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Married at 22
A mother at 23
And loving it.

Why? Because i married someone who makes me truly happy.

And this blog is dedicated to everyone i love.


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★ Thursday, June 29, 2006 AT 12:47 PM
My FRIENDS GAVE ME A HEART ATTACK. wow. haha. they can really act. haha. madness.


★ Wednesday, June 28, 2006 AT 10:26 PM
Call me mad. i WALK home. from school. you might think WALK HOME ONLY. but you know where i stay? i stay at BEDOK. and you know where i WALK from? i WALK from my school which is at Serangoon (Daryl Ong's house). till MY HOUSE. it took me more than 2 hours!! hahaha. mad i know.

but while i was walking in this 2 HOURS i just got this. Maybe it is from God? You may ask. WHY DID I IN THE FIRST PLACE WALK HOME? not say i don't have ezlink card or what. why? because i just walk. i really don't know why. i just walk. maybe it's the Holy Spirit? i really don't know. because i felt good. i don't feel weird or what. as in, i really don't know. there is just this Someone who tell me -walk home- so i did.

more than 2 hours of walking. what was going through my mind? or why did i not listen to my MP3 as i usually bring to school. but for today i really don't know why. i just took it out of my bag this morning. So, what can i do without my MP3 to listen. i usually bring it. today i don't know why i did not. and i also don't know i am gonna walk home. so while the walk i just TALK TO GOD.

Spend time with Him. So, was just thanking God. then suddenly this message come into my mind.

Like what is said, LIFE IS LIKE A RACE. yeah. and i finally know what it really means. In everyone life there gotta be a goal. So, for my case just now my goal was to WALK HOME. so i did walk. and no one could stop me. i called my mother to let her know and she told me to take a bus home. why did i walk. so i told her assure her it is alright then she said ok.

so while i was walking after walking for REALLY LONG i had to stop at the traffic light. and after walking SOO long once i stop my head started spinning. i like did not want to cont to walk because head spinning but i don't have a choice. then when i walk again it was better. many people stare at me why is this girl walking to some construstion site. yeah i have to walk pass a construction site. WHO would walk those places? only the workers what. but why did i? i did not bother i just did. as i walk the path got smaller and smaller so got people walking those workers so i gotta like stand aside and stuff.

and when there is wind i went YOOSH!! THERE IS WIND SOOOOOO SHUANG! but then there is time which the sun was like MAD! because i walk under the afternoon sun. the hottest part of the day. at 4.15pm onwards. thats why. so when there is wind i went THANK GOD FOR THE WIND IT IS VERY SHIOK. then when the sun come i was like GOD? WIND? hahaha.

then i walk walk walk then i took a shortcut but when i go into the short cut i realise that i was walking to a dead end because it was a bend so i could not see the end if can walk or not because there is a traffic light. so i just walk. then i realise that cannot walk. it is a dead end.

so i turn around and walk back take another way out. so in the end my "shortcut" turn to normal cut. haha. so i just walk all the way home. yeah. i reach home at about 6.45pm.

that was what happen. but what i am saying is that you gotta have a goal in life and that there might be times you get lazy and want to stop. and once you stop you will not want to cont on. just like what happen to me. i stopped i did not want to start but i remember that i have a goal i gotta go for it. so i went. then when there is wind i was so happy it is like sometimes working toward your goal there is good chances or something. so you feel happy it is like the wind got a chance to be happy.

but when it comes to the sun what happen. it is tough. but you gotta carry on. don't stop. once you stop you will not want to start again. so while working for your goal don't stop. you cannot be stagnant. either will fall back or improve. yeah. so when i have many people walking and blocking me i cannot just walk out because it is the road already so these people are like obstcals that you gotta get accross so it the same you will face with problem but you cannot just step out of it you might die. yeah. see.

yah. this is what i want to say. really. have a goal in life. work towards it. you need alot od hard work yes true. perservear and me determin.

