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Married at 22
A mother at 23
And loving it.

Why? Because i married someone who makes me truly happy.

And this blog is dedicated to everyone i love.


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★ Tuesday, March 31, 2009 AT 7:34 PM
i am home, and i'm tired. (though i just woke up)

yes, i went night cycling!
after schooooool, went down to east coast to night cycle!
omg, freaking fun.

l.p, sayang, milkshake and dion.

gosh, we had soo much fun.

our route, mad.

east coast -> ford road -> nicole highway -> esplanade -> lau pa sat -> kepple road -> vivo -> pasir panjang -> redhill -> town -> douby gaught -> little india -> geylang -> ford road -> east coast.

pretty cool trip.
not 100% smooth, but well.
shit happens.

we started off at about 11pm?
and we reach back east coast at about 6am.

nice nice nice.
really nice rideeeee.

nice until my palm is swollen and my legs are not responding.
best of all, my butt is sooo pain, that i cant sit on anything hard.
like, honestly.

dion and me wanted to die of the pain.

oh, and how many break did we take ah.
total, 3.

first, at ford road it think, or was it nicole highway, no idea.
to see the whole CDB area singapore flyer and all.
next was, LAU PA SAT! to have our supper.
then it was red hill, some esso.

yeah. i WON'T mind going AGAIN man.

after little india, boon keng area, we watched 2 car race.
a mitsubishi and a mazda rx8 the older one.
the mitsubishi FREAKING noisy at the traffic light, the mazda was like, erm, silent.
but when the light turn green!
the mazda pick up was wayyyyyy faster than compared to mitsubishi.
both jap cars.
cool shit huh.

okay, so yes.

i just ate my dinner.
okay whatever.

alright, gotttta goo.


don't cry, i still love you

★ Sunday, March 29, 2009 AT 5:41 PM
home home home.

★ AT 4:27 AM
me went the out today!

parents went to malacca.
and i went out with my friends!
a whole group of us.

was at clark quay, than followed by KUMAR SHOW!
freaking good i tell you, FREAKING.
i laugh until, i went. erm. yeah. laugh.

it was soo much fun.
the show was good, the show was fun.

yeah, and i'm feeling tired now!


★ Friday, March 27, 2009 AT 11:21 PM
it is soo nice to spend time with my family.
having supper with them at 11pm.
nice. sweet.

i just realise something.
taking the public transport alone home for school feels good.
a time to just be alone, and think.
a chance to really see things as a big pictures.
without the hustle and bustle of the world.

i would say, today's the FIRST time i'm taking the public transport alone to go home.
usually BDP and me goes home together.
but not for today.

i don't know, but like while i was in the train alone.
i was flooded with like, thoughts.
and i started questioning myself, and started questioning things.
it's rather scary. but yah.

i had flash back of a gazillion things.

all the smiles and happiness got wiped away.
all the joy and laughter's. gone.

i don't know why.

but i guess,
i suddenly felt. used.

when you need me, i'll be there.
but when you don't?
not a phone call, not even a text.

when you're in a situation, i'll be there.
but when you don't?
not a phone call, not even a text.

when you need help, i'll be there.
but when you don't?
not a phone call, not even a text.

when you're unhappy, i'll be there.
but when you don't?
not a phone call, not even a text.

when you ask me out, i'll be there.
but when you don't?
not a phone call, not even a text.

when you're bored and call me, i'll be there.
but when you're not?
not a phone call, not even a text.

from the first day to the last.

when you need me, i'll be there.
but when you don't?
not a phone call, not even a text.

i'm not here to say, i'm superwoman.
i'm just a, person.

i'll be strong, i'll not crumble.

there will be better you around.
but i'll still stick around i you need any help.
i won't reject.
afterall, i just can't.

many have told me to stop being like this,
but i just say, it's not possible.
i don't know why i say that, but i guess, i can't bring myself to ignore.

i just never thought that you would do such things.
oh wells.


anyway, something short.

everything and anything can be solved.
but it takes both parties to settle.
it takes 2 hands to clap.
everything will be fine.
i hope.

once again:
always check yourself

★ Thursday, March 26, 2009 AT 9:12 PM
dinnered with papa today.

alriht, homeeee nowww.

anyway, guess what i saw today.
an SUV 'rammmmmmmped' into a mini van.
and the van topple.

okay, honestly, those Caucasian kids doing the chinese advert.

their chinese is like, freaking good, mine is not even half as good as theirs.


★ Wednesday, March 25, 2009 AT 5:28 PM
the first time, in at least, 2 years or a year plus.
i went to bed at 10.45pm
soyeah. amazing right.

but like duh, there's a reason behind it.
like, i don't think in the right mind of my own, i would go to bed at like 10pm.
cause of my really jialat bad bad bad sinus. HAHA.
so yeah, blame on sinus! haha.
one freaking actified, and it cause me to K.O within like an hour.
i came home from the mart.
took the stupid thing, went up to bathe.
finish bathing, sit infront of my laptop for like, half hour or so, and GONE
was on the phone, and like, i fell asleep.

okay thats all.



