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Married at 22
A mother at 23
And loving it.

Why? Because i married someone who makes me truly happy.

And this blog is dedicated to everyone i love.


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★ Tuesday, November 28, 2006 AT 9:38 PM


★ Monday, November 27, 2006 AT 11:45 PM
sick times 10 is me.

dead tired
super dead tired

until my body shiver. that bad

mission trip is in 2 days time.
and me


★ AT 12:40 AM
cousins stayed over!
went to church together, yeah somehting happen in church. the heavy table crash on lester's toe. foodness. praise God it did not fracture. his toe i mean. becasuse it was hard man HARD.

yeah. and guess what i am SICK. 3 days before mt. power. yes.

i am soooo tired, slept at 4am plus woke up at about 7 plus. goodness. not enough sleep!! i totally cannot tahan already gonna coma soon. really soon.

anyway just now on the way home i almost died man, i am serious. the cab driver wants to turn right, but he cannot see if there are cars coming. he took the chance he went and guess what. there was this nissan that almost crash into my side. goodness. i was totally shock.

anyway today was a good day spent the WHOLE day with my cousins went to eat with my cousins ate SOO MUHCH. yes. and after that went to grab ice cream had alot of fun. just talking and stuff. really fun, once i reach back to their house my aunt was home she just got back from mission trip from malaysia. yeah she was sharing and i was going mad becasue i am sick. yeah.

★ Saturday, November 25, 2006 AT 10:48 PM
shalalala, home now. went to church yes. RUSHED to church thanks to my dear cousins. one shoe spoil one bag broke. i had to rush down to them. to lend. haha. it seems mad. and seriously i am falling sick soon man.

i RAN under the HEAVY DOWN POUR TODAY. goodness. from beauty world want to go abck to church. then so many people only 1 unbrella.i got fed up and just ran in the rain with eunice back to church and get more unbrella. but GUESS WHAT. the guys did not want to go under the rain the girls had to 'save' them. GUYS.

i guess becasue they don't want to 'destory' their HAIR. as usual.

anyway, yes. today had COMBINE SERVICE (((((: i LOVEEEE it. haha. i rather have combine. more TOGETHER. yes yes, anyway left service EARLY becasue had to go my house for dinner. so alll my soucins and i left early. cabbed to my house and had an AWESOME dinner. yup.

then now watching show with my cousiins. they rock. haha. tomorrow going church together. haha

★ Friday, November 24, 2006 AT 11:47 PM
went to work today, i super tired. went to work with my tummy acting weird and my head spinning. and i SOO feel like vomitting. the whole day went on like this. WHOLE DAY. work like mad today. had to do alot of scrub and massages.

rushed to luwei house for team training. then took panadol from him. after taking i still giddy, very bad.

had mt training. then yah.

leaving on wednesday. 11.30am will be at the air port. funniest thing is. I CAN WAKE UP LATE, haha. i stay like 10mins away from the airport. how cool. yes yes. hahahaha.

mad. anyway, i gotta go coma. i cannot take it already.

★ AT 12:15 AM

brought my rat to the vet. then had to like tackle with her. in the car she move non stop. one min wat to look outside the next min want to look the other side. wahlau. i went mad. then i just wake up somemor, so like gloomy gloomy. then she make me mad. then my tummy allll kana scratched until very jialat. then rbing her to the vet. after that going home another round. she went mad.

reach home i ate and rush off to meet idah and my aunt. then went to buy fruits dang heavy man. then go salon then did spring cleaning. clean the shelves and mop the floor. SUPER TIRING JOB I TELL YOU. after that did a pedi for aunt and train idah how to do scrub and massage. yeah. after that went walk walk. then now i peng.

MT is coming. and i have done nothing. have not even check what i needa buy and stuff.
have been working man.

