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Married at 22
A mother at 23
And loving it.

Why? Because i married someone who makes me truly happy.

And this blog is dedicated to everyone i love.


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★ Monday, November 30, 2009 AT 2:56 PM
have been damn long since i last blog aye.

Shalinda, Myself and Kerrie
Kerrie, Myself and Madeline

Marins Barrage is really nice (:
i really like it there, i wanna have picnics there, i wanna bring kids there, i wanna fly kite there, i want the whole place to myself.

oh, i wanna go there in the day. <3

went for Haizzel's BBQ party. and ate raw chicken wing. hahaha.
sophia lee's bangs is daaaa bang man.
it's really nice (:

these few days, i've been having this really horrible runny nose.
which i can't seem to catch.
and runny nose sucks.

ending school in like 3 weeks.
and grad with a advance dip.

i wanna travel, i wanna go on a short trip with my friends.


i need to looooooose weight.
seriously, i need to, i want to, i GOT to.

★ Monday, November 23, 2009 AT 9:01 AM
driving have never felt this good.

i finally did it.

really really glad my parents trust me with the car.

yesterday was the very first day i took the car out alone.
was nice (:
good thing i could manage. haha.
and i was thrown to park at a parallel lot. GOSH.
okay, but i did do it okay. i manage to.

somehow, it feels good that my whole family can drive.
yes, including mummy. but she just don't.

driving lessons have never felt any good.
but now, HO.HO.HO.

the convenience of a car.
well, it's not exactly at my disposal.
cause i share it with sissy love.
but well, she's nice enough these few days.
i don't know about later, or even this week.
but it would be good (:

anyway, i need a key chain!
like, yes.
i need one(:

first time to Autobacs.
like some freaking supermarket but everything for cars.
damn scary.
but it's interesting, seriously. it is.

all the led lights,
then see alot of beng beng there buying lights.
all the bling stuff. hahahaha.

★ Tuesday, November 17, 2009 AT 4:37 PM
i'm speechless.
when i found out my result.
i could not, i mean, could not. control my joy and laughter.
i was REALLY worried about my Management Accounting, cause i was clueless about how to do the questions.
and yesterday, i checked my result.
and i got 74. HEHE!

clearly, my results are not like, A student grades.
but well, i never thought i could do what i did too.
i know some of my results super duper 'sayang' (wasted)
80 to hit distinction.
well, i could get another 2 distinction, but lack a mark or 2.

some freak cases, like entrepreneurship.
studied damn hard for it, but 54!?
oh well, at least i pass!


i can't believe i actually pass management accounting.

i'm still a happy kid.


★ Monday, November 16, 2009 AT 12:39 PM
yappy birthday beebeechang!

day out with her and bestfriend(:
to celebrate beebee's birthday.

you know, i can't wait for what 2010 would bring to me.

i really can't.
there's SOO much i wanna do.

i really wanna start on a sport, like REALLY START.
since i was never serious about anything, anyway, i've always wanted to be 'sporty?' in a sense. so yeah.
all i want, is to be good at something. why can't i?
i wanna work, and work towards my dream.
i wanna go on cheap holidays.
i want to spend everyday with people i love.

the year is coming, real real real soon.
i'm excited for christmas.
i'm excited for the new year.
i'm excited for many things new.

★ Wednesday, November 11, 2009 AT 10:18 AM
was home on, sunday.

help mummy to make tea.
those chinese herbs, put together in a lil tea bag, blah blah.
and this was one of the herb.
and it IS tree bark.
like, IS.

imagine drinking that. of course with the mix of others.

besides that, was at the Yatch Club yesterday (tuesday)
spend a whole day there, NICENICE(:
really like the place.
swim, eat, walk, play.
picture taken off my phone.
ain't that fab.
but well, still works.
you see the whole board thingy.
the walk way, it freaking moves. i mean, it's allll floating on the water. so my pictures are not like, straight. cause i'm moving.
it's pretty funny though. like as i walk, i'm moving.
feels like i'm having a hangover.

and boyyy, did we have fun.

recent update of meowww.
okay, i know her collar is like, HUGE.
cause her neck is barely the size of a 50 cent coin (seriously)
her neck is THAT small.

but she's my mini tiger at heart.
she is FIERCE.
she sleeps on my bags, climb on me and start chewing on my cross pendant.
climbs in bed with me and attack my face.

oh, and she, tried to climb my room wall.
she likes all things commando.
seriously. it's pretty scary.

watching shows now, DIRTY SEXY MONEY!
it's a really good show. watch it watch it!