★ Tuesday, March 24, 2009 AT 4:11 AM
a note to self:
always check yourself.

★ AT 12:51 AM
i would shut the world up, just so i could hear only your voice
i would cut the light out, just so you could protect me in the dark
i would cry, just so you could comfort me
i would scream, just so you would notice me
i would fall, just so you could be the one who pick me up
i would do silly things, just so you would laugh
i would smile, just so i will see you smiling back at me
i would lie saying i'm free just to see you but actually i'm not
i would pretend to be asleep just so that you would give me a wake up peck
i would do silly things, just so you would notice me

★ Sunday, March 22, 2009 AT 11:13 PM
alright, for today, pictures are gonna do the talking (once again)
i was going through some pictures with my sissy.
and we stumbled upon THESE pictures. HA.
sis would KILL me if i put up her pictures.
so i shall just put up my pictures.
like, over the years.
and a glimpse of my U.S trip back in 2005.

alright, so lets start with my U.S trip.
before my really scary pictures.
this is San Fransisco

below are cars from Las Vegas Nevada!

and now, for the horror of it all.
i look worst than shit. yes.

This is MEEE, in. . .

okay, honestly, don't ask me what the hell is wrong with me. cause i've got NO idea. so yeah. maybe it's just some 'guy' stage. HAHA.

don't ask me what i'm doing. but yes.
as always, RETARDED.
i KINDA like this picture. i guess this is one of the better few pictures of me with my braces on. hahahha
anyway, this is taken at some hotel lobby in US
okay, tell me about it.
i look like a maid.
only sec 2 okay.
so i'm like flat all over the place, EVEN MY TUMMY! YAYY!!
but no yays, for 'other'
so yes!
universal studio!
nice nicee, mummy and me.
haha, yeah. they are freaking tall, FOR REAL.
except. . . you know who he iss. that guy with the claws. HAHA

okay i know.
well, i obviously did NOT buy that glasses thing.
and i still got that hat alright. it's in my room NOW.
anyway, as obvious as it is, thats taken at HK disneyland.

alrighty, just ONE picture. i look hideous with that fringe.
taken at parents anniversary dinner.

like duh, it's my birthday.
yeah, i look freaking fat.

okay i know, this looks freaking retarded and ahlian-fied.
i JUST had to do it. HAHA.
i was playing a fool with my sisterrr.
hehe, taken on CNY.
proudest picture of ALL.
my lovely family!
taken during UNCLE'S WEDDING!
if you're smart, you know which am i.

all my hideous pictures UP ON THE NET. (shit)
but yeah.
laugh your head off at how i look.
i laughed like mad too, together with sissy.

so yup.

goodnight and goodbye.

★ Saturday, March 21, 2009 AT 11:51 PM
i saw that rainbow today! right before dinner.
it is prolly the CLEAREST rainbow i ever seen.
like, the most obvious one.
it's reallly nice.

wonder where i took this picture (though it does not matter)
taken at Serangoon or is it Hougang or what.
well, it's nar my pri and sec school. PL.
beside Paya Lebar Methodist Church.

nice nice nice.

uncle treated dinner, THANKS UNCLE!
we had MA LA steamboat.
mann, my tongue went .......
but yeah, i ate SOO MUCH.
super full. ate NINE man tou.
mad sia mad.

know something sian?
my freaking aircon dripping water.
wait no, not DRIPPING. it is like POURING.
it is like, raining cats and dogs of aircon water.
i woke up super early thanks to my stupid aircon.
then i had to OFFFFF my aircon to sleep.
good thing i've got my lil mini fan by my bed side.
so i went back to sleep.

i went to rent a book today. WHEE.
i shall be a good with and start READING again.
thats if is if i ever complete this book kay.
my favorite author published new books!
sadly my house this book rental thingy, don't carry his books ):
i'll search for his books ):

so well, if you're into read, and if you're into like, thriller and suspense.
e.g. crime, murder and all.
try reading Jeff Abbott books. he's my favorite author.
PANIC is my favorite book. yeah.
nice nice.
his newer books are Cut and Run, Black jack Point and Run.
yeah, go check them out.
i like the way he write.

okay okay, i know, i sound like i read alot.
but totally NOTTT.
wait till you hear/see when my sister starts talking about books.

okay, i totally sound like i'm being PAID to blog about them.
but no.
though i wish i could have been.

lazy person wanna go off now.

i wanna do MORE hairshows!

okay, nighty night night!

