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Married at 22
A mother at 23
And loving it.

Why? Because i married someone who makes me truly happy.

And this blog is dedicated to everyone i love.


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★ Tuesday, July 31, 2007 AT 4:40 PM
schooled, hate.
tomorrow slack day, no need bring any books.
only need english book.
whole day slack, chapel for 2 periods.
no maths, no nothing.
yay (:

today is kinda , haha, normal?
i slept during english test. hoho, after finishing up the paper.

i'm dang bored.
why? because i never go out, because i trying to save moooolahhhssss

don't you understand me?

★ Monday, July 30, 2007 AT 11:55 PM
dinner was usual, funny.
cousins and our 41 family members.
i'm the joke as usual.
take 45 degrees pictures, HAHA.
daikaufu is here, welcome to singapore (:
school tomorrow):

i guess i allowed it to affect me too much,
thought i would help.
never thought it's gonna happen
but it did.
what can i do, what can i say.
but just wait and see how.
it's up to you.

★ AT 3:17 PM
school was weirdly funny.
i guess laoshi got enough of us, she exploded.
i keep sleeping, sooo tired.
i keep eating non stop. gotta do something about it.
best of all, today no P.E. and yesterday i ate freaking much.

thursday, study.

dinner later, with dai kau fu.
it is gonna be dang solid. woohoo!!

i wanna go sentosa! sooooo wanna go, then bring shino along.
will be very exciting.

you know who you are,
i've tired. but i guess it did not work.
just, what is happening.
oh well, what can i do.
i tired, take it is as i failed or whatever.
oh well...why like that

★ Sunday, July 29, 2007 AT 10:20 PM
ok! just got home.
amazinggggggg i tell you.
jasmine can really camwhore, with herself.
she took more then 200 pictures of just herself!
amazing ain't it?!
100 plus from mac photo booth
100 plus from my cammie.
yes, it's all more then 100.
it is taking me YEARS to upload.

yup, whee, today is the black white vest red skinnies day.
no its not black and white vest and red skinnies.
it's black, white, vest, red, skinnies day.

i'm mad i'm crazy.

★ AT 10:03 AM
as you can seeeeeeee, i did not blog last night!
hahahaha, hehe.
madness, i did not even come home.
no i did not run away.
i went to JASMINE'S PARTY.
it was like, PARTY.

i barbecued big time, just stand at the pit and hold the tongs.
haha, everyone was like dancing and stuff. HAHA.
was madnesssss.

this party is fun.
catched up with my primary school mates.
wheeeee. haha.
yup, Nubian Gents went to Riverlife also, my friend told me.
hahaha, we want them to come to our school! hurrrrr.

anywayyy, yes, back to the party. it was fun (:

hahahaa, kaakee and i went mad, hahaha, took many pictures at like 2am.
one decade friend was super cute, we had a longgggg bus ride to the chalet, and we talked ALOT.
they two are love man.

watching it with more people is like, WAH. all the screams.
but sad thing is, i never really watch, haha, decided to sleep, but could hear the sound and stuff, watched a little. woo!
all slept at 4 i think, while pigs like me slept at 3.

it's 10.10am now and i gotta bathe, yes, i have not bathe since yesterday.
i gotta meet my friends to study at 12pm.
how am i gonna survive.
i am just gonna sleep, i think.
tomorrow got school.

★ Saturday, July 28, 2007 AT 12:41 AM
i guess i'm just addicted to blogging or something, a place where i can freely express my feelings and stuff, TO AN EXTEND.

some people takes dayssssss to post 1 post, but me? 1 day can post up to as many as 3 or 4 post!, weird or what.
i've got no idea.

oh well, teachers read my blog, friends read, family reads my blog.
am i cool about it or what.

this post dang random lah, like split personality.
oh well, who cares.

at times i get so mystify,
i don't know what's going on,
to be the first or not to be.
i don't want to create a hitch at all.
or should i just go ahead and be the first?
image? nahh, don't bother.
but, be the first? why should i?
thats the problem, pride
pride holds a person back.
people say, guys have pride.
thats why at times the girl gotta take the first step.
why guy? don't girls have our pride also?
what? not as MUCH as guys? hmmm...
so, the first or not?
leave it as it is?

