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Married at 22
A mother at 23
And loving it.

Why? Because i married someone who makes me truly happy.

And this blog is dedicated to everyone i love.


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★ Friday, January 29, 2010 AT 1:09 PM
i'm fat and disgusting ):

★ Tuesday, January 26, 2010 AT 3:04 PM
my pretty pretty dog (:

Shino Baby Love
this is the BEST SHIT EVER.
Laksa Yong Tau Fu from, near Mustafa. haha
hehehehe, meow's paw prints.
night out with sayang and milkshake!
lookin' dashing coooool
thats meow meow.
the fat cat.
outside my house, chilling.
top right, if you recognize, it's a bus stop. no idea whats wrong with her.
but she super love to chill there.
thats my car key, and keychains.
for a awfully small key, with loads of chains.
but i like!

agnes b. from mummy, bling LIYING is from 3rd Aunty for christmas, and extreme right, is a silver pig form mummy and daddy who just came back from BBK.

and my keys now, SUPER DUPER HEAVY.

mum and bing was complaining how heavy they are.
HEH. gotta weight it some day.
it's really super heavy.

life have been pretty, exxxxciting.

having 2 pets at home is lovie dove dove>

i want more pets!


★ Sunday, January 17, 2010 AT 11:33 PM
some guys just don't know how to take care of themselves.
and take their health as a joke.


it pisses me off.



★ Saturday, January 16, 2010 AT 12:17 AM
four days later, here i am blogging again.

use to update my blog DAILY. then i realise that, all i'm saying is nothing.
hahaha. so figure, take some pictures, then blog and stuff.
if not it's gonna be way too wordy.

my all pets blog.
don't you think so?

all i blog about is my animals.

anyway, just 2 days ago, i was washing my car with Rema (family's maid)
wash the car, vacuum the car, wipe the interior.
woo! damn nice damn clean. super shiok.

see, super nice right.
though it's pretty dark.
but yeah, clean right. shiny.

then i went out, on the same day lah.
went out, park my dar at b's place.
under a TREE.

cause no choice, all lots are under tree type.

came out of the house, wanna go out.
i got damn pissed. haha.

no, it's not bird shit.

it's all the fruits from the tree, drop on my car.
then got the fruit juice on the car.

it was like, splat splat splat.


damn disgusted, so i'm gonna wash my car later AGAIN.
when daddy gets home with the car. GOSH!

was over at b's house a day or two ago, can't really remember.
but we caught 2 kittens!
well, he caught them, not me.

and they are DAMN CUTEE.
but already at the playful age.

my favorite is the all black one.
damn cute right?

but their monsters man, super duper fierce.
after playing with them, returned them back to their mama.

also another super duper fierce mama.

now, my meow's turn.

if you read my don't know which, or how many pervious post.
papa bought a new swing chair.
and thats the base of the chair.

so one day, meow decides to curl up into that small space to sleep.
damn cute.

she was actually using her paw to cover her ears, cause the tv was on or something.

shino and meow, both are SUPER GREEDY ANIMALS.

meow is becoming a dog, cause monkey see monkey do.

2 of them, sharing a tiny piece of bread.
super cute.

and when they fight.

yeah, she hides in the dust pan (with no dust inside)

they 2 are such a darl.

anyway, i tried eyelash extension.

yes, okay, i know i'm fat.
my cheeks are like exploding.
but yeah, it's nice.
no need make up and all.
but it's also super weird and uncomfortable.

no idea is it, the china girl did not fix it on properly, or what.
but, yeah.
did it at far east.

have always wanted to try, but never get to doing it.
so this time, i did.
like, finally.

blog again sooooon! (:

★ Wednesday, January 13, 2010 AT 1:29 PM
had class gathering, but pictures are not with me just yet.

will blog about that when i get the pictures.

anyway, i've watched Did You Hear About The Morgans? yesterday, and it was pretty damn good.
it's a very, expected show though.
but it's cute.