★ Thursday, November 23, 2006 AT 12:29 AM
went work today, work till like 9pm plus. had to do ALOT of paper work and all. housekeeping. errrr stamp and sign christmas cards. yeah. today is a tiring day man. it is. did alot.

eat alot also. non stop flow of foooooooooooood.
it's nice having a friend working with me, it makes things finish faster. and not only that it helps you to take stuff off your shoulder. fun too.

after work went to bugis to eat, always eat the SAMEE coffee shop. food there not bad. although there all the uncle face all black black one. lalala.

mission trip coming already! dang scary. excited too. but work really tie me down, can't make it for the team time. it is very important i know. but then got work. soooooooooo far somemore. then my parents not really happy. becasue have to fetch me, late then don't want me to go home alone also. i will be dang tired also. what to do. )):

my father dang funny man, he come and suddenly tell me this, "tomorrow you use this phone you go play with it get familarwith it then come home at night teach me how to use" i went huhhh???? read the manual lah. then my father was like nahh, lazy. hahahaha.

then i went to play with his new phone, then he come over ask he so how? how to use. how to this how to that blah blah. i was shock. sony erricson i never use that phone before. i have to teach him. haha. end up teach tonight. so was like. teach him while me myself learn. hahahaha. joker. so yeah. over an hour he know how to use already. then he tell me sooo you still want to use tomorrow not? if not i sue already since i know how to use. so i told him no need. then he straight away use and all.

if ask my sister to teach my father my sister would read the whole manual then teach. i do the shortcut i straight away teach. thats the difference between my sister and me. she reads and slowly. i don't care and just use. hahahahaha

★ Wednesday, November 22, 2006 AT 12:10 AM
went to work today as usual. after work was fun.

it was a GOOD show i tlel you i mean GOOD. haha. i totally enoyed myself. the show is mainly all about this plant. it is just about this flower shop which don't make ANY business. but then one of the employee of the shop have this WEIRD plant. this plant can open mouth one la. like the top of the flower can be open then eat stuff. in science got learn one. haha.

as the plant grow it only will drink people and blood and eat people. then this employee have to feed it. so he have to do alot of evil stuff. nice show. it is called DIM SUM DOLLIES THE SHOP OF HORROR.

nice. now watching oyu me and dupree. very funny show. yeah.

oh oh guess who i saw watching the show, the 2nd runner up fomr ANTM JADE. she was sitting infront of me, and i tell you. her face. cannot tahan. what you see on TV is what you see in person. that kimpa face. with the haolian attitude. dang horrible.

i saw ENLAI too. he smokes. and he doooo have STYLE i tell you. i like his specs.

★ Monday, November 20, 2006 AT 11:36 PM
ok i am kinda mad today, still not in my best mood but i am like happy also. don't know why. i talk ALOT today ALOT. non stop. until lester ask me today you talk alot. it's true, i talk alot today. becasue i am tired also. not enough sleep and have to work and all. so i like high already. talk non-stop.

yeah, maybe why i am happy becasue when i pray today i really felt God. like yah. i felt Him. and it makes me happy, like on saturday i was like in a bad mood and it affected me so much that i cannot worship God. so i just talk to God on saturday. but like nothing happen. then today during the training i prayed and talk to God. and i like know i can feel him that feeling is AWESOME (((((:

yupyup. went to eat mac after the tarining. full full.

★ Sunday, November 19, 2006 AT 9:48 PM
woke up like siao super duper early. then went to church and do up the stall and all. i took many photo of kids. it's really sweet. seeing them play the game, like putting all their strength into playing the game sweet really.

i was rather quiet today though.

but yeah. raised morw money then last week which is good. still need alot more. have faith in God.

i am watching little man now. super cute show.

hehe. sweet.

training tomorrow.

★ Saturday, November 18, 2006 AT 10:54 PM
went to church today! yay yay yay!
yup. everything was normal.

watching HEROES NOW. this show ROCKS!
i love my girlfriend (:
finally took photo with bp.

cherie rocks la. simply rocks.
i love you.

★ AT 12:23 AM

the only fun thing i had today is went out with my girlfriend. thants all. she is SUCH A JOY.

other then that
-shakes head-

today BAD DAY BAD DAY. only with girlfriend was awesome.