★ Friday, July 27, 2007 AT 11:26 PM
it have been long since i post up pictures of my house huh.
the last time was like a million post ago.
the house was not even a house. HAHA.

anyway, here are some random pictures i took just now.

★ AT 3:27 PM
today lesson SUPER SLACK, i mean SUPER.
JDW did not come. (at times i rather she come)
today dang shiok lah.
got like 5 free periods.
take 40minsX5 yes.

music lesson was cool, we watched 200 pounds of beauty.
was funny, class watched till peng.

today's highlight was ENGLISH LESSON.
dang shiat man.
JDW absent, so this fella, person, oh whatever took over. i won't call him a teacher YET.
he is only in my school to have a taste of teaching and see if he wanna take teaching as a career or not. so yes, he took over JDW lesson.
it was dang funny.

he came in the class while i was over at the locker with my friend.
when i got to class, he was taking attendance, so fine ok.
pass my name already, so i don't bother.
my classmate then told me, ' he could not eve pronounce your name! he said what? ehhhh....eeeeeeeevangeline (line as in line telephone line that line)' i was like, 'haha. okok'

so next this happened.
it's only a person talking at a time, but i'll just use as CLASS, even 1 person talking is also louder then the fella
fella: (trying shout, voice sounds very funny, like there is something preventing him from shouting) ok girls! keep it down!! shhhh.
class: (obviously the person talking is louder) CHER! WHY YOUR VOICE LIKE CANNOT COME OUT AH?
fella: yes, my voice can't shout, i'll try my best. but i cannot shout.
fella: i'll try my best
class: orh ok lor.
fella: ok class!!!!!!!! (trying real hard) sit down!!!!!!!! your teacher have ask me to tell you girls what to do for her lesson!!!!!!!!!!!
class: -all seat and listen-
fella: ok, i no need to shout anymore, your teacher have told me to tell you girls to do the reading cards, each of you do two.
class: but we don't have out paper with us, it's in the cupboard, and the cupboard is lock, only my form teacher has the key.
fella: listen listen, i have not finish talking yet...ok, so do it on a foolscap paper, then hand it up to me.
fella: ok girls, this row (points) come and take your cards first.
class: hello cher, we are already sec 4, we know how to take the cards ourselves.
fella: but i got to ensure you girls take properly, i am responsible for this box of cards
class: -all give the pek chek look, all wanna slap him already-
class: (talk among ourselves) gosh, i want mrs wong back man, this guy only know hwo to ake us all go mad.
class: (trying to act provoke him) then need to mark or not?
fella: no need, just hand it up after doing.
class: but! mrs wong usually let us mark then hand it up.
fella: nono, the paper never say you can mark.
class: but it is what we always do!
fella: but the paper never say.
class: you don't believe i call my teacher now, you speak to her
fella: okok, you call her now.
-phone rings-
-mrs wong answers-
class: hello? mrs wong?
mrs wong: yes?
class: you know the reading card right, you usually let us do. we got to mark then hand it up am i right?
mrs wong: (should be say yes, the call was not on speaker)
class: i pass the phone over to the teacher you tell him ok?
-hands phone to fella-
fella: hello? yes, i am relieving your class for you today, and i am told that they have to mark themselves before handing up?
mrs wong: (said yes)
-put down phone-
class: SEE! i told you!
fella: i know, but i cannot just follow your word and not what your teacher told me to do.
class: -does work-
fella: if there is anything , you can come and ask me.
class: okkkkkkkkk
-all start doing-
and out of a sudden.
fella: you girls got to take English seriously you know, i never take English seriously and i got a C5 for it.
class: -all give the LIKE I CARE look, and all cont doing-
-after awhile, he goes around looking at our work-
everyone ignores him.
then SUDDENLY he say again.
fella: you girls got to take english seriously.
-everyone done the work, want to go take the answer sheets-
the whole class, one at a time want to go take the answer, he would STOP us and we gotta tell him what color and number is the card, then he will give the answer sheet to that card.
like wth.
thinking that we would cheat.
he keeps repeating himself over and over again!

haha, ok. long post huh. hahahahahahha.
gosh, but yeah, his lesson was the worst of the day, the whole class was SUPER PEK CHEK.
like SUPER.

oh well. hahahhhahhahaa. dang funny day.
i laugh my heart out.

my class even ask that fella teacher or whatever person if he is dating, then he say he is MARRIED.
the whole class freaked out.
HAHAHAHA, all sorts of comments like, wah, like that also can get married and stuff.

ok, shiat man, i'm dang mean.

i took this off bobbbeeeeee blog. i find it super cute. here you go.
Before & After Marriage.

