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Married at 22
A mother at 23
And loving it.

Why? Because i married someone who makes me truly happy.

And this blog is dedicated to everyone i love.


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★ Saturday, December 31, 2005 AT 7:15 AM
early early early in the morning today tt means abt 12am or 1-2am...i was still online..than my EAR yes EAR it hurt lyk crazy..super pain.so i prayed..it was nt the outside tt hurt but its the inside of my ear tt hurt real bad...it is lyk blocked and pain...super uncomfortable...so nvm.i TRY to sleep..went on thebed n try to sleep...then i fell asleep.than after awhile i woke up.suddenly.and the pain was soo bad until i cried..really cried..really pain..so i pray pray n pray.and my sister woke woke up and comfort me..cos my ear was really pain..and now.its nt pain.but it is still blocked...at least it is better now.praise the Lord.

★ Friday, December 30, 2005 AT 3:53 PM

whee whee...hahaha...went out today wif weiwei.luwei.serene.guizhen.winnie.myself.went to bugis wif them..today afternoon b4 i leave my hse i sooo excitied...nt cos i m gg out but cos of my HAIR.i get to STYLE it..hahahaha..soo excitingg..haha..nw it lookss..wowowow..did a really messy way..soo coooll..then went over to bugis to meet the rest...and guess wat..when i reach there i saw someone..i saw jun an...hehe...said hi hi n stuff..yeah..today is a great day...hehe..had alot of fun..i bought a new berms.pinkkk..hehe..coool...hahha...we ate at soul gardens and the bill was $138.60..for 6 person..each is $23...hehe..eat lyk MADDD...haha...

★ Thursday, December 29, 2005 AT 11:51 AM

I'VE GOT A NEW SHORT FUNKY HAIR STYLE!.its nice and so cool!.me and my sister.wif a brand new hair style.cool!!

feeling better
★ AT 4:13 AM
nv really blog yesterday cos was sick.than today i m feeling MUCH better...THANKS FOR ALL YOUR PRAYERS!...but i m still having running nose and sore throat.today actually hav to go to church for the dinner.but not gg.my mother wants me to rest more.so she is taking half day to come home to look after me...whee....GREAT MOTHER...wahahaha....hehe..total madness.

★ Wednesday, December 28, 2005 AT 7:11 AM
SICK.i m nt feeling well...plz pray for me.i m so boredd..my maid went bac to phl.will only be coming bac in 2 weeks.hav to do hse work..gosh...than i m sooo boreddd...

★ Tuesday, December 27, 2005 AT 1:31 PM
I MISS THOSE TIME.anyway.hehe.juz came bac from my granny's hse.i m BORED.

★ AT 7:41 AM
CINDERELLA is the word for me.i am really her.i wash the kicthen using a scrub.NO POLE.so had to be cinderella.but i guess tis cinderella will not get to meet my PRINCE in the end.or go to a GREAT GRAND BALL.sad.maybe only after a million year than i will be able to meet my prince.

★ Monday, December 26, 2005 AT 4:35 PM
why izzit tt my CLOSEST *she* have changed soo much...she hav always been the best to me.but i just guess everything change.i KNOW for SURE she LIED to ME.i mean could u imagine she is soooo close to me and she LIED to be.or nt only tt but she is HIDING things from me.hiding things from me.me her closest.hide things from me.she even told me tt she will NEVER hide things from me.and now SHE IS HIDING THINGS FROM ME.she can always tell mee!!..but why izzit she just don wanna tell me..and she keeps hidings things..but THE THING SHE IS HIDING FROM ME I KNOW ABOUT IT.I KNOW.but she juz don wanna say.i asked her and she don wanna say...she will say 'no no.its rubbish'.she thinks tt only she n those few ppl noes.but actually alot of ppl noe.cos they saw it for them selves.but she is still trying to hide.really.NO USE HIDING.

christmas over
★ AT 4:27 PM
ITS ALRD 12:22AM SO CANNOT WISH MERRRRRRRRRRRY CHIRSTMAS...TOOO BADDD..HAHA...CONGRATS TO ALLL THE PPL HU GT BAPTIZEEE..YESTERDAY..COS PAST 12...HAHA...BUT YEAHH...HAD A FUN PARTYY!!...had to perform infront of my WHOLE familyy..haha...as in even my mother cousins n all..wow...had to singgg...they r all not christian...aww...but will grab the chancve to SHARE with themm!!!...pray prayyy!!...haha...AHH!!..CHRISTMAS IS OVERRRRRRR...but still hav some christmas fotos of meee....