★ Tuesday, June 27, 2006 AT 5:26 PM
Man. . . i went to school today and it was MADNESS. Parents going mad at me. Yesterday was mad at my sister. amazing. It is just God's grace that they still love us so much. mother crying. father angry. hmmz. They have sooooo much paitence with me. thats amazing.

haha. madness. went to school going crazy. all the teachers kept going mad. because none of us have TEXTBOOK. haha. cannot study. haha. so did not study much today. haha.

and that music maraton! only can give headache! full of crap. this cannot that cannot. this don't know that don't know no time also. teachers not bothing. what to wear also don't know.terror. my teacher is also crazy. everyone is crazy. the class is driving some of us up the wall. goodness. it is full of MADNESS. cannot stand it. sit also cannot.

this class...only know how to waste time. time wasted in scolding qurraling laughing dancing screaming shouting fighting. amazing class. fullll of friendship problem. crap.

i guess no chance for my cousins and me to go see Youth Alive anymore. they are too busy today. they have full day planned for them. and tomorrow they are flying off already. sad case can! i want to see them!! nevermind. at least i got their e-mail. hehe!!

silent dinner-

★ Monday, June 26, 2006 AT 2:53 PM
1. Do the following WITHOUT complains
2. Choose 5 people to do this after you completed yours
3. Leave a tag on the person's tagboard to say he/she have been tagged
4. Start your post with "I have been tagged!" then do this
I have been tagged by: cherie

favourite colour: WHITE, PINK, (many many more)
favourite food: WESTERN, JAP, ITALIAN
favourite song: TOOOOO MANYYY...
favourite movie: i like almost all shows that i watch.
favourite sport: netball?
favourite day of the week: FRIDAY, SATURDAY.
favourite season: summer. (but not for too long like Singapore)
favourite ice-cream: BEN&JERRY'S PHISH FOOD.

current mood: sick
current taste: bland.
current clothes: RETOR CLOTHES!
current desktop: my dog's picture
current toenail: just remove the color. it WAS red.
current time: 4:12pm
current surroundings: TV.
current thoughts: i HATE school

first best friend: LAUREN JANICE.
firstcrush: nong nong time ago.
first movie: wahh!! too long ago.
first lie: i am 15 already.
first music: DISNEY SONGS!

last cigarette: this question does not apply to me.
last drink: water?
last car ride: just now. went to see the doctor.
last crush: kinda long ago
last movie: R.V
last phone call: mummy.
last CD played: YOUTH ALIVE's
Have you everhave you ever dated your best friend: i am in a all girls school for 10 years.
have you ever broken the law: nope.
have you ever been arrested: nope.
have you ever skinny-dipped: nope. and never.
have you ever been on tv: yuppppppp!!
have you ever kissed someone you don't know: people kiss me as a greeting.
5 things you are wearing: FBT, t-shirt, ring, hair clip
4 things you done today: wake up, brush teeth, eat, pray.
3 things you can hear right now: tv. maid shouting. handphone beeping.
1 thing you do when you are bored: online?
5 peeps to tag : NI! QIQI! AH JUN! REAL REAL! SUN TAN BUD!

ok. set. today. school. did not go. why? sick. simple. MC. wow. tomorrow? going to school. hate it. who love school? not anyone that i know. awesome right? yah! friends? misunderstanding. too many problem. i will tell God that He is bigegr than the problem. ask Him for help. simple. Love God. my dumb knee is still injured. i cannot kneel down too long. or put any preasure on it. or else it would hurt. dented knee. sad case.

some time right. i just want someone who i can lean on and cry. someone who i feel comfortable with. as in not phyical but a person who i can talk to well. but just who that person is? is it You? maybe.

hmmz. sorry girl. have not been doing much part in the whole event yeah. will try my best to help you more.

i <3 you.

What do i want my room to look? what will be the layout of my room? any attach bathroom? toliet? will my room be on the second story? how will it look? what colour scheme be? what style? i really wonder how it will look. i guess i will go around asking people. when they think of me what is the first thing they will think of.