Before the marriage:

He: Yes. At last. It was so hard to wait.
She: Do you want me to leave?
He: NO! Don't even think about it.
She: Do you love me?
He: Of course!
She: Have you ever cheated on me?
He: NO! Why you even asking?
She: Will you kiss me?
He: Yes!
She: Will you hit me?
He: No way! I'm not such kind of person!
She: Can I trust you?

Now after the marriage.
Read it from BOTTOM to the TOP !!!!

★ Thursday, July 26, 2007 AT 6:26 PM
shino is discharged!
happy happy happy.
just wanna say THANKS to all who ask how shino is.
went to the hospital to get her.
she is like SOO GUAI, suddenly.
my sister and i brought her for grooming also, right beside the hospital is a groomer.
she smells great now, really good.
many people thought shino is still a baby, all said she got the baby face.
super cute.

put her in the car, usually she will go mad, jump all over the place, can't control her and all.
but today noooo, she was super guai, i put her into her bed and she slept, i guess today too much activities going on, so she is totally shaged.

brought her to see new house also, she was like looking around and stuff.
yeah, the house is looking good!!
lightings all upppp!!! yayness.

ok, seriously i love shino, she is HOME!!! YAYYYY!!
but i also saw this dog which pass away, and the family was crying big time, because gonna cremate the dog, and the girl was like crushed, she cried big time.
poor her, poor dog, poor family. ):

here are some pictures of shino in the car, super guai, usually she is very fidgety.

★ Wednesday, July 25, 2007 AT 11:53 AM

ok, i just got back from a i-don't-know-what-kind-of-doctor clinic.
the last time i went to that doctor is 10 YEARS ago, while i was still in Primary ONE
he have obviously grew 10 years older, with 10 years of more attitude problem.
he ask me sit, i sit.
then he ask me what happen, obviously i tell him.
people sick, wanna know what happen.
all he can tell me is, "i'll just give you medicine for your nose"
thats all, AMAZING, i realy know what is wrong.
gosh, after that, i called my parents, asking the same question
parents: how is it? what did the doctor say?
me: ehhh, he told me that he gave me medicine for my nose?
parents: and then?
me: nothing?
parents: so what is the problem?
me: he never even tell me.
parents: EHH? orh, ok lor.
me: yes, he got attitude problem lah.
parents: okok, next time don't see him.
me: YES, I WON'T.
parents: so how much is it?
me: $22????
parents: ok, go rest.

he gave me 1 drowsy medicine, hurray, like i'm going to sleep in school again, because i need to sleep, or else my nose will be like a tap of running water.
my house no tissue = i'll just faint.
i broke the record in my family for the person who use the most tissue, i can finish 1 bx of 200 piece tissue is a few hours.
and i think i owe my whole class each a million pack of tissue, since i have been using theirs.
poor them.

shino is still in the hospital, and the doctor say that the lump of gas is still there, so she gotta stay for 1 more night i guess. )))))))))):
i miss herrrrrrrrrr. miss her running around like a siao zha bor.
miss her whining! oh mannnn, i just miss her.
i'm gonna say something dang cliche
when i see her in pain, my heart also painnn ):
SHIAT MA, thats dannnnngggggg cliche.
oh well, it's true, i cried lah.
that phrase seem so, BGR kinda thing. all the you jump i jump thing.
eww, -hair stands-

ok, i bet Mrs Wong is saying this in class, "where is liying? what happen to her? not enough VITAMINS again"

to think of it, shino is now in the hospital, only for ONE night, and i cry i miss her like siao, after she go what happen man. i think i'll go MAD like seriously. go into depression or something, gosh.

when i got the urge to take photos of her, she not at home.

party tonight, can i not go? although the party is right outside my house, at my void deck?
i wannna sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep and miss shino.
yes. haha. i'm going a lil mad.

do i eat alot or do i eat alot. i know it's the same.
i just finish i thin, ehh 300-400grams of Famous Amous cookies.
don't ask me how i do it, i usually can't finish so much.
dang weird.

my head is spinning like siao.
total madness.

my phone is falling into pieces, all the plastic stuff all coming off.