merrryy christmass
★ Sunday, December 25, 2005 AT 7:34 PM

today was great actually yesterday cos past 12 am and oh ya.MERRRRRRY CHRISTMASSS!!!..i loveee christmasss!!...the christmas bash was super gooooddd!!!!...<3's it!!..alot alot alotttt!!!...hahaha...the acting was super gooooddd..it almost make me cryy...haha...i love cell grp today..it was greattt!!!...48 people..veryyy coooool....hahaha....hadd alott of funn!!!!!...love tis christmassss..then eat there also...coolness...after tt went to westmall mac to sit n eat AGAIN..haha..very funnyyy...hahaha...then we went home taking the last train...thennn...took to jurong west interchangeee..then i missed the last trainnn by 1 min!!!!!!!!!!!1...ahhh...tt 1 minn!!!!!!!!!1...hahaha...then toooooook a taxi home share a cab wif debraa...and the fare was 31.50$$$$$..ahhhhh

★ Saturday, December 24, 2005 AT 3:26 PM
I AM TALKING TO DEBRA ON THE PHONE NOW.SHE IS MAD.BUT I LOVE HER.SHE IS JUST LIKE ME.AND WE ARE TALKING ABOUT OUR PAST.how much fun we had together.all the crapy times.i totally MISS those time.from 3 to 2.but we will still remember the fun and joy we had together.talking on the phone which is so funny.

3- joy

we have the joy have the laughter and last but not least crapyness and all these sum up to FUN.

★ AT 7:46 AM
is things getting out of hands?.is things repeating itself once more?.but i don't want things to repeat itself.wat should i do?.hmmz...PRAY.yup.PRAY.best spiritual weapond.PRAY.wheee...musbe more prayful..alot more.i guess as now.i get older.i start to think.what will happen without CHRIST in my life?...my life will juz be nothing.no meaning and all i can rely on is myself and my family friends.and the results is only base on MAN'S result nt God's result.wat a life.yesterday when i was in the cab wif ruxiang.debra.serene we was juz toking to the cab driver.and he say tt everything is a FAKE.all religon is rubbish...he was juz toking abt allllll the religon.if science can prove than he belive.if nt he say tt everything is a make up.he even say tt the sciencist said that the bible.the passion of the christ is juz trying to make ppl to belive tt it is real.but it is nt.he also say tt the don't allow his kids to go into any religon until they are 21 cos their minds will be matureee....haiz.lost people.poorthing..

★ AT 7:46 AM
is things getting out of hands?.is things repeating itself once more?.but i don't want things to repeat itself.wat should i do?.hmmz...PRAY.yup.PRAY.best spiritual weapond.PRAY.wheee...musbe more prayful..alot more.i guess as now.i get older.i start to think.what will happen without CHRIST in my life?...my life will juz be nothing.no meaning and all i can rely on is myself and my family friends.and the results is only base on MAN'S result nt God's result.wat a life.yesterday when i was in the cab wif ruxiang.debra.serene we was juz toking to the cab driver.and he say tt everything is a FAKE.all religon is rubbish...he was juz toking abt allllll the religon.if science can prove than he belive.if nt he say tt everything is a make up.he even say tt the sciencist said that the bible.the passion of the christ is juz trying to make ppl to belive tt it is real.but it is nt.he also say tt the don't allow his kids to go into any religon until they are 21 cos their minds will be matureee....haiz.lost people.poorthing..

★ Friday, December 23, 2005 AT 5:13 PM

COOLNESS.nw i m looking at fotos of new zeland.and it is FAB-U-LOUS!.total coooolness!!...today was a really GREAT day.went for the party.really early was at rico's hse wif the other ppl doing the food n games...i was mainly doing the foood...i did the spagatti n stuff..cook the noddle..LOT OF NODDLE!!...and i did the dip frying of the nuggets..also..very fun...did nt join in the games..did all the plaining wif the commiti ppl..very fun...haha..did alot of things..even hav to clean the wall n wash the stove..really fun..hahaha...we (comittie) ppl felt really happy to see our brothers and sisters all so happy enjoying themselves.and i REALLY LOVE to serve ppl..it is cool..lyk cooking for them...n stuff...it is really very cool..after the party went to ochard wif lyk abt 10 person..very fun..and we wore the santa hats in ochard!!..haha..cool ritee...then there is a man tt came to us.wanting to spread the gosple to us.and we are lyk.WE ARE CHRISTIAN!!!....AND WE LOVE JESUS!!...that man was lyk..COOOL..hahaha..praise the LORD!..haha...very fun!... madness day..haha...great great dayy!!!

