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Married at 22
A mother at 23
And loving it.

Why? Because i married someone who makes me truly happy.

And this blog is dedicated to everyone i love.


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★ Saturday, June 30, 2007 AT 11:48 PM
will it be a happy 16th birthday?
i don't even have mood for my own birthday, amazing.
and it's like in 4-5 days.

you just don't understand, don't you.
oh well, wrong person to look for then.
you've made things worst.
thanks soo much for that.

★ Friday, June 29, 2007 AT 11:23 PM
get well soon kor.


★ Thursday, June 28, 2007 AT 11:38 PM
today, much things happen.
all ain't good news ):
no mood.

★ Wednesday, June 27, 2007 AT 7:31 PM
schooled today.
i'm beyond sleepy, don't ask why.
maybe because my nose, is killing me.
after school was fun, hang out at the library.
lunch was fun too.

someone, just anyone, please chop off my nose, and blend it.
it's leaking like SIAO.
thats called, sinus, my bestfriend for LIFE.!@#$!#@%$^@


★ Tuesday, June 26, 2007 AT 3:30 PM
see those 2 guys in green, they played in the S. League, one JAP and 1 GERMAN. and the rest of poeple is white is Singapore National Team players, Soccccer. woohooo.
school is tiring.
300 skipping, netball game.
i got no stamina, haha.
and i'm having butt cramps.
don't ask why. i really don't know.

gotta start mugging.
12 weeks, no joke.

my math teacher is a poser. HAHAH, he is not teaching, he is POSING.

Lil Lilly.

if everyone have a bag of black dots and stars,
see someone pretty, beautiful. give a star.
the more the star the more pretty people think Lil Lilly is,
even being neat and as long as someone likes Lil Lilly,
give Lil Lilly a star, the better she will feel.
am i right?

if people think Lil Lilly is ugly, everyone hates her people will give her a black dot.
the more the black dot, the sadder Lil Lilly become.
as long as someone find her a pain in the sight, a black dot they give.
give her a black dot, she won't feel good.
am i right?

lets say Lil Lilly is you.

people either hate you or love you.
stars makes you happy. dots make you depress.
seeing a friend with full of stars, and all you got is dots and many dots.
you look at yourself in a mirror,
you see imperfection, scars everywhere,
looking at the mirror makes you feel ugly,
you think you're ugly and gross and you know why people give you that black dot.
while you look across the window and see another person, full of stars
she looks confident, pretty, long hair, good figure, no scars at all, looking good.

but one day, you saw your friend, she had no dots and no stars, you step forward and ask.
why is there no dots or stars on her.
she tells you to go up to the hill every morning and you will know why.
the next day, you woke up early in the morning you go up to the hill.
and you saw this man sitting there, you saw no one else but him.
so you went to sit somewhere near him.
he turned and look at you, he saw that you are sad depress.
he went to approach you and he asked, "why are you up here early in the morning for?"
so you told him about your friend and that she goes up this hill every morning, and she never have dots or stars.

this man then said, "your friend, she come up this hill to look for me, because she don't want to agree with the dots or stars. because i was the one who made her, and i made you. you are fearfully and wonderfully made. you're my creation. and why should you bother about how other people think of you? they did not create you. i created you. your friend do not have any dots or stars because she don't believe in this world, she don't bother what people think about her. so her dots and stars would just fall on the ground."

then you went down the hill, and think about what The Man up in the hill said.

suddenly, one black dot fell on the ground.
and you got so happy, lesser dots!
a little while later, all your dots starts to fall off, why? because you did not bother what people think of you, then you start feeling happy!
no matter how people try putting the black dot on you, it will not stick, it will fall off.

God wants us all to be like that, don't get affected by what people say about you, don't bother at all, because they are not your creator.

-goodbye, take care.

★ Monday, June 25, 2007 AT 4:42 PM
1st day of school.
obviously i got caught for my nails ):
school was, ehh, alright.

i love playing badminton. trust me i do.
sad thing, right arm got more muscle then left.
and yes, i do have muscle one ok.

poof gone.
chill cold.