★ Sunday, June 25, 2006 AT 4:56 PM
ok. seriously. what can i say now? school's starting tomorrow and i HATE it. school is the world most disgusting thing that can ever happen. school gets on my nerves. it is super irritating. it only takes up my time. staying in school from 7am to 2pm 7 hours. that is called time to me alright. 7 hours i can do alot. goodness. alright. not only that. how about adding in all the STAY BACK TIME. OT. i don't get ANYTHING out of it. at least for epople who work they will get paid for their OT in school? i don't even get ANYTHING. school is just a waste of time.

now i am at home. doing NOTHING only typing and typing. missing the confrence. looking at everything around me. tomorrow going to see. Youth ALive. yayy!! hahah.

★ AT 12:49 AM
it is soo fun today. hehe. was talking to one of them. the girl who is not in the band that girl. was talking to her and stuff. very cool.

then the service today is good. very cool. after the service it was total madness!!!!

so many people wants their photo signature and all sorts. haha. Mach signed on my MP3 madness. haha. then took photo with him and stuff. he is just so nice. nice people just like me. opps. haha

the whole band on the whole is GREAT AWESOME FANTASTIC. you can really see that they love the Lord WHOLE HEARTEDLY. as in. great! yeah.

★ Saturday, June 24, 2006 AT 3:04 AM
i've finally got a house. comfirm 100% MY HOUSE. yes yes yes! it's at oprah estate. cool huh. whee. my family's dream come true. . .to live in a landed! YES YES YES! haha. it's number 43. sounds creapy right?!

haha. the land is like so cheap. because the bus stop is right infront of the main gate. covering the main gate like. cover. not totally of cause. yeah. it is right infront of a school too. facing oprea estate primary. good that it is only single session. yeah. cool huh.

i get my own room. the room as big as i want! it's is going to be in the attic! yes yes yes! 2 level only. 1st and attic. yeah.. hahaha. cool!!!

★ AT 12:06 AM

i went for the Vocal workshop. and the MTV world.

it totally rock. Youth Alive MY LOVE. yes they are. Matt he is awwww!! cuteness!!! goodness. cannot take it!

★ Thursday, June 22, 2006 AT 11:19 PM
today i went for the confrence was the USHERRRRR... YESS!!!! ROCKS. DID THE USHER DANCE. HAHA. super. fun.

after the whole thing i was hanging around while everyone left. then Youth Alive was still there. then i saw the keyboardist came back. yayy!! Praise God!

i took photo with 2 of them. the bassist and the girl vocal. super awesome. then suddenly beck(rebecca)(vocalist) she was looking at me and the bassist then she went, "do you 2 know each other?" so i was like. . . "nope" then she said,"you 2 looks like you've known each other i see some connection" so i was like. haha. ok.. then i turn and look at him then he looked at me smiling SUPER WIDE. hahaha. kinda cute. hahah!! then was talking to him. really funny! hahaha. connection. hahaha.


★ AT 12:41 AM

woosh. . . woke up and stright away my sister and me go to the salon to do our hair. and my hair is CHOP SHORT! haha. no more that long and pretty girl. haha. this is the short and jap girl. haha. shall show you the picture. haha. see the top.HAHAHA.

i went for the meeting late todayy!!!!!!!!! oh noo.. hahaha. because the bus was caught in a massive jam at PIE. car accident. yupp. hmmz.

★ Wednesday, June 21, 2006 AT 12:05 AM
today i woke up late. haha. suppose to go to church then will go over to COSMP in the end i could not go church i woke up too late. so i went to COSMP on my own. so thinking that i gotta stay there for awhile i told my maid not to cook my dinner. in the end go there for only like 1/2 hour? then can go off. so i went to meet my sister at paryway. then went shopping. went home. leave house. catch a movie. come home!

was suppose to go out with Jasmine and meet her friends. but in the end did not. was with my sister. . . wanted to go. haha. they are fun.