★ Thursday, December 22, 2005 AT 4:18 PM
bare the responsiblitiy you do.if you did something wrong relise the mistake and learn from it.don repeat the mistake.it is normal to make mistake but most impt is to learn from it and not repeating it.and very impt is to listen to ur leaders cos Gos said to be submissives to your leaders.and if u disobey ur leaders and are actually disobeying God.and we are not supose to disobey God.it is a command from God.so listen to it.our leaders don lyk to scold us.but if they scold us.its cso they love us.they care for us.and they wants the best for us.

★ AT 4:01 PM

I GOT MY RING!!..WHEEEEE!!...haaha..went out wif my family today n i bought a RING!...fun fun fun..hehe..its nice..it ia a MATT ring wif 3 small dimonds and wif hearts..a small nice one.coolness... i love it!!..haha...went to church today to help out wif the deco..and i LOVEE the deco..its soo nice!!..it is total coolness...haha...after tt went to meet my parents to go do some christmas shopping..and nw my dog is on my table..haha..she is lying down.madness..

★ Wednesday, December 21, 2005 AT 3:16 PM
I want to talk about LEADERS today.LEADERS have told me that they feel sad. why?.beacuse of us.looking at a leader as a leader not only in church but outside.and what a our leader really wants is for us to treat them as a FRIEND also.they are our friend our brother and sister also.like everyone knows that me n WEIWEI is very close.but honestly i still look at her as my LEADER not a friend.but after today we had a talk.she told me that being a leader is not easy.and we as members we still draw a line between them and us.and it really makes things hard for them.like weiwei told me tt when she was a member she have alot of friends.but after she became a cell leader everything change.all her friends draw a line between her and them.i guess.most or all of our leaders feel this way.so after what weiwei told me.together with sean.i just said to myself that we should treat our leader as our friends also.YES they might be our leader BUT they are also our friend.everyone will get to be a leader one day.and we don't want to feel that way.losing all your friends.so we should look at our leaders as friends also.the ONE thing that every member is very scared is to tell a leader something.and that is way we all don't want to bring things up to the leaders.when the leader can HELP.they are not out to scold us or punish us or (not literal) beat us.but they are just here to guide us.help us.care for us.yap.if they scold us punish us 'beat' us.it is only because they love us.and they are also spritually more mature.so they would know more.but of cause they are still learing.but yeah.why nt just be frank with them.talk to them be open with them.don't be afriad to tell them things.
just want to end with a last thing.


★ AT 2:35 PM
i gt the santa hats alrd!!!...hahah..wear it alrite!!..hahaha..today went out wif weiwei n sean..had a bit of a problem to find the place...yap...but gt it in the end!!...yap..then went to church...to help out wif the deco..its coool...the deco is really nice...they was doing the rehersal...cool..trm will be gg bac to church again.to do the deco..hehe..funnessssss...

get there?!
★ Tuesday, December 20, 2005 AT 5:12 PM

try this!
★ AT 9:00 AM
HEY!.wanna try to be a DOCTOR?.tis is ur 1 chance!

click here to try

its cool.cos i tried.

★ AT 8:15 AM
why is things turning out like this.no buts why?.after i settle something and it makes me happy.and HERE POPS another.but in anycase i will leave everything up to God.i should not worry because God is in control of everything.even to the smallest.lifes full of problem.and i HATE it.PROBLEM wat a word.maybe a problem might be a test.we never know.