-changechangechangechange!!!!! ))):

★ Sunday, June 24, 2007 AT 9:39 PM
i slept like siao today.
after that went out with parents to taka.
bought stuff for my house.

school tomorrow. SUCKS.

★ Saturday, June 23, 2007 AT 10:31 PM
went to church.
state my stand.
stand firm, before i know it.
all will come.


school is starting like tomorrow ):

friends, friends, friendsssssssss
freedom to make friends?
yes? no?
age? gender? looks?
personality? character?
friends? good? best? buddy? soulmate? etc etc. . .

i realise something.
when i do this, i get it.
but when someone of authority does what i do, the fella don't get it.
this i really don't understand. abuse? taking it for granted?
i wonder.
it's a good question, why why why?
when i do it, it's notice, but when others? it's not noticed.
burst the bubble, i thought.
guilt? hmmm.

-thanks for being my friend. it's a great gift. but oh well, controlled?
you feel it? maybe not you, but others do.
different my dears different.

listen? talk? stand out? humble?

★ AT 12:01 AM
Went out with my parents then my sister.
ate at Makansutra AGAIN. i'm super addicted to that place.
and i'm putting on weight like nobody business.
i'm glad my parents like the food, they enjoyed and i did too (:
my Oondu sleep dang early sia, he sleep at 8pm plus, wake up at ehh 9am? or 10am.
when i still sleeping.


it's so hard to talk, it's so hard to tell. why.
enough, enough, enoughhhhhhhh!!!!

★ Friday, June 22, 2007 AT 5:15 PM
if you did not know, Oondu is my Tamagotchi character name. (: hahahaha
trust me, Tamagotchi is dang fun. it's such a Last Time game/toy.
but it's actually REALLY FUN.
it's super cool, you can go online to play games and save the points as money to buy stuff for your character.
my sister and i is super addicted to it.
can even mate and have babies, and continue the generation.
they can be gay couples. hahahaha. like my sister and mine, we are making them a gay couple. HAHAHA.

great, this week i only spend $20 (((((((((:
yayy!! save money.

school is starting, i am kinda excited, but also hating school.
exams in 12 weeks, someone KILL ME PLEASE.
i know NUTS about my work ):


★ Thursday, June 21, 2007 AT 10:04 PM
oh gosh, ahlian and bengs can use such words no no NUMBERS like. 1314, 8181 and 10. read it in chinese man. GOSH, is there anymore this kind? DO LET ME KNOW. i'm REALLY intrested.

as you read it you will understand

1314 - Yi San Yi Si
8181 - BA YI BA YI aka BYEBYE (say it fast)
10 - THEN (only this is english)

SOOOO GUESS!! WHAT IS 1314 and 8181 and 10!

★ AT 3:54 PM
i'm gonna stay home all day today.
gonna do some packing.

yes, and i'm gonna relive my younger days with my sister.
we're playing Tamagotchi.
HAHAHAHA. yes, that little thing that you gotta look after, clean the shit play with it.
hahahaha. gonna be fun.

well, i'm gonna miss the time.


★ Wednesday, June 20, 2007 AT 11:02 PM
today is kinda alright, family day.
went out with kajie the whole day, then at night met parents.
nice day.

i realise, it's my fault always.

i try to help, i really did.
but, i guess it was not good enough.
i'm sorry then.
in the future, don't look for me.
and showing it to me makes me feel even lousier.

★ AT 12:49 AM
went to catch a show at 9.20pm with cousins.
<3 them.

it says on the bottle that can be used on face and body, i use.
really hate breakouts, my forehead looks like crap ):


★ Monday, June 18, 2007 AT 6:49 PM
at times i just wanna throw my hands up and shout i give up.
against me they are.

what am i to do,
bird in the cage,
fish in a bowl,
dog in a cage
and all these boils down to Freedom

Freedom to make friends
Freedom to laugh
Freedom to praise
Freedom to praise The One.

at times, i just wanna stop.
but, i don't, because i do it all for God
nothing, no one but just for God.

feeling watched.
i really do.
should i ignore? should i not.
i really don't know.
maybe i just look at it from a different perspective.

