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Married at 22
A mother at 23
And loving it.

Why? Because i married someone who makes me truly happy.

And this blog is dedicated to everyone i love.


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★ Saturday, October 31, 2009 AT 4:25 PM
bloggie blog blog.

almost a week since i blog.

brought fat boy for his birthday dinner (:

nice dinner.
ate at shokudo. heeren.

but supper was SUPER DUPER FUNNY.
cause the food was pretty much weird.
so we were laughing like some mad people.

anyway, it was kaka, bing, myself and fat boy himself.

everything else have been school and project.

and yesterday, i felt SUPER DUPER UPER STUPID.
sos drop me off at mount sophia, cause i needed to go to cathay.
i went to throw some rubbish away at some apartment lobby.
there was a dustbin outside the lobby, the drop of area there.
tiles on the floor was white, then there was a whole area of black.
so i throw my stuff, walk walk on to the black.
and i did not know, the whole black area was A POND.
so i step RIGHT into it.
twisting my ankle.
my ankle hurt bad bad man ): it was horrible, but well.
had to live with it. dammit.
and now when i walk stairs, it will hurt a lil.
bearable pain.

hashbrown is BIGGIE BIG BIG NOW.
she learn how to climb up and down the stairs already.

anyway, my dear shino is in the hospital ):

went in on the 29th oct.
she had tummy pain.
did an xray, and she had like, gad in the tummy. cause she guts are not moving and it's causing her discomfort.
then, yesterday night, doctor called me, and told me that her bladder is abnormal.
so they did a ultrascan for her.
and today morning, another doctor called me that her uterus had fluid inside, and that if we don't sterilize her, she would get some infection. which if that happens, she got to go for an op to remove her uterus.

just got a call from the doc (1826)
she just had her op.
she is rather gong gong still.
but she is recovering fairly well.
so thats good news!

i really miss her though ):

and this kitty cat is like, the king of the house.
we're gonna bring her for all her japs and stuff.
she is starting to climb and all. really cute.

her new collar.
it's too fat for her neck.
but we needed it badly. cause she run around the house, and we DON'T KNOW WHERE she is at all.
so now she is like, 'ling ling ling ling' everywhere, it's really funny.


★ Sunday, October 25, 2009 AT 12:47 PM
this is my piggy kitten.

papi drivig za newxzx ridexzxz.
yeah, interior is a light color.
i look like ah pui ): dammit.

i'm sooooooo freakin' tired.
cycling last night really pushed me.
i'm pretty much a BUM.
though i've been cycling with them for quite some time now, i still rather, suck.
shows how active i am huh. haha.

thighs are killing me.
and whats the best part?
and what lesson? PARKING.
lowwww speed
clutch in like almost all the time.
my left thigh is gonna die further.

besides that, i've got to meet my project group later.

sorry guys that i could not join you all from 10am!

1 more module to go, and i am done with my advance dip.
but first, don't fail any. HA.

i freaking hate, i mean HATE studying.
as for those few who knows, i've decided not to continue to my degree.
so please, not talk me out of it.

xie xie ni men veli veli muchie.

i'm a grumpy old woman now.
my back hurts. HAHA.
full of problem, haiiiiii.
i seriously am, exam is NEXT WEEK.
and i am hating it.
i could not meet my project group at 10am. my bad.
i'm worried, pissed, scared, and i just want everything to *poof out of sight.


★ Thursday, October 22, 2009 AT 6:56 PM
my dead blog.

so yeah.

anyway, i cut my hair.
as obvious.

monday night was at airport.
wanted to pass korkor something.
only to find out we got bluffffff.
it was not him who is going to uk.
since my cousin's birthday is today, Thursday.
he told us that he will be flying to uk to spend her 21st birthday with her.
only to find out that it was a bluff that he was the one going, cause it was a surprise and dd not want anyone to spill the secret.

we were there the whole night till 1am plus, waiting for him, wanting to pass to him something.
only to find out at 1.40am, that it's not he that is going. and the flight leaves singapore at 1.40am. and we were there from about 12am?