★ Monday, December 19, 2005 AT 6:11 PM
i guess.a SMILE means alot.juz 1 SMILE weather it is a big nice SMILE showing all ur white teeth or juz a simple SMILE nt showing ur white nice teeth.juz a SMILE.it makes someones day.when a person is down juz SMILE.wat i do even a person is sad sick crying angry.i juz try my very best to make the person SMILE.say smt funny make the person SMILE once he/she SMILE everything will be fine.SMILING might be simple n plain.but it can mean alot.you can tell if the SMILE is from the heart.the person might be sad in the inside and when he/she SMILE u can tell.if he/she really mean tt SMILE.SMILING brings joy to someone.maybe ur SMILE to u it might nt be nice.but there r many ways expressing tis word SMILE u don need to SMILE to tell someone "i am happy" or "i am not angry".ppl can tell.ppl can sense tt u r happy.even though u r nt SMILING literal.SMILE no need to be a literal thing(at least to me).u can SMILE in ur heart and the peron u r talking to u looking at can tell tt ur SMILING.its all in the heart a person can tell if ur happy sad angry and everything might nt nessary telling from the face expression but i felt it is more into the heart.if ur heart SMILE ppl ard u noes tt ur SMILING.it is juz lyk when u r happy.or u hav joy in ur heart ppl ard u can tell.they can feel it.they might say "HEY!.ur face is glowing today".does it mean tt ur face is literally glowing?.no.they r juz trying to say ur glowing they can see the joy the happiness.in u.tt is juz so strong.and u nv noe.maybe cos of u the person is also gotten more happy.more joyful.u don need a sunshine SMILE to make a person day.a simple SMILE can already make a persons day.for me.i don really take SMILE as a literal thing.cos i can be SMILING in my heart and also ppl can tell tt ur happy.


★ AT 5:47 PM
i guess for me.today is really a crying day.i cried many times to day.but cry only over 2 so called subject.1 is cos i watched the show KING KONG it made me cry..cos i m a person tt FEEEELS ALOT FOR ANIMALS even if it is real or nt.i FEEL alot.lyk king kong it is juz a FAKE but i still cry cos i felt for it.i feel alot for not-human stuff..i really donno y..but ya...cried lyk so many times during the show...awww...

2nd is some serious talk abt family.tt juz bring bac memories.or i was juz simply hurt..tts all..but nw i m fine!!!...all smiling!!...=)

yesterday i set an alarm at 10am to wake up n go to church for bible study.then i heard a alarm.but i did nt respond to it.cos i tot tt i was dreaming n the sound is part of the dream.wahahaha...i noe its lame.haha.until my maid open the door n shouted askin me to wake up then i woke up.but after awhile i said tt i don go for bible study today cos i m really very tired so i went bac to sleep then at 11 i woke up again.n tot shld i go for bible study.and i was lyk.i shld go.but in the other hand i hav tis thought in me go sleep u need the rest don go.go for wat?.its no use.u will nt understand so i went bac to sleeep.then it was 12.i woke up n still thinking if i shld go for bible study.and i said tt i shld go.i shld.so i hav no time to reach there in time so i called my parents ask if they can fetch me.so my mother say can after she bring me for lunch will drive me over...so i said great THANK GOD tt my parents can fetch me to church.and after we eat when go to express way have a jam.so it was lyk.there is tis thought in my mind tt since hav a jam n i m gg to be late muz as well don go.but i juz don care.i m late i will still go.cos i noe i will nt be very very late so i juz go.n wow.its fuuullll hse!!...everyone is sitting on the floor.and i hav to sit on the floor also but its ok.juz sit.

★ Sunday, December 18, 2005 AT 3:36 PM
HOME.haha.fun fun fun.YAY!.i feel sooo good..gibing ppl presents.cool.hahaha.loves it.mad alot of fun today.had cell grp...during cell gt discipleship also. and when cherie ask me to explain to her wat she wants me to explain.i was actually kinda shocked.cos usually i will nt be able to explain n i will juz freak out n freeze..but tis time when she ask me to explain i could actually explain.THANK GOD.He really helped me.glad.i love PRAISE AND WORSHIP so fun.jump lyk mad.go HIGH for JESUS is the best.its so HOT here. HOW HOT?.REAL HOT.hahaha...coolness.i love pastor dave.he is good n funny!..yeah.pastor preach abt being DEVOTED to a person.and i felt tt God so called gave me tt devotedness.