★ Sunday, June 17, 2007 AT 11:50 PM
the more i have, the more it comes.
at times, i just wanna let out.
but i know, no matter who i let it out to, it will lead to something.
which sucks.

i turn to my friends, i turn to my family.
1 gives soo much problem and misunderstanding, another just don't get it.
life, controlled? by people i don't want.
friends are chosen by people, not me ):

1 strikes, more to come.
going down down down low.
God, i need You.

★ AT 5:52 PM
every little step, reported.
every little word, reported.
every little action, reported.

i'm sick, tired, fed-up.
i've seriously got enough of this.

i'm always in the wrong, ALWAYS.
left, right, up, down i'm wrong.

i'm tired, real tired of all these.

★ AT 12:34 AM
went to church today(:

oh, before anything, HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHERIE.

everything was more or less normal, only till the end of the day, where everyone gave a surprise to cherie at her house.
was really good, a REALLY BIG PARTY.

thanks kenni for EVERYTHING. really power.
hope cherie had a fun time!

i'm bvurnt chaota cooked lobster-ed. RED.
ouch, pain, really psin. my afce is seriously pain. even my hips hurts.

great party, awesome people.

★ Friday, June 15, 2007 AT 10:58 PM
having a primary school gathering is really really fun.
it's really like reliving the good old times.
<33333 all of them man.


★ AT 3:18 AM
This June Holiday

It have been. . .


i serious feel bad asking Dad for soo much money. ):
can money just POOF in my wallet? please?
why money, why?
it's freaking hard to earn, but super easy to spend.
Seriously, i told myself not to buy a SINGLE thing, beside friends presents. nothing to pamper myself.
after using all my brain juice to think, i actually spend most of my money on food.
i eat too much ):
no wonder i'm getting fatter.

★ Thursday, June 14, 2007 AT 10:24 PM

had loads of fun today.
i love going to Makanstura top eat. SHIOK.

i wanna go tanning, be as chao ta as possible.


★ Wednesday, June 13, 2007 AT 4:31 PM
sleeping rocks.
woke only at 3pm plus. shiok.

i was not suppose to go out because i'm way too tired. not enough sleep.
end up i went out, met mt sister to get our hair done.
i cut my hair, but not much, keeping the length.
doubt you can even see the difference.

curry for dinner (:

Birthday is TWENTY-TWO days.
i'm excited.
presents! haha.
from NewUrbanMale
gosh, i love their tees.

★ Tuesday, June 12, 2007 AT 10:53 PM
i'm tired, dead tired.
could not even wake up.

★ AT 3:14 AM


i wore SAREE TODAY -beams
wedding was good, the food was really good.
went to esplanade today, ate at Makanstura. was really really good. ate alot.


★ Sunday, June 10, 2007 AT 9:31 PM
Little India rocks (:

-myfutureeeeeeeeeeee, secure

a friend can bring one up and one down.

★ Saturday, June 09, 2007 AT 10:02 PM
churched today, was fun (:
as usual.

dinner after that, food good. haha.

was a nice dinner, laugh ALOT.
as usual.
but somehting different this time, I DID NOT GET BULLIED!
haha. well. things changes. hahahaha

yappy yappy birthday in advance buddy (:
yappppppy birthday quack too.

i hope this coming week is gonna be fun fun fun. i hope at least. xD
seem to plan alot of stuff. maybe not much, but enough to occupieeeeee myself, i guess.
with birthday celebrations wedding dinners and stuff.


somethings change for the better.
some change for the bad.