★ Thursday, November 16, 2006 AT 8:55 PM

★ Wednesday, November 15, 2006 AT 11:59 PM

ok. about today, woke up LATE. forever one. then my sister fetch me to city hall from there i went to work. yeah. after that went down to church for mission trip training. ((:

hahaha. learn to sing MORE songs. all the thai song. -laughs-
did other stuff also. and i saw little rachel and her hair is CHOP SHORT!?!??!?!?! i rather her in long hair. it is SOO much nicer. man...wasted. anyway yeah.

after the training my parents came to fetch me. and then i was like HUNGRY super i mean. yes. training time like so WEIRD. 7pm dinner time -.- what to do. nevermind. i ate at about 5 plus. then during training i almost faint my tummy was goind MAD. straight after training my parents brought me to eat. wanted to eat at 85 but then when reach there it was ALL CLOSE for MASS WASHING -.- so went over to ave 2 to eat ate my BA CHOR MEEEE. super duper niceeeee. after eating i was still hungry but my parents don't allow me to eat another bowl ))): so in the end went home. and i ate nothing. )))))))))): i am still hungry now )): FOOD PLEASEEEE (:

yeah. and my phone is still giving me problem goodness. MSN also another noobified thing. fedddd up.

actually for YI CAMP i rather have the GREEN tee then the BLACK. black tooo common already. have something different. but those common people wants black )))))): not that i am unique, although i am God made all differently, haha. yeah. i want the green would be nicerrrrrrrr. hahaha.

mission trip is drawing near. yay. and i miss my family. leaving on the 29th my sister leaving on 5th dec. she come back on 16th dec and i come back on the 7th dec. on the 6th december ma and pa will be ALONE. WOOO. hahahahaha. at last. some peace for them. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. save 1 day worth of water, elecricity so on. HAHAHA. ok ok.

today's weather is COLD. really. it's very cold. i'm like FREEEZING!!


i am being sooo random goodness.

★ Tuesday, November 14, 2006 AT 8:56 PM
wow. today i stayed home ALL DAY ((:


good girl me. HAHAHAHAHAAH

today i get to sleep the whole day. fun fun fun. awesome.
woke up kinda alright also. at aboutb 3pm.
and my school books are here. they delieverd it today.
i've finally kick my habit of peeling my nails. in another words it means, sotp biting my nails. i don't bite so i peeeeel. i know it sounds gross. hahaha.

for the girls, you gotta try Carnberry Scones OPI color. nail polish. it's dark red with a youch of purple. nice.

lalala. working in this line not bad. get to know alot of stuff. and do all the girly stuff. HAHAHAHA. ok ok.

mission trip is comminnnnggg. training on mondays wednesdays and fridays. i am gonna miss home.
my dog my rat. miss her. by the way, MY RAT IS MY DOG. hahaha. i call her rat ever since the groomer came to shave her. hahaha. i FINALLY get to watch my 9pm show. FINALLY. hahaha. can't watch any of my fav shows becasue working. but anyway yeah.

this sunday for the fund raising i am gonna LOVEEE IT. becasue i can buy KIM POPO PINEAPPLE TARTS! it's big and NICE. fannnnnnntastic! i love her PINEAPPLE TART. best best best!

i'm gonna keep my hair LONGG. HAHAHA. do you think i can be patient enough to wait for my hair to go longggggggg before shopping it short? hahaha. i ahve tried that like a million times. but like never happen. the longest i had was arounf my upper back. have not touch my lower back or mid back before. i am trying my best mpore like tahaning not to cut. hahaha. at least until near my mid back. HAHAHAHAA. it seems impossible. really.. i don't care la. try. hahaha.

HERSHEY'S MALLOW BLAST (grape flovour) it looks nice. but not nice. lalala.

★ Monday, November 13, 2006 AT 3:28 PM
man. . .this morning was a total crap. i shall not bring it up. it makes me crazy.

went to my aunt shop reach at about 9am plus. super tired so i sleep. hehe. before sleeping i ate my mac breakfast. then sleep. becasue the past few days not enough sleep.

wow. work work work. then left to meet cherie, then went to church together.

found out the grouping today, i am under cherie.

i think got more. but all i know is these few people.