★ Monday, June 19, 2006 AT 11:13 PM
I had a blast today man. haha

Morning went to Heartland mall to do the music maraton stuff. helped to type lyrics and stuff.

then after that went Bugis with jasmine. met her friends too. was with her and her friends to celebrate her friend's birthday. then it was like super fun can.they push the birthday boy into the foutian. then all those who push him in also got wet. super funny. then jasmine and me was there taking vedio and taking photos. super fun man. SUPER FUN. hahaha. play and play. played with the cake also. birthday cake. then they smash it all on the birthday boy. balance they eat. haha. then after that came home. yupp. super fun. hahaha. don't mind going out with them again. although they are all ah bengs. but they are really nice. a bunch of funny guys. they are alright. haha. keep playing and having fun.

but i would say they are really ok. because they do care for the public.

★ Sunday, June 18, 2006 AT 11:06 PM


i did enjoy my day today actually excpet the night after dinner, went out with Jasmine today. yupp. took alot of photo! woo hoo. then after that went for dinner with my grandfather. then came home.

★ AT 12:46 AM
Hmmz. i guess today is not a good day for me. only during dinner i had a balst with my family. it was super fun. because of all the jokes and childhood memory. it is soo cool and fun to bring childhood memorys back.

actually today i did praise and worship. and then Huat came to me and say it was not good. so i was very demorlised. not that he came and say and stuff. but it is like. i did put in my very best for God to do it. but yet there is someone who came to tell me it is not good. as in i just hate it. like GRR!!!

i guess, i suddenly don't want to go to church. i just don't have interst is anything that got to do with church. but yet i still went. maybe it is not that i don't want to go. but it is just that feeling of sian. i don't know i really don't know. i guess there are some diff in cell too.

i feel a sense of weirdness. i really don't feel right in cell. i don't know. i guess. HMMZ!!1 I REALLY DON'T KNOW. now all i want is to tell someone everything. and that is what i am doing. i just want to let it all out. then just now Cherie message me telling me she wants to talk to me.

i guess it is problem again. forever one. i am just soo. GRR!! i am blurred! it is just that sense of LOST.

am i right with God? AM I?!

so many things happen. my favorite little boy pass away. so it's lke. how?
i am lost.
i just miss him soo much

not forgetting Ruxiang also. i totally miss her. that girl who is always laughing and smiling. never failing to cheer people up.



★ Saturday, June 17, 2006 AT 12:03 AM
hehe. today i did my nails. RED. bloog red. haha. yupp. went to meet my auntys then go over to one of them shop. went to do my nails!! and toe color are all destoryed because i wore covered shoes. yupp. haha. my nails are still nice. hehe.

she added stones on it. like rimestones. colourful stones. crystals. yupp. hehe. very nice. then she also tested henna on me. very funny.

after that went to gong's house for dinner then went to Matt's wake. i miss him soo much. i cried like mad. i really miss him. losing a FOOTBALL BUDDY! my DEAREST BOYFRIEND and my CUTEST HARRY POTTER. SADDD!!


★ Thursday, June 15, 2006 AT 9:03 PM
haha. today last min wake up go and meet my cousin. to go to east coast with her cell group. cell group outing what. then she ask me go with them. so i went. soooo fun. cycle from 2pm to 6pm. so fun. cycle from 1 end toa nother. very very fun.

then we eat and all. very fun.

actually me and my cousin rebecca. went early to east coast. then we walk very very long already. very tired. so we wanted to rent bikes first. so we go over to the rental shop and ask to rent for a whole day how much. then the guy say don't have whole day. only have hourly. so we ask how much if 6 hours. then he say $30. so i was like $30. MAD. so we went to another place and they charge us $5 for the whole day. see the diff. madness.

we eat alot for dinner too. like all the sambal food. smabal sotong sambal stingray sambal kangkong. haha. with wan ton mee hokkien mee and rice. haha. mad.