★ Tuesday, July 24, 2007 AT 11:01 PM
ok, latest update, baby shino is hospitalized.
the vet found a lump of gas in her tummy, and the gas ain't normal, it's big and it's blocking the food from digesting. and the lump of gas is as big as a fortune cookie, and it is causing alot of pain.

as you can see, her 1st picture is her and her drip.
2nd is lil her with the rip at her front paw.
and the 3rd, is the drip it self.

★ AT 8:58 PM
panicking, shino is making me scared.
she is shivering, touch the tummy, she will scream.
don't eat, scared of everything.

i'm like, gonna K.O. very soon, my hands all shivering.
school = sleep for me today, i never even listen to lesson, could not take it, med not working.

my dog giving me alot more stress, i worried sial.

nothing must happen to my baby dog. gonna bring her to the vet later.
i must find out what happen!!

★ Monday, July 23, 2007 AT 8:20 PM
a dialog that happen last night.
between my sister and i.

ME: wah, the air-con not cold,i dang hot.
SIS: yah lor, aye, go lower the temperature.
ME: -streach over to the air con control to lower the temperature- wah! 23! abit the hot ah.
SIS: -cont using her lappie-
ME: aye ka, i wanna go outside you coming?
SIS: -busy, never respond-
ME: -opens door, walks out-
-after a few mins i went back to the room-
SIS: i wanna go out, you coming?
ME: i just got back, don't wanna go.
SIS: -opens door walks out- WAH!
ME: huh? what happen?
SIS: you come out, come come
ME: -lazy face-
SIS: you come out lah.
ME: orh ok lor. -walk out-
SIS: the room seem hotter then outside!
ME: yahh hor. never really notice just now.
SIS: yah lor, like the aircon blow the wind outside not into the room.
ME: hahahaha,
-after my sister come back into the room-
SIS: room super hot, oie, go do something about it.
ME: har?! i can't repair aircon.
SIS: just go check lah.
ME: took the aircon control. -stareeeeeeee at it for awhile-
ME: -press the ion button (that is alread on) then press the ON/OFF button-
ME: -laugh-
SIS: what happen to you? siao ah?
ME: not i siao, you siao. your eye STICK STAMP.
ME: you never even on the aircon.
ME: then why not cold?
SIS: aircon siao.
ME: no, you go press the ion button only, that does not mean ON! that one only give the ionized air lah you. so it's like normal temp wind!
SIS: IS IT!? -laugh like SIAO-
ME: -laugh also-
SIS: i thought on what.
ME: nooooo!!!

-everything normal-

today dinner another dialog.

-all seated, parents and me, sister not home-
-while eating-

MOM: WHAT!? 19?! you two are maddd!!!
DAD: -speechless-
ME: but, aircon NOT COLD WHATTTT, then that kajie so amsrt one, on ion never on aircon, so after that i kept it at 19.
DAD: 23 is enough you know?
ME: aircon hot lahh, who ask you? never ask that uncle clean the aircon?
MOM: yah hor, must come clean.
DAD: no need lah, moving already.
ME: hehehhehehhe.

hahahahaha, what a joke.

last thing my sister told me. also last night

SIS: the milk left a little bit, expiring tomorrow.
ME: har? as in 23rd or 22nd? now past 12 already.
SIS: ehh, 22nd lor.
ME: expired already! milk cannot drink expired one!
SIS: -holding a cup of milo, strring it- can one lahhh.
ME: ok lor.
-before i open the door-
SIS: hey, the milk very smelly and very gross, just add milo powder inside will work
ME: -blur face- huh?!
SIS: yah, thats what i do.
SIS: noo lahh, joking only. you think what.
ME: maybe you play a prank what! that really spoilt then you wanna play.
SIS: no lah, really can drink. no worries! jjust remember, smelly and gross add milo powder.
ME: whatever.
-walks out-


★ AT 6:05 PM
monday blues ):
i hate school, i think this is my ehh, countless time saying i hate school.
i am doom for tomorrow, seriously am.
i shall just score in my talking, reading i'll do my best.