★ AT 2:48 AM
friends comes and goes.
everyone says that.
at times? you just want time to STOP.
a time where you can just enjoy, and just soak up everything.
having so much fun with your friends, and you wonder, will they go?
they are such great friends, can we always remain as friends?
can they not go?


you feel, are they your friends?
they seem close to you, just like buddies.
you love them, you want to hang around them.
but, do they treat you as a friend? close friend? good friends? buddies?
you're confuse, which are they, you may feel 1 way, but they may feel another.
you hope they feel the same, but, just, do they?
you wonder you hope you wish.
open your lil mouth to ask?
do you feel weird? awkward?
makes you feel your skin is getting thicker.
eww, gross, that feeling.


you just made a new friends!
wow, exciting, fun, nice.
went out together with other friends.
having a great time.
oh no, times up.
all scatter home.
had soo much fun, you just want to have more fun!
meet again, you think.
but, is your new friends willing?
did they enjoyed themselves that day with you?
you wonder once again, ask them?
open your lil mouth to ask again?
skin feels thick once again?
the urge is there to ask, but will you?

★ AT 12:19 AM
okay, today.

i woke up at 3pm. jump out of bed.
had to go to aunt min shop.
went there, did my nails for Thiviya's sister wedding which is on monday.
and congrats to me, 1 of my nails look like shiat, because of my top coat that i use. shiat!
from bright red to dark red ):
kinda sad, but oh well.

aye, please note who your buddies are.

had a dinner app with them. oh well.
i feel sad for my nails, seriously. i feel weird ):

church tomorrow.
i gotta bring those THINGS. chey.

★ Thursday, June 07, 2007 AT 11:57 PM
getting bullied everyday is like my daily medicine
i've got 2 buddies that LOVES TO BULLY ME.
. you know who you are.

★ AT 5:10 PM
i'm seriously bored, so i'm gonna blog a long post todya, seriously long, everything thing i can think of, i'm gonna just dump it here in this post

today it's a STAY HOME DAY.
stay home means no need to spend money, which is GOOD. hahahha

i slept at 4am yesterday, nono today early in the morning.
woke up at a fantastic time at 4.30pm.
ZAI. 12 1/2 hours of sleep. solid, shiok.

the next few days are gonna be FUN FILLED.
got alot of things to do, because on monday i gotta attend Thiviya's sister wedding dinner! gonna be dressed in a sari. GOSH, SO EXCITING.

i love sleeping.
i love durian.

oie, your donuts how?

i love Mummy, Daddy, Kaijie and My one and only Stupid dog Shino.
trust me on that, i'll never trade/giveup/exchange ANYTHING in MY LIFE for them.

mummy loves to say, "kong hm tang"
daddy loves to say, "who you go out with? boyfriend ah?"
kajie loves to say, "waste money"
shino loves to jump on everyone.

hahahaha. those are the phrases i hear almost all the time. hahaha.
mummy loves to talk, THIS MUMMY YOU CAN'T DENY. HAHAHA.
daddy don't talk much, but once he talk, it's really really really seriously funny. hahaha. daddy is really generous. never fail to not give me money. LOVE.
kajie, is one crazy sister. HAHAHAHAHA. passionate to dance. rocks.
me? i'm haha, still dreaming about my abs and being really tan.

yes, my dream, is to get abs and get REALLY TAN.

-camwhore dude camwhore one day.
i'm lame i'm bored.

i love long postes, HAHA.

hrmp. i love shopping, my birthday is in 28 days time.
and i guess right now, i'm enjoying myself the MOST. don't ask me why. i just am.


thats in order of age.
much loveeeee.
united huh. yes yes we are.
really united.

there are sooo much things i want to do, but it feels like i'm not doing anyone of them ):

oh oh, this question, i've always wanted to ask, shall just blog it out.
hahahahahaha, some say i'm tomboy, some say i'm very girlgirl. HAHAHA.
seriously i also don[t know which i am. I AM JUST WHOOOOOOOO I AM. hahaha

was online with jamessssssssss yesterday night, nono today and we chatted for awhile yes. haha
was fun, i've never chat with him that long before, was funny. hahaha. "you're very mature" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA -faints

is this post long already?? hahahaha.

singapore is very small. hahaha. where else can anyone go, besides town. the rest is all residential. SINGAPORE SO SMALL AIIIIIYOH. no where to go, where can you go. hahahaha. where can ANYONE go actually. go left right up down also see people you know. tsk.

i wanna go on a holiday ((((((((:
far far awayyyyyyy. will be fun.