★ Wednesday, June 14, 2006 AT 3:36 PM
Wow. amazing. i had an amazing sleep. haha. i dreamt. that i get my new phone.

my birthday is coming in 21 days.

i really want that phone man. i totally want it. thats why. hehe. i had a deal with my sister. yesterday night. when my parents was sleeping. hehehe. she ask me to help her take ice cream. and i refuse to help her take. hehe. until i told her i help you take but you have to help me get my new phone for my birthday. hehe. wanna know tha plan? WAHAHAH.

it's. . .

ok. you see, relative want to get something for the birthday girl or boy that person would go to the siblings to ask right. so, if they ask my sister. my sister just say give a red packet. it is easier.

then for sure my grandfather would give red packet one what. right. . . . so.

use those money and buy the phone. but i am sure it would not be enough. so my sister also put in money. then my parents will top up the rest as my present. don't you think it's good?! haha.

because i have asked about that phone already. if i upgrade my plan trade in my current phone i would still have to pay $300 plus. that is alot alot alot just to get a new phone you know! so if i collect all the money my relative give me all i have to do is use those money and my parents and sister top up the rest! BINGO! hahahahaha

my sister agree to the plan. she told me she will tell me parents when they ask. hahahahha. smart me. hahahaha.


★ Tuesday, June 13, 2006 AT 10:30 PM
Today i was sleeping like a little baby. (HAHAHAHA) then. i recive a phone call from SITI. she called and this was the conversation:

Siti: 'Liying are you coming to school or not? The christians girls singing is cannot make it. and you are supose to teach them. and you are not coming to school?! you are their leader right. you need to help them. i don't even know the song how you want me to help them? and shalinda is not even here yet!'

Liying: (in a half dead voice) 'huh. . . i am sleeping you know. they all change the songs i give them then i also don't know the songs'

Siti: 'then what? you expect me to teach them?! i will not even know that song are those. can you just come now and teach them'

Liying: (still in a half dead voice) 'what? i go now i will be very late already. and i am very tired. kerrie there right? she should know the song what'

Siti: 'kerrie is here but she also don't know how to teach them and stuff. only you can sing there. you got to lead them"

Liying: 'huhhh......i am like sleeping. and now you want me to jump out of bed to go to school?'

Siti: -no reply-

Liying: 'Hmmz. ok ok. i come to school now. you wait for me.'

Siti: 'Yes! at last you come 1 time. try to faster'

Liying: 'what to wear?'

Siti: 'just wear anything that can repersent the school. for bottom can wear anything'

Liying: 'ok. thanks. bye'

Siti: 'ok. faster come. bye'

see it. i am like HALF DEAD!!!! nad she made me go schoool! i am also not blamming her. she made me go to school. hahaha. then hear them sing and i was like. wow. i get what siti mean now. haha. not that mine is great. but at least the tune is there. hahah.

after the whole thing. went to heartland mall with Shalinda to meet JASMINE. that brithday girl. haha. then went to walk walk. eat pizzza hut. then i really don't what have gotten into shalinda today. she spill the whole cup of Pepsi onto herself. and not forgetting she is a neat and clean freak. so she was totally. speeachless! madness. then she wiipe herself. then after that she was telling me "Liying, you go and settle the bill for me i give you the money i want to go home now. just look at me." so me and jasmine tell get not to. because it will dry off. it will be fine already.

so in the end she stayed and again she wanted to leave. she wanted to go home. when me and jasmine want to go to Toa Payo to...shop? check stuff out? don't know for what. then took the bus with shalinda because she have to take that same bus home. then we kept telling not to go home and stuff. so in the end she did not go off. she stayed with us.

then walk walk. and find stuff. then i check out a phone that i LOVEEE. IT IS THE LG CHOCOLATE KG800 YES. I LOVE THAT PHONE! I WANT THAT FOR MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!

hahaha. thats a hint for my paresnts. because my birthday si in 22 more days! hahahahaha. spper excited! hahaha.

yupp. then. shalinda went off at 6 plus. then me and jasmine cont to 'shop' haha.

ate laska for dinner. then we went out own way. she went to meet her friends i went to the hospital to visit my grand mother. because my parents are there too. yupp.

thats for my day.

what's the moral of the day?
i always have impromtu plans.