anyway, my feet is frigging PAIN, did don't know how many hundred skipping.
and i had to skip bare foot, if not my shoe will fly to i don't know where, although my shoe ain't that big.
played floorball, haha, was a joke. my team lost, did another 300 skipping, hurray to my feet.

after that, went to AMK Hub, like, once again.
i don't know why but i always can't watch last time, so i gave up, and just be a good girl, and not break the law.
catched VACANCY.
wah, i tell you, dang power. i watch until scream.
6 girls, 1 show, 6 screams.
suspense show, triller show.
gosh, i watch until can pee in my shorts.
scared. was like holding my friends arm like siao, covering my face, lie on my friend's shoulder, i really buitahan.
the ending was really CUTCUT, so comfirm got part 2, soooo gonna watch it, woohoo!

chaichai CHOCOLATE is hot. she paid $580 for it, but it's dang nice.

itchy itchy lips.

i don't know to believe or not to believe
who is it

★ Sunday, July 22, 2007 AT 9:41 PM
today is haha, fun.
gang meeting.
yes, fun.

shopped, YAY-NESS.

today dang funny, i went to NUM, and this happened.
ME: you look kinda familiar, like i seen you before.
HIM: where did you see me from?
ME: vivo's branch
HIM: oh, that not me.
ME: HAR?! -blurface
HIM: hahaha, i got a twin brother.
ME: really!? paiseh face-
HIM: hahahaha, yeah, i'm kalifah, he is Kali.
ME: oh ok. haha, funny.
HIM: yeah, i'm never at vivo, i'm always here.
ME: yeah alright.


★ Saturday, July 21, 2007 AT 11:29 PM
HAHAHAHA, they make me wanna dance man. wooohooo.

yeah, they are a bunch of ultra cool people, passionate for God.
dance for God ya'll.

yeah, today's attendance is 442
up by 100.

coooooool stuff.

gosh, they, really make me wanna moveeeeeeeee.

ok, stayed for dinner today, was yeah cool. dinner TOO LITTLE LAH.
1 don pie is not enough for my this stomach with worms living in it. hahahah
so after church and stuff, went to Tong Sui Cafe with my cousins, Victor and Rachel, was only 3 of us.
and wow, we had soo much fun together.
was just talking about the future, when we all get married and start a family.
we will all buy a big land and built our houses on it, stay together. all the cousins. SO COOL RIGHT, hahahaha.

everytime dinner will be WOOHOO, super alot of people.
family dinner, will have like 41 person, WOW. plus the next generation kids and all. cool huh!
then during dinner at restaurant will be like FOUR TABLES OF TEN. cool or cool.
woo. all the grandparents and kids and grand kids, wah power.

after that we started talking about spouses.
was superrrr funny, thanks to Mr Victor KAN.
he say i'l marry a AHBENG, and he will kick his ass everyday at the drive way. -.-
because i told him guys who wear skinnes are hot, with a cardigan and hair, kinda long for a guy, side parting fringe and stuff. HAHAHA.

my cousin was like, skinny skinny, i will make him wear a skirt, kick his ass everyday. during family dinner, i'll punch him, kick him.
yes, thats my cousin, and on top of that, he still can say, oh, your husban will have all the TEE TEE TOOT TOOT PING PONG !@#@$%W&$&$^@#$
thats my cousin ya'll.
he is the best in the WORLD. goodness. -shake head.
he and his tooooooooooooot and tooooooooooooot.

we will have cousins who will marry a cyborg, virtual marriage, ahlian, ahbeng, girl next door, old man.

yes, thats the KANER family, the COUSINS.
we are mad, we really are. we can talk all day long about it, like there is no tomorrow.

haha, we rock, yes we do. the cousins as a whole.
super close. wheeeeee. (:

This post is specially for VICTOR KAN ZHEN WEI, yes this is for you kor.


★ AT 12:47 AM
just got home form my sister's performance.
it was good.
really cool i must say.
Urban Pluse.

tomorrow, nono later. 1045 be at church, congrats to me or what, i no need sleep already.
1045, leave house at 0930, wake up at like 0845?!
osh, yay to me, i no need sleep, no need eat.
oh well, a usher gotta do what a usher gotta do.
they are going to rock the stage.