i'm crazy, seriously. queing up for donuts have been a norm to me. nothing different at all. hahahaha. not long not scary. hahahahaha

birthday commingggg, so exciting. i seriously need a laptop. this computer is giving up on me like anytime. ):
feel abd always calling my uncle to help me also. seems so evilll. hahahaha. ohwell.

friends are funny. haha.
thats soo random. hahaha.

i'm excited now! new house, sooo cool. soo exciting! lalala.
this is my 10th year living in this current house, since primary one to sec 4. LONGGGGG.
i've actually manged to 'pull through' 13 (correct? nursery got 1 year only right?) years of EDUCATION!
wow. thats a really longggggggg time. amazing.
i wonder i'll be after secondary school. i wonder where i'll be in 10 years time. wooooo.
soo exciting. hahaha.
everything is exciting to me, everything is amusing to me.

i can get fascinated reallllly easily. super easily actually.
hahahaha. everything also i wah, wow, shock.

i'm seriously blogging everyhting that comes to my mind, i feel retarded now. hahahaha.

★ AT 12:32 AM

went out with MADDDDDDD, PHIA, TIVIYA, PATIENCE, and a little of SHALINDA.

today que up for donuts for 3 hours, !@#$%^&* i know, i'm nuts just days ago i went to que, and today again, ohohohohohohoh, hahaha gonna que AGAIN on friday! HAHAHAHAHA, i'm Little Miss Super Eng.


today, went around singapore. hahaa. from RAFFLES CITY to CINE to CLARK QUAY to CHINATOWN!

was fun, really. but carries donuts round THE WORLD. hahahaha


★ Tuesday, June 05, 2007 AT 11:13 PM
-ahem ahem- *nudge nudge* (wink wink) ~hint hint~

my birthday is officially in one month.

my wishlist, HAHAHAHAHA

-lappppppppptop (: (hint parents)
-Little Miss teeeeeee
-levis skinnys
-small sling bags (vintage)

thats about it i guess. hahaha.
teenagers nowadays are EXPENSIVE.

hahahahaha, i wanna go shopping (:

all i want is to spent a GREAT time with all my hao open yous. hahaha

i've got cool friends, they make me laugh till i peng.

★ Monday, June 04, 2007 AT 3:40 PM
When i fell, You pick me up.
Times where i'm at my lowest, You never fail to lift me up.
When things goes wrong, You straighten them all.
I was not faithful, You were, all the way.
I left, i forsaken You, but You did not forsake me.
I cry, i'll hear Your soft sweet voice telling me You're always here.
I did wrong, You forgive.
I disobeyed, You forgive.
You love me no matter how i look like.
You love me even though i left You.
When i make a mistake, You teach me.
I feel hurt, You also feel it.
I talk to You, You listen.

You love them no matter who they are.
You created them one by one.
You died for them, because you love them.
All you want, is for them to go to You.

Why do some people just don't see it.
They know about Him, they know he loves them
They know He's the Only One who can save them.
But yet they still choose to give Him up.

I Love You Jesus.

Without You . . .
There will be no me
No family
No friends
No life

everything that i need You gave, everything that i want You gave.
everything i have everything i've got it's all Yours.


★ AT 3:15 PM
it's gonna be a stay home rot day today.
trust me i'm bored,
trust me i'm very bored,
trust me i'm really very bored.

ok nuff said.

this school holiday, what have i done?
thats sad.
besides hanging out and stuff, i do nothing.

and can someone tell me i gotta study?
i gotta MUG.

ok, i feel like making stuff now. hahaa. i just made 2 pairs of earrings for my mama. i thnk she wants more, but i'm gonna make more for her, buttt i gotta go down to far east to get stuff. but obviously i'll not go alone. hahahahaha.

i wonder how this week will be, hmmmm. hahaha. rotting week!?
i guess so.

go out = spend money
money = i'm poor
i'm poor = ask daddy
ask daddy = save money
save money = for new house
for new house = i get better things
i get better things = save money