★ Monday, June 12, 2006 AT 3:09 PM
alright. i woke up at 3 plus. sleeping is fun. btu it wastes alot of your time. hahahha. i have no plans today. hehe.




★ AT 1:42 AM
What can i say?!

Messaging people.

no one replied.

Caring for people.

people don't appreciat

Looking for people.

feel like a despo.

Making friends.

friends think it's being a despo.

i really don't know what to say. suddenly everything sucks. i feel like a idot i feel like a loser. i feel like a desp. why!?

i guess i am just TOO sensative.

thats what my sister love to tell me.

everything is sensative.

what can i do?

i hate this!

alright, esp when people don't reply my messages. i will feel weird. when i need help i message people. for example just now. out of 3 person i message only 1 replied. i know she will reply me. maybe only she knows how i feel.

you might want to know what happen just now. while i was in the train. i was leaning on the panel thing. then there is this guy who after offering his seat to a lady and her baby he came to lean on the door. so he was kinda near me. se i was just leanning there listening to my mp3. not doing anything. and suddenly he started staring at people. i was standing beside him. he kept staring at me. i feel like digging his eye balls out! he kept staring looking up looking down looking up looking down. and i am a girl. come on. who would i feel. every stop that dumb guy would look at me.not only at stops it is just everytime. he exited the same stop as me.

and i of cause scared what. so i would want to watch his actions. i don't want to walk infront of him. it is just scary. so he walked out first. then i walked out. then when i was 'queing' to take the esclator i saw him sitting at the benches. before going down. then he kept looking left looking right. totally scary can. so i faster walk to the middle of the crowd. then i totally chiong off to my father's car! mad guy! MAD! IT WAS TOTALLY FREAKING ME OUT!

ok, so at this point of time when i was in the train. i messaged a few person. i was like feeling that guy is crazy or something. i could not think of anyone to message. so i just anyhow choose 3 person to send the message to. and none replied only winnie did.

and if someone need help. someone is scared or whatever. i will sure reply the message or give the person a call!! come on.

★ AT 12:43 AM

i type a long post and all is gone now.


1. Went for Ruxiangs funeral.

i really miss her. love her. dear her. always.

2. went for Jasmine birthday party.

played games. talk to a actor. see forefit. talk.

3. went to orchard to hang out.

with Madd, Phia, Idah, Mun and myself. Idah and Mun are TOGETHER. haha. really nice couple. really nice. haha. now HOME.

★ Saturday, June 10, 2006 AT 11:09 PM
saturday. . . went to church. had fun today. haha.

after dinner went to Ruxiang's wake. cried my hearts out. i Really miss her. only today i really feel that gap that big big gap, of loosing a cheerful sister.

went to see my grandmother and my kum po at their what you call that? grave? sounds wrong. hmmz. anyway yupp. it was super dark. no lights was on. and it's at the 3rd level. so it's totally peach dark. it was like madnessly dark. after that went to Sean's father grave? yupp. then went back down to go off.

in the bus was like way cool. Isaac was doing his magic tricks!!!!!!!!! then it was like madness. we kept screaming and laughing. because he is super funny. he is not a pro yet. so yah.. then that Kongann. he went to secreatly take one of Isaac card. and keep saying he wants that card. it was like madness. super funny. i keep asking Isaac to count his deck then he never listen to me. until he got fed up then he went to count. once he start to count he found out that 1 card is missing. so he was like, "cannot be. i think i count wrong somewhere." wah. when he said that i laugh until cannot take it!!! hahahahahaha. in the end of cause Kongann gave back the card. then he was giving that shock look. hahahahaha.

fun right.

so. tomorrow i will be going for Ruxiang's funeral. yupp.

ok. i shall say here. many people ask me. what is the difference between wake and funeral. wake is when the body,coffin, is at a certian place. then people will go and see and stuff. funeral is the cremation day. which is when they burn the body. yupp.