★ Sunday, November 12, 2006 AT 9:13 PM
today wake up like 6 plus. i totally cannot now.
tomorrow still got mission trip training i really don't know how am i going to tahan really.

anyway, today the fund raising was fun. alot of laughters. although my nail art stall no business it's alright also. no cost all. so mainly i was just around buying food eating.and stuff.

after that my parents came to fetch me from church. then went to my grandma's house. my nephew went ((:
hahahhaa, it is really fun. hahaha. my little nephew. i love him man. was watching show with hiom anbd stuff. take photo. laugh like mad. then he always kiss me. WOO HOO. hahahahahaha. lalala. funny boy.

home now. i peng already my eyes are like shut tight. can't open AT ALL. really. tomorrow is PENG day.

★ Saturday, November 11, 2006 AT 10:58 PM
church church ((: had fun. esp after dinner. was playing a danggggg lame game bur super funny. thanks to shuen. haha. she told us about the game. CHAO FUNNY MAN. called the CHICKEN GAME. ahhahahahahaha. then we all was just playing the we are Eunice, Sylvester, Kong Sheng, Shuen, Ewan, Jingquan then cherie came in later. we had alot of fun. hahaha. dancing. laughing.

then sonia cna dance man. she can. haha.

tomorrow is the fund raising have to be there by 7.30. i sure K.O please lor. i stay at BEDOK. not bukit timah beside church. hard time for me )):

anyway today, during service was fun. hehe. did USHER ((((:

i am watching cast away now. super nice show.

as i look back right, like when i first getting serious with God i was totally on fire. can even sing CAMPFIRE song. hahaha. but i realsie that as time goes by. that firse will become smaller. it will not be gone la. but it will be smaller. still hanging on to God, but it's not that same FIRE anymore. i want that fire back. i gotta change. fire fire ((:

I LOVE MY WALLET. i am like crazy over it. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. ok ok. it is just a sense of satifiscation. haha.

oh oh, today Roger did praise and worship for cell. FIRST TIME -claps- hahaha. he did a great job i must say. really. sang Take it all and Mighty to save. good one ((:

i am working like mad. hehe. then get to shop a little. lala.

i am tired about the ipod crap. i have return my last bit of cash alreayd. YAYNESS. WORRY NO MORE. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

i love the show castaway. it is dang nice.

PSI: 31

★ Friday, November 10, 2006 AT 11:11 PM
from braun buffel. nice nice. black classy and simple. <33333
hahahahahaha. i use my pay to get. coolness. hehehehe.
i never regreat buying this wallet for myself ((:

today walk ALOT man. hehehe. soo fun. had kenny rogers for lunch! nice nice.
went to marina square suntect raffles city and all. yay. hehehe.

ok, in 4 days time not sec 4 school books are gonna come. )): hahaha
still holiday mood. then school books come already. so fast.

i love JOEY ((: she's a teacher.
not my teacher. she is my aunt customer come friend. she is gonna sell to me a top for $32 with a broach and necklace.
how sweet. i love spending time with her. actually teachers can be very fun. but depends also.

EWW. i watching surviour now then they caught a OCTOPUS! how gross!

i love ma and pa!! <3

★ AT 1:40 AM
ok. blog AGAIN ((:

just now went to eat at chinatown. yum yum.


when going home right. went to take a cab. at about 10 plus. but then no cab. so we walk lor. my aunt and me la. walk. then we saw the taxi stand. so we walk there. then there is this uncle keep talking. talking to this man beside him la. this indian man. then this indian man can't be botherd with him. then he keep talking. then got ALOT of cab on call. then he keep grumbling saying what all the horriable singaporeans will call cab. the good ones will not.

then he heard me say why not just call for a cab. then he say super loud. THOSE SINGAPOREANS JARE SO SELFISH. i got fed up with his talking. then that indian man was like. want to call cab alreayd. then that uncle will go. no you cannot call a cab. you cannot. cnanot cannot. when that indian guy got a plane to catch. i think. because of the his lauagge. yeah. hehe. what a night.

★ Thursday, November 09, 2006 AT 6:27 PM
hello ((:

i am at my work place now. haha. tap on to other people internet. now no customers. haha.

yum yum. just ate. my shang meen. nice. slacking around now. and i cannot wait to go to lao shi's friend shop. and she is gonna beng some REAL cool vintage stuff to sell for a really low price. ROCKS. haha.

i am like half awake. i totally peng. tosay wake up at 3pm also still sleep not enough. my eyes are shutting. thats bad. YAY.. NEW CLOTHES AGAIN!

i love lao shi. she rocks man. lalalalla.

happy me happy happy.

i shall blog more when i get home. la.

