttt.
dad: reallly, i don't know what they do to the bottle after that also, besides peeing into it.
me: nooooo.....
dad: yes, really.
me: don't lie lah.

i've finish Full House in 2 days, haha. great.

church today was alright. haha.
sermon yeah. applies.

focus on my studies. seriously need to.
won't allow anything to affect me. no
not at the expense of my studies.

i'll smile.

look there, not there

★ AT 2:09 AM
i guess it took awhile, to find who to treasure and who not to.
i don't know what to say, i'm speechless.
staying up in the wee hours of the day, and all i think is the same thing.
i don't wanna hurt anyone, or maybe i don't have the guts to do so.
what am i to do.
why why am i so paranoid and traumatized about this.
it scares me, i think alot.
too much in fact.
i guess the fear, the past haunts me.
i don't understand how my friends can be so strong, not bothering about anything, and life's a breeze to them.
but as for me, it's like a torture.
why. sucks.

thorough this all, priz send me this lyrics.
Sang by Deb Fung. she s great check her out.

Darkest Place

Wanted to question why
This had to happen to me
To lose innocence and trust
in this world that i see

why sing for a world
that can be so cruel
and when all's been said and done
i've been played the fool

feelings of fear and vengeance rise
within my soul
praying to God
that i can let these emotions go

still locked in a struggle
this time between world wisdom and a faith unseen
though darkness abounds
i won't let the devil get me down

i will rise up
in the midst of darkness
and take on every trial with faith
this world ain't getting any brighter
unless we take is light into the
Darkest place
and meet our fears face to face

pushing the world outta my mind
cause i can't deal with it
suddenly i begin to find
strength in the spirit

to fear is human
and to love is divine
and only by the love of God
i can redefine when the world grows dim