cos me n yanqi was abt to walk down the stair we saw jirin gg up stair.so we was juz wondering wat happen.she said to yanqi u go down first will meet you there.so i wanted to go down to wait for her but i juz had tis feeling suddenly.i should go up and look for her so i went up to see her and she is was in the toilet washing hands.and she was shocked when she see us.so after tt i tot i wanna pray for her neck.so me n yanqi went and ask her can we pary for her.and i juz had tt feeling.i REAL good feeling i donno y.but yah.i took this chance to pray for her.cos i belive tt prayer works.

went for dinner after tt and had fun.and i saw jirin carring her bag walking to some where.so AGAIN i donno y.i juz ran after her n i found out tt she needed a toilet so i brought her to the toilet and when i was bring her there she said.'hey liying u seem to be askin me wat i m doing where i m gg and things' so i really donno how to reply her.cos tis 2 times is really nt me wanting to look for her.but i juz went and when ever i tok to her askin her hw is she wat is she doing i felt good.why?.i really do not noe.but yah.great day spending time wif great ppl seeing smiles on ppl faces...GREAT JUZ GREAT

it hav been long.
★ AT 3:20 AM
haha..it hav been long since i blog.but i muz say smt first.YOUTH IMAPCY CAMP IS THE BEST AND WILL ALWAYS BE THE BEST.WHEEEEEE!!..it was AWSOMEE.hahahaha..CONGRATS TO GIDEON.tt is 1 great tribe i muz say..haaha...today is saturday.....SNL CELL GRP....soo exciting can!!!..hahahah..pastor dave was the best.he is so very niceee....SHAMMO...think i spell wrong but nvm..heheheh....yeahhh..coolness..loves my team..fun bunch of us...hahahahah.....JACOBBB!!!!.....WE HAV WON THE WAR WE HAV WON THE WAR.all the tribes won the war.all the fun and laughters and joy...great...i wanna go again...the camp shld be longerrr!!!...hahahahahhahaah...HIGH PRAISE super HIGH...haha...HIGH until on stage...hahaha..soooo cooool...everyone is CRAZY!!!..ABOUT..JESUS!!!...fun fun fun...hahaha...i m the mad one..haha...nw slacking gg to meet weiwei later...i will be santa for my cell n to some ppl..hahaha....alot of gift to gavi....i did more than 40 i think..yah...abt 40-50 presents..i had to write than giv things..a really somple gift..anyway.its the thought tt counts...i m soo nice..hahahahahahah......madnesss...i miss MISSION TRIP and YI CAMP!!

★ Monday, December 12, 2005 AT 3:05 PM
itss night!!..and i went to eat SEAFOOOOOOOD jus nw...it was GOOOODIEE..haha..went to east coast to eat..mMmMMmMm....soo niceee...ate steamed crab...chilli crab....prawn...o0o0o0o0...it was juz sooo good...hahhahaa.....tooook fotos too!!...fun fun fun.

hip hip hoooorayy!!
★ Sunday, December 11, 2005 AT 4:26 PM
madness is the key word.haha.nvm lamenessssss..wahaha..i m soo happy..cos my friend..haha..i did nt even noe tt wat i did made her angry..then nw she is nt angry wif me..wahhaa..haha...its juz JOY.haha.

but anywayy....today went for BIBLE STUDY!!...haha..it was fun..but very tiring..my brain was abt to BLOW..haha..*KABOOOOM*..HAHA...yeah..but it is cool studying the bible.get to noe alot more thingss...haha...ITS SEAN BIRTHDAY IN 2 DAYSS!!!...hahahaha.....TAO GAY..hahha...beannnnnn sprout.haha.let the world noe abt it.hahahaha.

its daddy birthday!!..which is sean of cos..haha...sooo cool...i m so high nw.wheeee!!!..haha..madnesssss....crapy me as usual..haha...later gg to eat SEAFOOOOOD...i m lyk sooo excited..wheeee

messsed upp..
★ Saturday, December 10, 2005 AT 5:51 PM
its SATURDAY!...and after missing 1 day of church.the last saturday.cos was in mission tripp.but yah.really miss the people here n really miss church..haha...had a good time today during cell grp.but only PRAISE AND WORSHIP.i MESSED up everything..really...gosh.i cannot belive it..everyone is telling me u will do great u will do great.but in the end i did totally nt good...ahh!!...argh.terror!!...until after cell huat came to me n ask me if ANYONE teach me hw to do praise and worship.and i was lyk.HUH?.teach?.hav one arx?.so its lyk.ahh!!..i juz come bac from my POWER PACK SUPER DUPER MISSION TRIP.then come bac the 1st sat only i messed up the praise and worship...soo badd!!..izzit me or wat?.