★ AT 1:47 AM


ma said she is VERY proud of me, becasue i woke up sooo early just for work.
it is really amazing i can wake up. hahaha.

i work like mad. really. now i am dead tired. work from 9.30am all the wat to 11pm plus. power man, really. i buitong alreayd. haha. K.O

but it is fun la. i did a pedi also. THANKS KWANGLI. she help me do. then i do for her. haha. my toe nails are CHEERY RED. colour called Carnberry Scone. hahaha. cute name. yes yes. then did alot todya. i painted this teacher nails GOLD. very nice.
and this teacher super cool. i am soo gonna buy stuff from her. she will be setting up a stall at the flee market. yeah. she sell vintage stuff. AND I LVOE THEM ((((((:
she is going to get for me like dresses assesories and all fom Thailand. YAY I LVOE HER. she is super nice. and i totally trust her about the taste of the clothes. yes yes yes. nice nice. excited! really.

i ate rabbit for dinner. not the animal rbaait. the shop name is rabbit. VERY VERY VERY CUTE. haha. i like the oofd there. i ate a whole toufu on my own. ROCKS. after that had a CHOCOLATE SUNDAY fmr MAC. nice. really nice. rocks. hahahahhahahahahahha.

OFF DAY ON FRIDAY. but busy on frieday. hahahaha.

had alot of fun todya. but i peng already. alot to do and stuff. back to back customer. yup.

it's 2am now. and my sister have not bath finish. and i am gonna fall asleep on this table. haha. really.

i totslly peng. hahahaha.
shall stop here for today. hahahaha.

i am amd and high now. trying not to sleep.

God, help me? thanks loves.



★ Tuesday, November 07, 2006 AT 11:50 PM
i went to work again todya. lalalalala. went there at about 3 plus. yeah. did alot today. back to back. but now my fingers are hurting. badly. ))))): becasue i had to clean all bottles. then super pain. yeah. next fews days is gonna be busy busy. i wanna a off on friday!!!!! thursday i got filming. man. yeah. but what to do. gotta do it.

my dog is mad thats all i can say about her. hahaha.

anyway, today i ate somehitng real cool. it is fmr this malay stall. i wanted longton but they don't have but they ahve this thing called longton goreng. it is quite cool. really. it is like malay carrotcake. yes yes.

and i love the WANTONMEEEEEEN. yes yes.

i have this craving for CORC MEAT. nice. really. hahaha.

and today's congee was nice. lalalala.

i have been wearing the same clothes again and agaian. like i got no more clothes like that. hehehe. i love those clothes anyway. thats why keep wearing. lalalalalala.

i've got a early day tomorrow.

done for blogging for today.


★ AT 1:49 AM
i can't stand it.

the one i love, actually said it is ok being a lesbian. with bad langue. it is not nice you know. i am supper dissapointed. really. knowing that it is really true, what is happening really. Godly ARE YOU SURE?! -someone- have been praying for YEARS AND YEARS for her. and this. this world sucks. don't follow it. patterns of this world. periceings, tatto, words, lesbianisiam, gayness. please don't PLEASE.

God i pray that you will change her, Lord i really don't want to see her like this. i really hate it. God please help her, i know You answers prayers. Lord, please Lord please. In Jesus' name i pray, Amen.

with all my might i pray.

this is not happening. i can't belive it.


God please help.

★ AT 12:37 AM
woke up late today happy me. went to aunt min shop to help her. clean like a million bottles. all the nail polish. alot to do. but anyway. yeah. ate my wan ton meen again. i LOVE it.

i had my STARBUCKS PEPPERMINT MOCHA FRAPPPPPPPPPA. it is the new christmas drink. frappa mocha but they add peppermint. VERY EVRY VERY NICE. <333333's it!

now watching shoe again. RENT is the show SUPER NICE.

i watched FRAGILE already. that show really make me have creeps. haha. but kinda cool show. GO WATCH!