★ AT 3:46 AM
okay, i know i'm blogging more than usual today.
it's late, i am suppose to be in bed as promised.
i'm sorry.

but i just can't get to bed, i just can't sleep!

i'm feeling soo freaking lost now.
i'm worried, i'm pissed, i'm mad, i'm just not feel of ease!

sometimes i just wish i can slap things back to normal.
but sadly, or like DUH, i can't.

honestly, what the hell is wrong. what the hell.
or a nicer phrase, what on earth is wrong.

sooo many freaking parts of my life is like, a lil screwed up.
well, whats worst is that, it's all a LIL screwed up, so it's not just like 1 but many many parts.
thanks thanks alot.

who is vanns, who is this person?
who is this girl?


some might think, my life is really nice.
just like a bed of roses
well, it LOOKS like it.
even me myself, when i turn around, i see such a life, a life which is like super comfy, a whole red of fresh roses.
but well, thats on the surface.

look deeper, look deeper.
you will see thorns.

yeah, ouch it hurts.

it seems soo perfect, but yet so imperfect.

people perceive me as some bimbo,
but well, hell i'm not.
know me well enough, you will know i'm sooo not a bimbo.
i don't lead a life like those My Super Sweet 16 MTV girls.
i don't have that of a life.

slowly, bit by bit.
everything is falling apart.

there are soooooo many things i wanna rant about, soo many things i just wanna scream my heart out.
but well, i obviously CAN'T here right?
i mean, i won't want someone to come burn my house, right?

but well, not anyone would just listen to my rants and complain.
it's tough. it gets irritating after awhile.
but i just wanna get it off my chest.
i wanna just scream my lungs out.
maybe i really need that.
it have been something i wanna do for a long long time anyway.
so why not?

oh well.

i guess i'm gonna start writing a journal.
of my daily life.
i should i think, it's a healthy thingy.
i should do it.

that way, i get to just, get 'stuff' of my chest!
and well, at least it's confidential.

but to think of it.
i need RESPONDS.
i know, like journal? responds?
am i retarded?
yeah i am.

thats why i always like talking.
but well, i just hope and wish i get responds.


alrighty, i should really get to bed, roll on bed if i have to.

nighty night night.

★ AT 3:33 AM
gosh, everything is sooo freaking shitty now.

i'm gonna miss you guys, like really.
gosh, i don't even want to go, well, cause i just can't believe that everything is gone.
gosh, i can't.
what the hell is going on.
i don't wanna share ANYTHING about me to others.
i only want you peeps! ):

★ AT 12:07 AM
wenna school today.

lesson, was as usually funny.
but well, OTHER stuff happened.
like, GRRRR.

but anywaysssssss,
BDP and me found out something.
the 2 of us are like, always in our own world.
we've got super strong character and when we're both together, we're totally in our own world.


★ Thursday, March 19, 2009 AT 10:58 PM
i stayed home the whole day today.
what a gooood girl.

anyway, yeah, dinnered at home.
after diner went out with he folks.
went to parkway!

well, daddy quoted from Kumar, and well, i don't deny!
what daddy said was, 'more and more foreigner are living in singapore, and singapore does not feel like home anymore, it feels like a foreign land'

i totally agree!
way toooooo many foreigners in singapore. it feels like, i'm on holiday everyday.
you know? that holiday 'feel'
it's a good thing AND a bad i guess.

good? different cultures, more friends of different race/country. more money to help with recession.

bad? lesser jobs for the locals. getting over crowded.

and dad also told me, 'did you know that singapore is the 5th most expensive country to live in, in the world?!'
thats NUTS.
like 5th?! in the world?!
and the size of singapore is not even like, a peanut size?!
but yeah, live with it.

more too that, singapore is the 7th RICHEST country in the world. WOOHOO!
do you hear it? do you?

he is like, net worth $62 BILLION.
so stop saying bill gates, he is now 2nd!

for the past 13 years, Bill Gates took the Richest Man of the world.
but well, NAHHHH, warren buffett is not the richest.

and no kidding, Jonny Depp is the richest actor.
like, WOOHOO!
92MIL annually?!

well, curious to know WHO is singapore's richest man??
who the hell is he, you might ask.
well, he OWNS, Far East Organization and Sino Group.
he is like, worth 7 BILLION.
no kidding. yeah.

following is some man who OWNS UOB.

so cool hor?

okay, beye!

★ AT 12:59 AM
went to school today.
had lesson, ate supper with BDP.


okay, thats all.


★ Tuesday, March 17, 2009 AT 12:15 AM
i'm gonna let the pictures do the talking!

i'm REALLY lost for words as i see these pictures.
it is not a need to caption them even.
you'll understand when you see them. haha.

pictures are all in order of the showwww.
even the interval. HAHA

as you see the pictures, try to guess which princess is she!

if you can't tell, thats a cat, the lil black thing.
it climbed on to my house roof, but i could not snap in time. but yeah.

opps, i received a skype call then. HAHA


well, maybe not lil. haha.

CONGRATULATION, YOU HAVE JUST VIEWED 191 worth of pictures from Princess wishes.
hahahaha. this is the first time i uploaded THIS MANY pictures.