★ AT 1:13 AM
pain. losing 2 person in a super short period of time.

news broke.
i cried.
seeing tears roll down my cheeks.
tears dripping on the floor.
missing them badly.
just plain pain.
losing my favorite boy.
losing my dearest girl.
heart stop beating at the point of time when news broke.
lovely people just got taken up.
without having a chance to say goodbye.
one- a instant death
two- painful process
both went.
getting to live only 6 years.
getting to live only 15 years.
what about me?
how long, how long.

★ Friday, June 09, 2006 AT 2:34 PM
prayed at 12 plus am. praying the God would heal her. And God's will be done.

The end time IS here, and some people will be taken up earlier then the rest.

Oh man. things are not looking good at all. Ruxiang pass away and i am totally davasted. But to think of it, if this is God's will then let His will be done. there is so many things going on! my maternal side close close close friends which are like relatives met in a car accident and 2 died in that accident, one is my fav little boy, and the other is this little boy's maternal grand mother . and my grand uncle is still in ICU. and my pertnal grandmother is in hospital also. hmmz. what a year.

thinking that this year would be a better year after all the no no years. since 2002 it have not been good. maternal grand mother pass away then paternal grand mother had a stroke. this is just arghh. and no one to lean on. i only know 1 person who is nice and that i can lean on.

too much to take. too much to handle. and now my knee is hurting. after that injury. walk long distance and my knee would hurt. my frirnd told me to go see a doctor fisrt thing today. but looks like i did not. haha. no one to go with me. haha.

★ Thursday, June 08, 2006 AT 4:55 PM
OK. -forced- gotta DO something when i am super busy. saying i am busy and everything is already tight. and someone just throws at me something last min. and busy then give me everything to do. free never tell me at all. GRR!!!! keep telling me i give you more time. blah blah blah. it is just GRR! doing something which is FORCED is useless.

hmmz. wanting a phone so badly. i gotta get my hands on LG CHOC. hmmz. i felt that a girl will be more ladylike is when she do a manicure. get her hair done paint her nails and stuff. she will be more lady like. super cool. i love my nails! hahaa.

NEXT WEDNESDAY GOING TO THE ZOO. i am super excited! tomorrow gotta go school. hmmz. i don't know why. but i am like not looking forward for this saturday. hmmz. looking forward to wednesday! haha. hmmmmmz. so much things to do, so little time. gotta make time.

i am so gonna miss SYLVESTER, KENNI, KENNETH. hmmmz.

can things still go on?

★ Wednesday, June 07, 2006 AT 11:13 PM
wow. just came back not long. TIRED. hahaa.

went to catch a movie with steph and guess who i saw??!?! i saw SUPER ALOT OF PL GIRLS!!! TOTALLY MAN. the whole theater it was PL girls! i was like wow. amazing. haha then went to do a manicure with steph. haha. i did my nails metelic purple. and steph did a nude colour. with a flower on my tumbs. it's a simple express manicure.

yupp. then went to eat and shop a little bought the book i have always i wanted! JESUS FREAKS! yes yes yes!!! hahahaa.

haha. then went to meet huijin syl and daryl and steph went for dinner then after that went to eat bake alaska.

then after that came home with daryl. he is MAD MAD MAD! he wants to kiddnap me then throw me in the cemertery near his house and leave me there. mad. he call that kiddnap. haha. i decided to take the same bus as him because if i take 66 i will take 2 hours. haha. so i went home with him. then he stayed with me to wait for the bus then he walk off. hehe. id is called DUH DUMB. haha. so now HOME! haha

★ Tuesday, June 06, 2006 AT 10:27 AM
(read NIGHT for the 2nd half of the day)

Alright, it's early. Super early to me and i got cell group outing soon. I gotta leave my house early. Just because i stay FAR. Yupp. I am like TIRED. But i gotta go for the outing. Because i want to. Hehe. I want a new phone! Haha. Plan end soon. Gotta get a new phone!!! Haha. Lalala.