★ Sunday, June 03, 2007 AT 10:48 PM

had fun today, went dim sum with my family (:
after that was SHOPPING TIME (:

but did not buy much at all.
but FINALLY i bought my sneakers (:
bought it at Rip Curl, skaters shoes, Gaallaz.
nice, WHITE and pink. i'm always getting white and pink, i've got NOO IDEA WHY.
nice anyway.
like like.

bought a harley polo tee. nice (:

ate porridge steamboat, was nice. haha.

guess whatttt, i'm getting fatter. :|
my face is getting ROUNDERRRRRRRRR.
my ma says it's nice.
me: mummy my face fatter right?
mom: yah lor, fatter, but nice what
me: nice?! you gotta be kidding!
mom: really it's ok what. still (censored, ask me what the censored is personally, might tell might not)
me: siao, nooo. fatter already see see see -pinch cheeks-
mom: NICE LAH.

yes, see. my face is fatter. even my mother AGREES!
what do i do?

★ Saturday, June 02, 2007 AT 11:39 PM

i'm BEYOND tired, my energy level is -100%
usher the WHOLE DAY, chairs chairs chairs carry like mad, scream like mad, shout like mad, sing like mad, jump like mad, oh oh and try to sleep like mad.

i'm sorry, but i fell asleep during the 1st workshop xD
serene and i had a good day sleep. haha. SHE TOLD ME DREAM. haha, soo cute.oh oh -twist- INSIDE JOKE.

ok, today was fun. haha. MATTTTTIE DUDE. haha, he came to look for me, took pictures (: haha.
i so wanna go perth now, HAHAHAHAHA.

RC was fun (:

The Tard Friends (:

one last thing to add,
The Wet Market Poor Boys who consist of two toots, Reatrd and Mr Extra Tall Fella.
they love to bully me (:
it's fun really fun infact. just that. sad lah. sad lah. they ask me go eat shit and tree, then mix together also can eat. hahaha.

★ AT 12:12 AM
i over slept today. skipped school. haha.

met yeeeeeeeeeeeee at 3.30pm with nailma. shop shop. makan.
i bought my LeAnn Rimes CD ((((((:
and shopped at Marks Sensensper. my spelling sucks.

watch kaaaaaaa jie's production today, WAS GOOD.
and as you all will be asking me or have already asked, i shall answer, yes. i was not in church today.

they look super nerdy, all the lil specs and stuff, then when they dance. POWER.
rock it boys.

church tomorrow, 8.30AM. I AM DEAD -SINGS-

★ Friday, June 01, 2007 AT 1:35 PM
Speaking my mind out,

really random stuff.

words you use to say, things you use to do.

thought it was all over, but no it's not.

surprised i am, really am.

only one knows everything.

it's fine with me (:

dance, scream, shout, sing

you heard them all

the lil crazy stuff i do, you were there

would this be the last?

it's not for me to say.

ask me and i'll say no.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 i love you guys

always fun i had with you all

we came closer by the days, months, years

much joy, laughters and fun.

if you're scared i would hug you,

when there's a thunder you come to me,

warmth i'll give to you, to make you feel safe

i know you like it

hugggggggs (:

you stay warmth while my leg gets numb

but i don't mind, as long as you feel safe

oh, how i love you. (:

i'm soooooo gonna miss you Pim!

leaving for states really soon ):

same birthday, your brother and my sister also have the same birthday

how sweet right.

★ AT 3:12 AM
check this out, TRUST ME YOU WILL GO -JAW DROP- gosh, cooooool work.
my sister's friend work, can order from him, customize to your liking, he is !@#$%^&* cool.


★ AT 12:10 AM
with mamamamamama and papapapapapapapapapa.
bought so much things. hahahaha.
oh well, for the new house.
many many lights! nice niceeeee. haha, super excited lah.

after that went out with my retards again.
was at town, towning as usual. hahaha, went to topman and saw JieLong, HAHAHAHA. SO QIAO. hello you. everyone was SHOCK. haha. said hi(: hahaha. reatrd.

hahahahaha, thats called mad.

oh well, after that went to starbucks to chill.
then then then, home(:

hahaha, i'm crazy and mad, seriously.