★ AT 2:27 PM
i only woke up at 1 plus today..hehe..cos very tireddd...then stayed home the whole say only until for dinner went to eat wif my family..haha...than i hav to prepare for PRAISE AND WORSHIP.i m worried i screw up totally...i will juz cry!!...if i screw up...i hate to screw up when everyone is talking to God. then suddenly SCREW UP.gosh.i will juz faint.hehe.first time doing.so freaking scary...woohoo..wahahahah...DECO CHRISTMAS TREEEE!!..haha..juuz did it..juz done.very very niceee..all bright n sparkling juz lyk me..wahahaha..

★ Friday, December 09, 2005 AT 9:24 AM
staying home today...yesterday juz come bac..i really miss thailand...i really wanna go bac there...I LOVE MY TEAM!!..NEXT YEAR SAME TEAM IS THE BEST...hehe..roxx!!!...<3<3<3 my team lyk madd!...wahahahahhahahahahah.....*cries*..i hav learn alot in tis mission trip....i learn nt to complaint to much.more patience.there r more...but yeah..loves the team lyk maddddd..HOPE TO MEET UP WIF U GUYS!!

mission trip.
★ Thursday, December 08, 2005 AT 4:27 AM
LOOK HUS BACK!!..I M BAC FROM MY FANTASTIC MISSION TRIP.N I WILL BE SHARING EVERYTHING IN TIS BLOGG!!!shall start now.from 1st day!!!...wheee!!!.all the schools there r abt 70-90 salvations.

ut also.yea.the PLANE..haha..u can ask ppl sitting ard me..i m very very super high when i sit air plane.when it takes off i really go mad..wahahah!!!...sooo happpyyy..whee...haha..love my teamm!!....sylvester.xiaozhen.cherie.jirin.wilson.kongann.candis.kalis.johnson.myselfef.ernest...yeahh..i really love them!!...super nice ppl!!..aawwww..haha.landed in bangkok

fun fun fun...haha..i love long journey..soo from bangkok went over to khon kean!!!...haha..soo exciting..cos the coach ride was 7hrs..wow..its juz cool..haha...soo when we go there its dinner..so we went to eat dinner..and guess wat..I ATE MEAL WORM....cool rite..hahah...it is SUPER nice..haha...soo went to khon kean...then eat dinner..then after dinner our leader ,zibing, said tt we will nt be gg to khon kean but we will be gg to buiyai soo we go our stuff n went off there..stright after dinner..its a 2hr van ride..so when we reach we check in to our motel..its actually a HOUSE wif only 1 toilet..wahaha...but its very nice also..tis a house.so ya,we hav 1 MAIN door than when u open the maid door its all the rooms...THERE IS NO LOBBY.and down stairs is a shop..more lyk a open aird restrant..its a house.juz picture a HOUSE...yeah.tts our place..1 toilet 12 person share..boy girl ALL SHARE...yeah...cool rite..then went into our rooms n get put our things down afetr tt we went to 7-11 to buy food.water n stuff...so we went bac to our motel n to our shock we relise tt OUR MAIN door is lock...so its alrd late n the sjop is close.so cannot enter by the shop.and the main door the ppl LACTHED.so cannot open at all..so we don hav a choice buy to go to one of our translaters hse to sleep..and the place is very oooolooo..then no choice..so we went there to sleep..and all we hav is wat we r wearing n carrying..soo we went to the hse..and the hse is a kampong liked hse...made of ALL wood..n stuff..so hav to sleep on the floor...but yeah..its ok..the floor is wood.so its still softer than cement..hehe..yeah..then the next morning hav to go to school alrd..so we wokr up early to go bac to the hse...when we go there its ok alrd..so we r happy...and we gt ready n went to the schools..yeahh...the night was a WOW night.all the salvation is nt excate.

irst day of work..went to 2 schools.70-90 salvation.and we had alot of fun.interracting wif all of the kids..and they r juz sooo very cutee...haha..we did the perfomance sing song play games..yeahh..then after we fnish everything the kids will ask us for our signature so we gave them..we sign for them on the tracks..alot of fun...it gave me tt feeling of a SUPERSTAR...hehe...cool..went to 2 schools...went to a guys hse..sang 3 song for him n his family...share to the mother also..the guy is down syndrem..yah...