Still thinking of what to wear for later. Haha. Face it. I am a girl who loves to dress up. Who wants to take up singing course. Who loves God with all herself. Will never fail to go shopping. Enjoys her time spent in church. Dreams about everyone. Wanting to get gifts for everyone yet is a broke. Hopping to find someone who would love me for who i am. Take the world and shift it's place. Bring friends to know Christ. Wants to get pampered everyday. Wants to be a princess to my future husband. Wanting to know who that one guy is. Wanting to get to know more friends. Grow and be someone who can lead people. Standing up for Him. Wanting to give my 100% in all that i do. Just wanna be rich to bless people. Dressing all retro.


Yupp. so came home just now. went to play bowling and i made myself look like a fool. super funny. then after that went to eat -dinner- at 3pm!!!! mad right!

then after that went to watch MOVIEE!! watched Benchwamers. super funny. i laugh until i stomach pain can! super funny. then suer disgusting. hahaha. after movie i went over to the hospital to visit my grandmother. because my parents are there too. yupp. so after that come home. then tomorrow going out again

in the morning going out with Steph. going to catch a movie. Going to watch She's a man. haha. at 11.40am. lalala. post more tomorrow!!!!

★ Monday, June 05, 2006 AT 3:03 PM
oh man. . . thought i can get a perfect sleep. but NOOO..... dumb right. because at 5.30am i woke up went to the toilet and had my big buisness done. not only that. after that my tummy is still bad i woke my mother up. went to the kitchen and wanted to fine med for me but i end up running to the sink to vomit. bad right. yupp. so i JUST woke up now. had not have enough sleep for a really long time. so now i am getting it ALL back. hahha.

misses. . .

old time
talks on the phone
planing of outings
going mad
having fun

still. . .

rememeber about the promise?

but. . .

even if you forget
i cannot do anything
can i?

so. . .

i will leave everything to youu!!!!!!


★ Sunday, June 04, 2006 AT 11:59 PM
alright. i just came back on friday. and i have not been getting enough sleep. saturday got to get up early for church. and today went for the prayer thing. yupp. have to wake up early too. so i really did not get enough sleep. o am going to get back all my sleep today. haha.

i don't want this holiday to be boring. do ask me out. i don't want to waste my holiday.

yupp. ask me out okk!??!?! yupp.

★ Saturday, June 03, 2006 AT 10:30 PM
went to church today!!! hahaha

hmmz. my dad's birthday is todayy!!!! hahaha.

went to have dinner with him. my whole family. ate northen indian food. yumm yumm. haha.

now home. hahahhaa


me eating smelly tofu. and this picture of thing is actually FOOD. it is called SA CHONG. thats in canto. in english it is SAND WORM. i ate it. it was YUMMY. but really got SAND

★ AT 2:10 AM

back in singapore!

haha. tomorrow get to go to church. woo hoo. actually it is today. not tomorrow. hahaha

i guess this trip allow me to get to know more people. like i just found out i have 3 new cousins. 2 of them are twins. all SMART. one of them is studying medcine. pharmist. and the other one is a phylogist. hahah. yupp. then one more is a soon to be doctor. how cool is that?!

and me? hahaha. i am only their biu mui. and bui mui means cousin. mui is girl. yupp. i call them bui gor. means big cousins. yupp. hahaha.

alot more new pictures!!! my friendster will be up dated with new pictures. even here. my blog. i will add pictures in for you to view.haha

★ Thursday, June 01, 2006 AT 11:23 PM

tell you more when i get bacl to sng.