★ Friday, July 20, 2007 AT 4:32 PM
why bear grudges? what is the point?
what's done is done, why not just accept things as it is.
many people are hurt by it.
can't get it your way why not try to accept it.
why wanna put everything on stake?
is it me? or is it true.

★ AT 1:23 PM
mt principle went to the extreme for my class.
too many absentees each day is driving her mad.
so she set a rule for my class that, if anyone is absent have to present M.C
if not student may be expelled.
amazing huh?

oh well, i find it kinda dumb too.
absent = M.C
at times people can self medicate.
why must have M.C?
not everyone will have that kind of money to go to the doctor each time she is sick.
tskkkk, what logic.

anyway, tonight is kajie's performance, gonna go watch!
i got 2 extra tickets though ):
no one to go.

offically, my friend told me that today is only 73 days away from GCE 'N' Level Examination.
and it's freaking me out totally.
my prelims timetable is out already.
it's like everyday! 2 papers.

best of all, i still know nuts about my work.
for now, i'm a mugger.

i pray oh God, that my brain will be like a one way sponge, that all my work can go into my freaking small brain, and all the work don't fall out. Amen.

what good English i use amazing.

singapore's weather is retarded, totally.
the sun is like 3 000 000 degrees or something.
why can't singapore have WINTER?!

i wanna go shopping ):
save up! i gotta SAVE UP!

★ Thursday, July 19, 2007 AT 7:37 PM
today, hmmmmm.
was alright i guess.
still hate school as ever.

after school was love.

long bus rides is love, i can SLEEEEP.


FBT collection is love too!
dark blue, black, red, light blue, purple, silver. I WANT ORANGE WHITE and, ehhhh. thats about it.

hahahaha, i'm getting weirdly mad.
everything is love except school.

topshop is also love, i wanna buy the WHOLE SHOP!

hottes blog now, xiaxue's blog. wow. dang power blog. woo!



★ Wednesday, July 18, 2007 AT 8:53 PM
went to school.
i hate school.
i really do.
but was ok.

after school, watched My Wife Is A Gangster 3 because the previous time i watched from the internet it was cut.

anyway, the show is GOOD.
after that, had a freaking long talk.

kakee got me addicted to this song,

Avril Lavigne
When You're Gone

I always needed time on my own
I never thought I'd need you there when I cried
And the days feel like years when I'm alone
And the bed where you lie
Is made up on your side

When you walk away
I count the steps that you take
Do you see how much I need you right now?

When you're gone
The pieces of my heart are missing you
When you're gone
The face I came to know is missing too
When you're gone
The words I need to hear to always get me through the day
And make it ok
I miss you

enough is enough

everyone tells me the same thing, treasure me time in PL, it's really a great school. they use to complain about the school as much as i do, but now they actually miss the school.

wow, so 'll usually say, "let me hate the school for now, and after i leave then i will tell my junior to love the school."

why my phone so silent something amazing, i only receive ONE MESSAGE today.
wow, ONE.


★ Tuesday, July 17, 2007 AT 6:54 PM
i love Tyra's So What event. it's good.

snap quite pictures with madd cammie, here are some pictures.
i love the cam.

woo, had fun snaping those pictures, haha. oh well. i loveeeeee photography.

dad is funny, really funny indeed
his jokes makes people go, righttttttt, or, yo're really funny. and everything will end of with laughters of joy.

★ AT 1:53 PM
head spinning, nose leaking, itchy itchy, gonna peng, eyes shutting.
medicine super strong, after sleeping, still wanna sleep again.
body is calling for sleep, but i don't allow.
am i torturing myself?
force myself not to sleep, going out.

★ Monday, July 16, 2007 AT 5:21 PM

happy saree day.
woo, was in my saree the whole day, so kang kor.
after school went to lunch, SUPER FUNNY.
clique went to pizza hut to lunch.

camwhoreeeeeee, really fun, kept snapping randomly.
i love the cammie, Canon 400D

★ Sunday, July 15, 2007 AT 10:33 PM
big news, of today.


went out with baby and jt.
watch movie, and the OH-SO-SMART-ME thought i set my phone to vibrate and threw the phone into my bag, i actually never. goodness. -smackshead

movie ended at 8 plus, we left, and went to WALKWALK.
we walk until 9 plus, then i went, "where is my phone?!"
everyone was like, don't bluff, so i check and bag and stuff, check pocket check everywhere, then baby called my phone, it is suppose to vibrate, it did NOT.
obviously my phone is not with me.

we flew back to cine, i was like panicking like siao!
1st time lost phone. FIRST.
i was going crazy, like CRAZY.

after that, we went back, and i saw the board that says Cinema 2 SEATING i was freaking out, because i was watching my show at cinema 2, went and ask the people to check my seat for my phone, then they found it, YAYYYYYYY.


flew home after that.

baby! it's your last 1 hour and 3 mins being FIFTEEN.