Sarah Jessica Parker is damnnn hot.
she looks super duper good in the show.

okay, i know, all actresses and actors looks good in shows.
but cause i like her 'no make up look'

plus Hugh Grant's english accent.
makes it funny.

at the end of the show, while going out of the cinema.
walking down the steps, i realise that there was 2 ah po watching the show.
just thought it was damn cute.

then i figure, maybeeeee the chinese baby at the end of the shows is like, somehow related to them. but then again..

or maybe they entered the wrong cinema.

or whatever.

but just thought it was super cute.
they wore those typical ah ma clothes, matching flower top and bottom.
tightly permed hair.
damn cute lah.

go catch this show.
and look out for the other 2 main character the couple from the other town.
the wife DAMN PRETTY. though she is old. haha.

and omg.

i can't wait for iPhone 4G!
it's gonna match my lappy.
gonna l.o.v.e it man.

please launch soon!

★ Wednesday, January 06, 2010 AT 12:54 PM

watched this last night.

trust me, it's pretty darn boring.

was like, half and hour into the show, and we wanted to leave.

but well, after wasting time deciding to leave or not to leave we end up watching the whole show.

the show was rated 2 stars, but well, bing decided to take the gamble and watch the show.

after watching the show, we totally understand why it's 2 stars.

watched at Kallang Flimgarde, and we don't like this theater. it feels weird.

anyway, back to the show.
the only good thing about the show is the girl, the pretty pretty girl.
she had nude make up, so it was purely her natural beauty, and she's gorgeous.
wardrobe for this show is like, super minimal.
1 outfit, the whole show. haha.

and not many actors also, just super alot of extras. haha.


★ Saturday, January 02, 2010 AT 9:58 PM
as many of you may have already know.

my house got broken into, well not exactly BROKEN.
but more like, climbed into.
and stole 2 bicycles, one of which cost thereabout 10 grand.

i would have taken pictures, but i did not. plus, it's like 2211hrs already.
it would be mad of me.

i shall draw it out using paint.

please bear with me.
i'm trying real hard to make it make sense. haha.

okay, it's alot to swallow.

so let me explain how it happen.

fella first step on my letter box shade. (to prevent rain from entering, so papa had a shade there, a wooden shade)

second, just stretch to climb in. (where bigger shaded pink area)
it's hard to explain why that person can step there, but person can.
cause of the letterbox? if you can make sense out of it.
it's like a 'cupboard' there, got a door to open inside the house to get our letter.

so thats why fella got in.

so now, the top right hand corner, extreme top right, see the word BIKE?
that is where both the bikes are placed.

this picture is draw is not 100% accurate.
cause the picture is too small.

so thats how both the bike got stolen.

sian right, i know.

this happen in the middle of the night (clearly)
and mum found out that bikes were gone in the morning.

so now, i'm bike-less.
and bing's racer is gone ):

anyway, had pohpia party today.
damn shiok.
food was yums to the max.
made our own pohpia.
damn fun!

mine turned out, black.
cause i really like sweet sauce, so i put more of it.
so it soak through the skin. heh.
but it's super duper nice lah.

only thing, now my breath stinks of garlic. super duper garlicky.

anyway, i dyed my hair black.

but knowing me, i won't go allllll black.
so i did red underneath.
not fire red, cause i didn't bleach.
so it's just a mellow red.
love it!

it's FINALLY 2010.
not that i've got anything for 2010.
it's just a new year.

so much things i wanna do though. heh.

how did you spend your countdown?

i know i spent mine, really simple and ehh, serious.

was out, chillin by a poolside.
jus the 2 of us, when i suddenly heard people shouting '7! 6! 5! 4! 3! 2! 1!!!!!!!!!!!...happpppppy new yearrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!'
and it echoed round the whole world.
and me?
simply picked up my phone, call mum and wish her a happy new year, and dad of course.
tried calling gramps, but no answer, i guess others was faster than me.

have been sooo wordy sooo far.

manage to dig some pictures out to upload.

pictures of meowmeowww.

i know it seems like i've been neglecting shino alot.
cause i've been taking videos of them both, but it takes damn long to upload their videos.
so i just never bother to. ha.

but cause meow have been really interesting.

like for an example

this is how she sleeeeeeps.

and when she gets greedy.

if you're wondering if we did give the milk and cereal to her.


we did not. haha.

last but not least.
my favorite picture for now.

i like this picture.
though i look weirdly fat.


well, goodday and goodnight!!

p/s: i find it funny how people at the other end of the world is cheering cause it's 1 January, but for us in Singapore it's still 31st Dec.

p/s/s: if you're thinking of climbing into my house now, using the same method.

dream on.

1. that fella step on our letterbox shade and broke it.

so no more place for anyone to step.


2. did just put a damn big HUGEASS cactus on top.