★ Saturday, November 07, 2009 AT 5:39 PM

i don't know why

but i'm just not over it.

gets me damn pissed when everything is said okay, but action speaks otherwise.

staying home today, not gonna cycle.

bad tummy gastric.
damn it.

parents out for dinner.
having curry fish head.
obviously, tummy can't take it.

i can only eat light light.

and obviously, i am a fatty bom bom now.

i feel fat, though i'm exercising more.

shorts are loose at the hips and stuff.
but thighs are tighter.
i've got no idea, is it cause i cycle, and it cause them to be bigger.
or i am just putting on weight.

stuffy eyes with a block nose and really irritated eyes are not fun.


just tell me why i LOVE this wedding dress

it's Vera Wang
and the rough price of the dress is USD$8,000+
though it's not the latest collection, but i super duper uper adore this dress.
it's the 2008 collection.

i wanna get married in this dress.

★ Thursday, November 05, 2009 AT 2:00 AM
i woke up at 7.30am today, just to go to 1 place.
Hort's Park.

and the weather?

what happen?

but at least i manage to take profile pic. HAHA.

aku suka!

was there just for a very SHORT while only though.
but it was nice. haha.
first time there.

some, random shots. (:

baby having photoshoot.
ah well...speaks for itself.

i realise meow LOVES to look at her own reflection

yeah, she was there for pretty long. until i snap this, then she turn around.
cause she like red things, or hot pink things.

if you're wondering 'do cats see color?'

well, the answer is YES and NO.
they can only see selective color, are they colorblind?
yes and no too.

they can CONFIRM see vary shades of blue, grey and black.
and it's also said that cat lacks the ability to see red, pink.

but then again, it is also said that in recent discovery, cats can see reds and pink.

so which is true or false, i've got no idea.

i only know, my meow here likes anything red or pink.
no idea if she can see then, but she is generally attracted to them.

and if you wanna know what meow's breed is. (i've got no idea if i mention this before)
she is a Japanese Bobtail cat!

how i know?
well, look at this.
check out the similarities.

this is a Japanese Bobtail.
Awesomely cute.
This is my kitten, meow.
right right?!
they are super alike.

i was just reading stomp, and i saw that this little kitten got it's tail like, cut off.
with NO FUR.
like, bare bare bare bare meat, all red, with the tail like left half.

seriously, how in this world can anyone ever abuse animals.
no matter how much you hate animals, leave them alone luh, why go and torture them.
it really got on my nerves.

there's 2 types of people who i honestly detest.

1. people who buys a pet, and abandon it after awhile.
2. people who torture stray animals.

i've read before, owner left dog in a dog carrier. like this below.

an what did the owner do?
leave the dog with no food no water at some HDB bushes.

dog whine, cry, wail, the whole lot.
when someone found it, the dog for FEEDING on it's OWN flesh/fur, cause too hungry.

daddy always tell me, to give people the benefit of doubt.
this, i can't let off.

if you jolly well know you can't take care of the animal, give it to someone who does.
bring to SPCA. (i know what SPCA does to some animals, but there is still a chance of someone adopting it)
give a friend or family, whatever.

don't just bloody leave the dog there.

and as for people to torture stray animals, they are simply freaks.
animals are animals, even if they disturb you, or what, there is no reason for you to TORTURE them.
putting themselves in an animal shoe.
or simply, do you like it if someone torture you?

hell not right?


gosh, some people are simply bastards.
heartless freaks.


they are gonna get their turn.

yeah, i can get really worked up when it comes to animals.
hehe (:

exam tomorrow.

★ Tuesday, November 03, 2009 AT 3:55 PM

that time of the month have come again.

no, not THAT time.

it's the time of the month to rant about my upcoming exam.
which is in days time.

pretty much SUCKS to have exam.

i've got a friend, and he told me this, i TOTALLY AGREE. i mean, who wont?!

