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Married at 22
A mother at 23
And loving it.

Why? Because i married someone who makes me truly happy.

And this blog is dedicated to everyone i love.


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★ Wednesday, December 30, 2009 AT 8:47 PM

i honestly like swear by this watch now.
i am super duper uper in loveeee with this watch.

★ Sunday, December 27, 2009 AT 11:11 PM
christmas christmas!

to me, christmas is a time where families and friends (see, family comes before friends) gather to enjoy ourselves.
a joyous day, a eventful night, an amazing time.
we all love christmas don't we?
but of course presents plays a HUGE role. hahaha.
after all, i'm still a kid at heart, and will always be to mum and dad.

and ever year, on christmas day, my family would spent christmas with my cousins, grands, aunts and uncles at either one of our houses.
but usually at grand's.
some years, we would play mahjong, watch a show, play games, play at the park, use our laptops or whatever.
but one thing that never change, is that no matter what we do, we do it allllltogether (:

well, christmas did not start as well for me this year.
at the strike of midnight. i was sitting on some round chair/bench/sofa thingy at The Cathay waiting for my theater to 'let me in'
bing was a sleep beside me. and i was just yah, using my phone. wth.

watched Sherlock Holmes and it was really nice nice nice.
not as straight forward as other shows, but nonetheless a good show.

christmas party at the grand's
the usual stuff, cousins and all. but one thing different is that this year, there's ADDITIONAL people (:
bing and Ahem* Uncle M.
but still fun (:

the usual, turkey, ham and stuff.
food was amazing, mum cooked lasagna.
yummy yums yums!

after the food, the show. we watched Deck The Halls on channel 5.

once the show ended, it was the all famous. . . .
PREZZIE TIMEEE!!! *clams cheeks and scream*

no matter howww old i am, i can never get bored of presents and surprises.

as us cousins gets older, our presents are getting smaller and smaller (of course a good thing)
but most of them turn into *paper* inside *red envelopes*
-the more i like it-


use to have more pictures for my christmas post.
but well, pictures are getting lesser and lesser.
well, somehow a good sign to me. haha

Thanks Bing for getting me a external hard disk (:

i've been needing a hard disk for the longest time, cause my old one is making really weird noise. damn scary. so yeah, finally got a new one.

thanks thanks!

Pen's from yee yee (:

she gave a pen each to the kids, saying, 'for you guys to sign cheques'

thanks yeeeee (:
This lil pouch thingy from 2nd aunt.
and i love it.

this brand is from UK. heard, it's a common brand there.
Rachel bought and brought it back from UK for sis and me (:

so sweet, so nice.

loves it!
my super duper uper bling name.
decided to string at together with my other chain on my car keys.
my key is damn bling and damn heavy now. hahaha.
but i totally adore it.

the bling is damn cool and HUGEEEEEEE. love it! (:

thanks 3rd aunt!

and you know, year after year.
mum and dad never fails to surprise sissy and me.
and for this year, we thought we would be getting nothing, cause dad got a car and all for us.
so we thought and never expect a gift from them.

but this year, parents gave us a christmas present still.
damn sweet of them.

thing is, sis and me could not even guess what they can/got to buy for us.
we did not request for anything, or show signs of anything we want.
and we realllllllllly don't have any 'wants'
so like, we got no idea.

but check this out.

parents bought me a pair of Prada shades!!!!!!!!!!
it's damn amazing, damn nice, damn cool.

totally loveeeeeeeee it man.


they bought sis a pair of Oakley .
and it's super nice.

it's like brown with glitter.
super gorgeous.

but obviously i love mine more. HEHEHEHEHHE.
it's damn nice. loves!

okay enough of christmas.

it's animal time.


meow don't live in my room anymore, she lives in the HOUSE. not room.
and shino is happy, living with meows. haha.

thats meow.
she looks real small in this picture.
but she is alot bigger than before.
she loves to sit on my window latch.

if you can see 'deeeeeeep' into the picture.
she is lying there. under the dining table.
her favorite spot of the house now.
shino love. she looks the same, i know. hahahha.
she is the same. just that she put on more weight. cause of her op.
and my super duper messy table.
it's messier now. hahahahahaha.
it's super mad now.

super long never get to 'zi lian'
so finally.
just 1 picture i took yesterday.

bing think's he's damnnnnnnnnn cool.
try harder kay. haha.

and papa bought this new hanging chair for the upstairs living room (:

it looks huge.
but yah it is. HAHA.
but it's okay if you see it.
picture makes it look weird.

done done done.
i shall blog again soon yes.
seeee you! (:

★ AT 6:00 PM
it's christmas!

and i've not blogged about it.

i will sooooon! maybe tonight.