★ Monday, November 06, 2006 AT 2:45 PM
is everything in a mess? or am i just sensitive.

★ Sunday, November 05, 2006 AT 9:55 PM
today got mission trip training.
i will be going to ROI ET.
my cousins all going same place ((((((((:
grouped by CELL.

after the training went to meet mama papa granny and my granny's maid. went to eat dinner together. the food was cool. yeah. went to Taka. ate at Imperial Treasure. lala. food not bad. i was like BEYOND FULL. then went for a walk in Best. then went off. early. becasue my granny old alreayd. tired. so now like yeah. come home. than thats. all.

oh yah. next sunday got the Fund Raising. and i've got to do Nail Art. lalala. but my cell is incharge is the game too. FISHING (((:


★ Saturday, November 04, 2006 AT 11:32 PM
i woke up like DANG early. ush to church went for the audition. and i sucked at the dance. i could not do at all. tooo little time to practice (:

in anycase. lalala. even if i don't get it why not? at least i tried ((((:

my cell got 2 new commers ((:
Welcome Welcome ((:

todya after dinner was like fun. hahaha. huat and me was like LETS CLUBB!! then we dance to the song. the thechno type then all sorts. HAHAHA. after that is yijun and me we did those HIGH people kind. the shake head becasue they took pills. HAHAHAHA. supper funnnnnnnnny can.


★ Friday, November 03, 2006 AT 8:48 PM

I once again went there. HEHEHE.
i love that place. simply LOVES.

after going there i wanted to go aunt min's shop. but don't know if she needs me. if she need i go if not i will not going. i called say no need. so i went home. be a GOOD GIRL. cna. GOOD GOOD GOOD. hahaha.
before getting home i bought CHICKEN WINGS. (((((: nice nice nice ncie cnie. haaha

★ Thursday, November 02, 2006 AT 11:02 PM


everything also my fault EVERYYYYYYYYTHING. never say ANYTHING expect me to KNOW. wahlau. dang irritating. I AM JUST A 15 YEAR OLD STUDENT. gosh.

★ AT 9:49 PM
tired, yesterday night. actually not yesterday in the wee hours of today. at about 2am plus 3am my sister, sister's friend, and me watched a horror film. the show is BOO. it is a show about a haunted hospital. this hospital should NOT have a THRID floor. but have. so this group of 5 collage students went in becasue it's halloween night. yeah. then alot of stuff happen. yeah.

i went out today. AT LAST. went to raffles then chinatown then town. IT HAVE BEEEN REALLLLY long since i last go town man. and i saw POEPLE. hahahaha. i saw NANA with STACY, saw. . . . .errrrr. more people? haha. i think i saw jonchua also. THINK only. haha. went to eat WAN TON MEEN from HEEREN that one. yeah. after that home home home. then i watched the 9pm show. now PRISON BREAK.

super nice.

★ AT 1:04 AM
i just got home. went to my unclegongong's wake. i know it sounds weird. i usually say he's my GRAND UNCLE. but he is actually not blood related. he watched me grow up. because my grand parents and himn is like best of friends. yeah. close close friends. so yeah. so i just got home. why i call him UNCLE GONG GONG you must be wondering. hehehehe. becasue my parents call him UNCLE. and i cannot call him GONG GONG becasue i call my grandpapa gong gong alreayd. so combine hahahahahaha. yes.

i went to VIVO today. took a break so i did not have TAO GAY day today. hehe. yeah. i watch DEATH NOTE today. the show super cool man. hahah. really. i was really noisy during the show. talk ALOT. hahhaha. yes. go catch that show. nice.

my sister picked me up came home for dinner then went to the wake. yup. had d good say today. went to vivo my ALL TIME then talk sit talk and drank my TALL FRAPPA MOCHA! WOOOO HOOOOO!!!
nice nice nice ncie.


★ Wednesday, November 01, 2006 AT 12:05 AM
went to work todayyyyy. hilary and karen came to do thire nails (((((:
hahahaha. nice day


i want to go. haha.

i am super late cna. i JUST watch my TOKYO DRIFT.
,. . . . . . .

but really man the show. must as well ask the girls to go naked. GROSS.