we went to another 2 schools again today.and there was abt 70-90 salvations..went ard signing tracks for the kids again.and after the schools we went to gib out tracks.and tell ppl.abt Jesus..hahaha...then its dinner we went to a park to eat..had alot of fun there...we ate home cooked food.made by 1 of our translator sister...then there was sooo many BUGS..n i m super scared of them..some more there was soo many kids there..and they keep throwing bugs at me n trying to scare me..of cos i will scream n run..tt was the first time i ran sooooo fat..soo mad..scream...lyk madd!!!!..hahaha...

we went to another 2 schools today..and its the last day of school ministary...sad sad sad..but we still carry on.sharing to the kids..and i shared my testiemony...i actually did nt wan to share cos jav some porblem.but i still shared.it was really abt to make me cry.but i tot.if i share i m GLORIFYING GOD...so y nt share...so i prayed then share...yep.after the school we went to the hospital to pray for ppl...we prayed for a lany is an ampituted leg.and more...we prayed for tis lady hu have a beer belly..she drank too much beer.so she had the belly..so we prayed for her.and guess wat the tummy went small..nt alot of yeah.it did smallen...so we tok to her.askin her if shewants to recove christ.and she said yes.but at first she did nt wan to cut her string.tt all buddist wore..and she said she cannot cute of its from her grandmother and grand father...but in the end she still cut.and she have her beeds ard her neck.she also took it off...but she said cannot throw cos its nt hers.its her frends...she also told us tt she will be dis charged next day.so we will go n see her in her hse.and after tt we went to poray for another lany hus hearing hav problem.but we prayed for her n she could hear better..much better indeed..of cos we r all very happy...after all tis we went to a gals hse.she is a down syndream girl.se prayed n sing song with her..had fun wif her of cos...sing dance...yep.we did tt for the dayyy...

we went to the church today nhelp them deco up the church for christimas..and after tt we went for lunch then to the village to pray for ppl..we prayed for a mute man.he gt lyk tis cos of his late mother..she passed away last year.and he cannot get over it.and he juz keep on crying n he is really depress...so we prayed for him...ask him if he wants to belive in Jesus and he agree...so we prayed for him..and tis time he cried cos he gt touched by God...and he gave us 21 coconut 2 banch of bananas...we went bac to the hospital aftyer the village and look for the lady hu have the beer belly cos she is nt dis charged yet.but tis time the nurse don allow us to see her anymore.and the nurse even curse 1 of our translators cos she asked them for a termoneter cos we wants to test the lady tempreture..yeah..so we went to buy the termonter from the hospital..and when we go bac the nurse don even allow us to see the lady..we r banded from gg into the ward...ao we went off n tried to go bac later..in the night.but tis time only 3 person go into the ward the rest will stay in the van.n pray...but in the end they did nt go in still they had to go off...yeah...so we did nt hav a chance to tok to tt lady...then after tis we went bac to a vilage n had a night rally there...there was abt 30 salvation..yeah..the kids r really sweeet...then its DINNER TIME....ate at the same place the park...made by the sister...really thx the family...then i went for a bicycle ride..my translator ride i juz sat...she is soo nice so nice to my whole teamm!!...

today is sundayy!!!....soo we went for the service...and had alot alot of healing...we went to the village also to gib out tracks n share to everyone abt Him...then we went to another park..wif a big field to hav fun there...we caught alot alot alot alot of bugs..all sorts..haha...and went to the park where i scream lyk mad for dinner n to catch more insect..or BUGS..hahah...and when we go bac we all was mad...we took all the bugs n make them fight n after tt kill them!!.

today go bac to khon kean...hahaha....took the 2hr drive to khon kean.went bac to the church n meet bac ALL the other khon kean teams..yeah...haha..alot alot of fun...went to rest for a while n then took a mid night bus to bangkok...soo there is where i spent 1 night..travlling in the coach.haha...i cried lyk mad..cos hav to leave my translators..!!!....cries cries

hw in bangkok...today is SHOPPING...hahaha...went shopping n stuff...bought AOT ALOT of things..haha...hehehe..every one say i m mad...wahahhaaha....shop alot alot..really alot..haha

DAY 10