★ Saturday, July 14, 2007 AT 9:57 PM
badbadbad headache ):
took panadol.
and it's still as bad. ):

head spinning like siao

anyway, anyone interested in a vintage, it's a real vintage bag, BRAND NEW.
selling at $90, PRICE NEGOTIABLE.

the word on the bag is LUCK.
if interested, let me know.
e-mail/msn: tofukia@hotmail.com
mobile: 96775442

★ AT 1:06 AM
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★ Friday, July 13, 2007 AT 9:07 PM
i've got a cool family.
a family who talks about shit over dinner.

sister: yah, that fruit changes shit color
ma: so i'm correct. hehe
me: mummy, you go eat green veggie then your shit will turn green.
ma: liying, your shit got change color not?
me: aiyoh nummy, i go shit, must go look at my shit and notice the color one meh?
pa: yah lor, only you and lixin actually go look at your shit
sister: hahahaha, do you smell your shit?
me: WTH, noooo!! you crazy
pa: we're having dinner now you know. change topic can?
me: hahahaa, yeahhh.
-silent all eaing, suddenly-
pa: i wonder got people go weigh shit or not
me: wow you say change subject one, you start it. hahahaa
sister: yah lah, hahaha
me: yah, like weigh every single shit then check for health thing
dad: ok we invent lah, liying, you tale charge of marketing, i will take charge of the MONEYY, haha.
-mummy sitting there quietly-
me: kajie! you can be the gini pig.
sister: yahhhhh right.
me: aye, mummy why you go quite? thinking of shit?
pa: no lah, she thinking of the design.


★ AT 7:37 PM
do you guys ever think of someone else?
or just go ahead with things leaving the one behind all alone?

★ AT 4:12 PM
tummmmmy pain ):
studying at home.
if only singapore have a home study scheme, then no need go school.

lips splitting into pieces.
gonna drop out soon.

it's friday, and i keep feeling i gotta go somewhere, but i just can't think of the place.
friday the 13.

fur coats, thick scarf, huge shades.

★ Thursday, July 12, 2007 AT 10:49 PM
went to school.
was alright, slept for 3 periods STRAIGHT.
solid sleep. more then an hour ok, thats considered GOOD.

after that, went to mug at the airport with kakeeeeee, and lauren.
was dang funny lah, laugh until tummy pain, ok, we did study.

kinda still hate school.
don't know monday gonna be how. oh well, let tomorrow worry for itself.

woo, house gonna be ready SOOOOOOOOOON, i hope. haha

my Oondu died that day ):he only lived for 13 days ):
it's now 2 years old.

we gave you the chance
but you blew it
now you blame us?

★ Wednesday, July 11, 2007 AT 6:35 PM
i went to school, TADA!
haha. oh well.
was alright.

after school was fun, really.
went out with demelza, hoho, fun.


i kinda like the Live Earth adverts.
it's nice i must say, really nice.
like all those kids who talk,
and one of them said,
'i worry about my children in the future, that they may not be able to see the sky blue or the grass green.'
wow, so powerful.

kakee justtold me that, Wai for you by ellittototot yammmmmmmmi and Never Had A Dream Come True by Sssssssss-club 7 is has the same tune.

2 become 1

★ Tuesday, July 10, 2007 AT 2:41 PM
DANIEL HENNEY he is sooooooooo hot. -faints.
and i just found out that Daniel Henney is dating MADDIE Q!?
i don't know if they are still dating, but who cares.

my wife is a gangster 3 is kinda nice i must say.
soooo, unreal yet real.
stayed home 2 days, sleeeeeeepy, itchy.
this allergy is really kinda jialat.
everywhere also swelling.

dunkin donuts nice.
then there will be the battle of donuts,

i don't understand my feelings.
it's kinda. . .weird
i hate going school, yet when i don't go i will feel this sense of left out-ness thing.
gosh, it's irritating.