these pictures were taken when we were still in the bluff bubble.

yummy dinner. supper.

kitten in a sock.

the ultimate BUM ad.

off to bed. sick ):

★ Saturday, October 17, 2009 AT 5:13 PM
lesson on friday was only my group.
the 4 of us.

guess what, we had fun man.
check this out.

thats my teachers laptop, with our mac order. and our monnneyyy.
while waiting for the food to arrrrive.

lesson was suppose to start at 7.15pm. in the end, we chatted and ordered mac.
soo, still while waiting for the foood.
yummy yum yums!
we actually even took pictures paying money, collecting the food and all.
but it's all with Michelle (teacher)
my really happening teacher in blue.
ma space.

thats about it.
pretty damn awesome(:

so today, shino actually attacked my dear kitten.
like yeah.
i started to scream and cry ):
then shouted for sissy and my whole family came up.

hashbrown was screaming her lungs out, like seriously.
then i was also.
and shino had hashbrown in her MOUTH.

good thing rima and sis came.
i was super useless ):
took hashbrown out of shino's mouth.
then i brought hashbrown straight for a bath.
she could not meow, walk or anything.
she only could shiver.

so i took care of her.
bathe her, tuck her into bed to sleep.
went for my lunch, came back.
brought her to the living room to watch tv with me (:

and this is my lazy kitten.
she fell asleep in this position.
i did NOT, put her like this, she positioned herself. hahaha
she then change position after an hour or so to this.

to this car.
1 Series
the first car i'll be driving.
it's auto though, not manual (:


★ Friday, October 16, 2009 AT 1:06 AM
as i type this.
i've got a little monster by my pillow, staring at my screen.

she is very very responsive to sound and my fingers.

there you go.
she then climb downnn.

and she looks at me. yes.
and i guess she thinks i'm mad.

thennn, she moves, again

the monster.


but well, what a darling also.
super duper uper pampered though. haha.

plus everyone loves her.

oh, when she purr, it sounds like some machine.
hahahha. the bubbles.
and now, as she is older, she ONLY sleeps on the bed.
some more need blanket and sayang.
naughty girl.

anyway, i NEEEEED to jog and cycle.
it have been too long.
gotta gotta get back to it it man man.

and i'm gonna cut my hair next week.
hahahaha. gonna make it short this time.
like for real.
hehehehe. have not had short hair for a really long time, so gonna give it anther shot. haha.
maybe i love it, for all i know.

my tummy is rumbling.
but, no, no food for me.

and sweet dreams.

★ Wednesday, October 14, 2009 AT 3:58 PM
4 days since i last update.

school sucks with all the projects and assignments.

well, on a lighter note.

mum sis and me went to mustafa warehouse sale (:
sissy and me love to take picture of really, interesting things.

all i know about this, is that it's Skin Health.
but, whats indian madder?
honestly, no offense, but whats that?!
and, how do you pronounce this?
classsssssic ain't it?
yes kids, have your calcium, oh wait, it's calciYUM.
someone please explain whats Horny Goat Weed please.
for those who can't recognize, this is actually Naughty G.

okay, check this coooool thing out.
As pure as mother's love.
sounds nice.

until i saw...

okay, it's actually a cycling bib.
and obviously not mine.
the back is like sports bra.

thats hash and my sis.
she loves to snuggle into small holes.


last but not least.
this picture freak me out.
a friend of mine sent me this.

i called my sis over to my room to see.

sis: is that you?!
me: noooo...but it's damn freaky.

speeeeechless about this picture. haha.
plus, she is not the first one who say i look like this girl.
many told me before.

anyway, i watched Cloudy with a chance of meatballs!

such a nice show.
watched it in 3D!

everyone SHOULD catch it.
it's nice!

the next show i wanna catch is My Sister's Keeper!
for some who knows, Cameron Diaz wet bald in the show.
whether it's real bald or fake bald.
well, it's FAKE. she is actually wearing a bald cap for the show.
but nonetheless, i believe it's a good show!