★ Wednesday, December 16, 2009 AT 1:01 PM
the trip to Malaysia.

this trip was organized by daddy's friend.
the same family that organize the July trip.
the post is in my Archives. in the month of July.
and here we are again, joining them (:

never really take much pictures though.

went to KL and Malacca.

not much stuff and all. 2 very common place.
but it's the people, drive that made the difference.

did a bit of shopping.
cause of time constrain. (sian)
but well, still bought stuff.
and everything there is soo freakin cheap.

felt damn stupid for not buying my liquid foundation.
price was 31RM, and came back to sng and the pruce was 29sng.

really little pictures of this trip, will try to get some from him.

headed to KL the 1st night.

but before checking in to hotel the whole lot.
went to Sepang.
and for those who don't know, Sepang have an official F1 race track.

the track is about 5.3km.
and the best part, is that we get to drive on the track, 4 rounds.
well, the last trip, i did not have my license.
but this trip, he he he. i've finally got my driving license.
so the last 2 laps daddy let me drive.
it was damn cool. like seriously.
everything in the car was flying though.
but trust me, it was an experience.
did not really see my speed much, had to concentrate on the road.

love it!

pit stop, driving pass.
those are real F1 cars.
so cool hoh.

super duper cool
okay. after that, we went for a River Cruise at Prutujaya (if thats how you spell it, damn lazy to go google)

i totally forgot what does it represent or what. but yeah. really damn nice.
mum's favorite bridge, she says it's a lil Moroccan.

after the river cruise.
headed to Shang to check in.
i love Shangri-La. i really do.

lobby and all.
room room room (:
HUGE room.
1 super single and 1 queen. (:
on the left hand side, that sliding door.
if you open that door, it's the toilet, you see the bath tub.
but note, that is not the door to the toilet.
thats ehh, you know those honeymoon shit (or rather i call it honeymoon shit)
can see into the toilet kinda thing.
and if you can see properly, on the doors it got the logo.
round stuff, just that part, it's see through.
so yes, you can see the person inside bathing, or whatever.

the best part?
i was sharing this room with bing and ah gong.
good thing bing found a way to cover the hole.

yup, so the following day, we checked out of Shang and went over to Novotel.
this other hotel in KL.
some random picture i took with my phone cause we got lost.
was trying to find our way to Sungei Wang Plaza. it's a shopping center of everything cheap cheap cheap.

in the end, we managed to find our way there, BY CAB. haha.
and it took the cabbie less than a min or so to reach. -.-
went, bought things from there.
like, clothes, shoes and all.

and yes, this was my hotel room for the 2nd night.
you're looking straight into the bathroom.
this time, ah gong is not sharing a room with us, it was just bing and myself.
power eh?
good thing there was a blind that can be drawn.
but it was damn funny lah.
we had a shock of our lives yo.

this is day 3.
we went to a hot spring.
i did not go into the water.
did not want to.
but yeah, was pretty cool.

those who went in was saying the water was damn hot, while others said it was warm.
and the locals in there were like swimming, bathing, sand scrub and all.

oh yes, daddy this time drove this car in.

my hand was out of the window.
so yeah.
cocks. ha.

really nice waterfall (:

no pictures after this cause i was the one driving.
then you know lah, parents where got take one.

so yeah.

stayed in a super lao pok pok hotel in Malacca.
but shopping was the BEST there.
bought super alot of things there. (:
hee hee!

i drove to Malacca and back from Malacca.
so total was about 230km?
first time driving sooooo much in a day.
well, it was 30km day 3. then 200km day 4.
it was fun fun fun.
totally love driving.

really glad dad gave me the chance to drive.
cause normally, dad won't allow, cause i just pass not long ago (:
but he still let me! thanks papa!

i'll see if i can get more pictures.
but thats about it.


★ Tuesday, December 15, 2009 AT 3:30 PM
Malaysia was pretty damn fun.

will update soon.

anyway, i got a fine from LTA.
good thing dad did not see the letter.
and thank God the fine is only 10 bucks.
i went through ERP without my cashcard in my IU.

and meow is damn big now.

★ Wednesday, December 09, 2009 AT 2:00 AM
weekend was mad tiring.

woke up at 5am in the morning, made breakfast.
BOUGHT breakfast.

and met the group for cycling all the way at Yishun.

i did not cycle though.
was safety car instead (:

was pretty fun. when you've got the one you want in the car with you.

and well, monday was mummy's birthday. 7th Dec.

well, belated, but oh well.

celebrated with the family the day before.

mum's birthday itself, went shopping with sis and mum.
we shoppppped till...well, i did not exactly drop.
but we did reasonable amount of shopping (:
happy for mummy (:

off to Malaysia from the 11th to 14th of this month (:

gonna be a good one again man.
or even better.


my blog is dying, and it's getting damn boring.
even i'm bored of my own blog.

gotta spice things up!

oh yah.
i'm totally putting on weight like free.
i'm so fat now, i feel like a fat huge oily pig.
damn man. ):


okay, nights.

★ Wednesday, December 02, 2009 AT 1:43 AM
my medium sized yami yogurt! YUMS!
i love pebbles and strawberries as my toppings!
it's amazing how a company can import the WHOLE US aye?

Ninja Assassin is a must watch.
well, not exxxxxactly MUST. but it's you know, those one of kinda show.

i happily went to watch the show without knowing what is it all about, and that Rain is actually the main lead.

but i must say, it's one hell of a painful show.
its M18.
it's gory. very.very.gory.

but it's more of a pain show.
see how he train and all.
shall not mention. just watch it.
worth the watch.

really enjoyed myself today (:
i wish i can have many more of todays.
many more of togetherness.
many more of fun and laughters.
many many more of joy