★ Monday, July 09, 2007 AT 4:14 PM
no school for me today.
allergy again, kinda bad, getting from bad to worst.
oh well. ):

why that sickening feeling again?!?! i hate it, eww.
nevermind, anyway, was out with my sister just now, and i saw this really cute lorry thing.
haha, the back says FRIENDLY PEST.
and my sister was like, "why wanna get rid of friendly pest? is here such thing as a friendly pest, when pest are pest?"

watching saw III now, woohoo, i like.
but super gross, can't take it.
i hope there is no one that gross living on this dying earth.
seriously, it's dang gruesome.

★ AT 12:16 AM
today is fun i must say.

mum and dad just came back from Malaysia, and shiok. they bought MNG tanks and Dunkin Donuts for my sister and i to eat and share. nice. not forgetting also got koropoke. or however it's spelt. nice.

★ Sunday, July 08, 2007 AT 12:59 AM
after all these.
and it got worst yet again.

★ Saturday, July 07, 2007 AT 11:44 PM
churched today.
thanks for the plesent surprise.
the first cake i cut ever since my birthday. love you guys.
and cell for the card and the cake and all your wishes and smiles.

today sermon rocks.
really applied to me.
after all the things that happened, i needed that.

★ Friday, July 06, 2007 AT 4:43 PM
loveeeeeeee my baby mac. gosh.
it's a dram/wish come true, thanks maaaaapaaaakakakakajie.

mummy and daddy will not be in singapore for the next few days.
so only kajie, nilma not forgetting baby shino is in singapore.

school kinda alright, i totally froze today during my N level oral NO JOKE!
dione cried ):
it's that scary.

★ Thursday, July 05, 2007 AT 11:02 PM

thanks mummy and daddy of case kajie for this wonderful present!
it's gonna be my new baby for life or something.

★ Wednesday, July 04, 2007 AT 7:38 PM
a few more hours.
ain't getting the mood.
but i sure am excited for other things.
thanks mummy thanks daddy.
of cause kakakakajie too. (:
love you all.

★ AT 2:23 PM
i'm being forced.
i HATE it.

★ Tuesday, July 03, 2007 AT 4:28 PM
why do people go through so much?
why do people ignore each other?
why do people hate each other?
why do people avoid questions?
why do people have problems?

★ AT 3:42 PM

and congrats to me, my lips are getting from bad to worst.

after seeing the doctor i look like crap, worst. thanks doctor.
thanks alot.

whyyyy like thatttt.

lips super itchy, doctor medicine not working man.

★ Monday, July 02, 2007 AT 9:13 PM
slept till late today.
went out with kajie then friends.

town is filled with people i know, everywhere i go i see people i know.
kinda cool.

gosh, lips and jaw are swollen.
gonna see the doctor now.

daddy, mummy always amuse me.
parents came to fetch me from home to see a doctor, so this was what happen.

-i got into the car
me: hi mummy, daddy.
parents: -stares at me form the front seats-
me: yes?
daddy: yah, her lips, swollen.
mummy: jaw area too
daddy: -starts driving- soo, who you kiss?
me: no one lah
daddy: monkey?
me: no.
daddy: elephant?
me: no
daddy: tiger, lion, zebra, baboon
me: none lah daddy
daddy: I KNOW!
me: huh? what
me: you tingtongbongsong, no lah.
mummy: daddy, no lahh it's BANGLA
daddy: woohoo. you went to see our house today right? alot of them.
me: yahyahyahh.
everyone: -laughs-

-i've lost my mood
i can't stand it when it happens.

★ Sunday, July 01, 2007 AT 7:45 PM

zoo rocks,
but more then that.
madd cam is the best.
i really am. woohoo. good thing that time mom bought a photography book.
NIKON, CANNON PENTAX i want them all!
i'm determined to save my CNY money, christmas angpaos and even birthday angpaos.

FINALLY, i found a website which gives photography tips. at last.

oh oh, and just now, yay. i got locked out of my own house ):
shino panicked big time, whining like siao, running around the whole house.

zoo, sentosa. love.