'if you ask me to go school i can, just go there sit and listen lor. but it's exams that i don't like'

yeah, so freakin' true.
i'm cool beyond anything to just go and sit, attend classes.
but not when i've got exams to take.

then he told me something else.

'we all get troubled and irritated. got to study, the dreaded moments before exam, but to think of it. exams only last for that short period'

true aye.

we all go mad, go crazy over exam.
study 24/7 just for ONE paper.
but once the day come, for that ONE paper.
the paper last (for me) 3 hours.
some more, once done can leave the exam room.
and i'm some mad speed demon person, i usually finish my paper within an hour and a half, or some times an hour.
cause i hate the 'exam room' feeling.

anyway, this time.
my paper is on Advance Management Practice.
and it's an open book exam.
so DUH, expectation are way higher. ):
but we get our books or in our case, notes.
and i honestly HATE the point that, the school in UK, always set our paper friggin difficult.

just like our Management Accounting, they throw us questions to do.
exam questions.
but we were NOT taught at all, on what we were given.
well, correction, not ALL were taught.

i honestly wonder why i even chose to study.
i guess it's just, the "everyone got to do it" kinda shitty thing.

i'm not gonna mention names, or whatsoever.
i just can't tahan the system anymore.

1. it's dammit expensive
2. feedback system is cock (when the school is the one who ask for feedback)
3. exam questions are set out of students ability to understand
4. exam system is simple off.
5. not fair to lectures and students.

this is getting me effing frustrated.

i can't wait to FLY out of this school.

i think the thing i need now, is to just scold someone which is of USE.
pissing me off.

ever felt your blood boil, so hot that you wanna eat the world up, slap someone, scold someone, beat the shit out of someone, or just burn the whole organization.

i know, i sound like a TOTAL mad woman now.
but heck, let me be!
i'm mad for now, furious for now.
and i doubt anyone or anything can clam me down now!

i just, f****** hate studying, and f****** hate school!

i can't wait for exam to be over.
for next month to be over.
seriously, i wanna screw this whole system.

okay, i really wonder.
i don't really expect a reply from you, as in you, not like a You, as in you the one reading this.
but i won't mind getting one! haha.

if you were to be in a position where you GOT to spend a weekend with your ex, would you enjoy yourself with him/her?
and eventually (might) get back with him/her and dump your current?
or would you draw a VERY clear line between ex and you.

i really wonder.


anyway, dinner just now was yums.

had dinner with folks, sis and bing (:

we had


it was yums to the max max max.
and daddy wanna eat it again.

just imagine, you getting one WHOLE hairy crab to yourself.

goodness. yumsyums!

it was damn good i must say.

time flies isn't it.
driving is gonna end soon.
TP is drawing near, and i'm getting nervous.
seriously, i wanna pass it the 1st time.
i don't wanna spend a whole lump sum of money again.


★ Monday, November 02, 2009 AT 12:40 AM
guess tonight is just one of those emo nights.

all type of weird feelings crashing on me.

with my room lights all off, everyone asleep.

well, pretty much, except my sister and me.

tried to sleep, but fail terribly, clearly.

nights where you just wanna cry, and hide yourself from the world.

the feeling of being all alone.

you know, it's pretty weird. we all have our moments, but we all know that it's JUST a moment.
and that after a few hours, or even after sleep. things are all back to normal again. but yet, this moments we can't avoid.

sometimes i wish i can just snuggle up, cuddle up. and not think of anything in the world and sleep.
drag the one you love out with you to just WALK.

the best thing to do, the number one thing i love, is to just w.a.l.k and talk.
no aim nothing, just walk, talk and enjoy yourself.
don't think about school, work, troubles, worries. just walk, and laugh.

i've yet to do that.

another thing.

i wanna have a picnic.
i really do, just enjoy.
it's inexpensive, and it's fun.

honestly, i feel like going for a walk now.
like, NOWNOWNOW, at 1.43am

oh well, clearly i won't right.
it's just a statement.

i'm gonna try to sleep now.

night night.
i want my getaway.