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Married at 22
A mother at 23
And loving it.

Why? Because i married someone who makes me truly happy.

And this blog is dedicated to everyone i love.


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★ Wednesday, September 30, 2009 AT 2:02 PM
as said, pictures of my malaysia friends.
the 2 VERY VERY pretty twins.
Marilyn and Rachel (:

i look ULTRA unglam. heh.

i'm reallllly excited, and i can't wait for them to come to singapore!
weehee (:

oh, and something happen just now.
i had my lunch in my room.
was done, and i brought my plate down.

because i've got my little hashbrown with me, i gotta keep my room doors close at allllll time.
with my windows open, and a breeze day.
some of you might know what happen.

took my plate, walk to the door. open the door.
then suddenly, a damn strong wind came flying into my room like bullets.
and naturally, i stop the door from slamming, under estimate the gap between the door and the wall.
and BANG.
seriously, it was a BANG.
the door BOUNCED BACK.
had that stupid bounce back sound.
slammed into my RIGHT index and middle finger.
and i froze (:

with my HUGE plate, and DAMN heavy fork and spoon on the plate.
good thing i did not drop the plate, mum would have kill me.
or i would have killed myself.

but yes, i froze there for awhile.
then still in shock, walk the stairs with my fingers burning.
put the plate into the sink, walk to my maid.
and i say, 'my finger very pain, got slammed by the door'
and she was like, 'AIYOHHHHH!! PAINNN AHH'

my middle finger feels fine.
it's all cool.
but my index started to swell and you know, can feel a lump thingy.
and i can't feel anything.

why does my story sound exaggerated?
ahhhh heck.
it's true anyway.

funny part.
i just took a pen to try and write.
and my index feels REALLY weird.
like, i can't feel my pen, yet i am holding it.
wth, thats called numb.


but damn it hurts.
somehow reminds me of my knee incident.
i ran into an edge of a wall in HK.
and my whole knee swell.
went to see the doc, he said, i actually crushed my soft bone and hard bone.
and so now, my knee fits into the edge of walls.

it's funny cause of the way i fell.
crash into the wall while holding ice cream. hahaha.
then i bounced back, and my mother open the hotel room door.
cause she said she heard a loud bang. HAHAHA.
only to find her daughter sitting laughing infront of the door, then start to cry.

and here's a video of my little princess.
she is really attracted to red and pink! (:
more videos of her can be found on my FB.

★ Tuesday, September 29, 2009 AT 11:06 AM
as obvious as it seems.
i'm gonna blog properly about my trip and F1.

went to malaysia from the 25th - 27th.
had to attend a my cousin's wedding.

so here goes, with the pictures.

at the airport, at like what, 9? or 8? am in the morning. i still had my sleepy face on.
and thats Rebecca, my cousin.
with her super duper alert face. wlel, cause she did not sleep.
rebecca with gong gong and kau gong.
daddy and mummy.
up up and awayyyy.

doesn't it remind you of care bear? ahhaa
arrive at KL.
yes, thats the plane i took.
and thats err, me.
freakin' budget, and we gotta walk this dammit long walkway to the terminal.
thats Victor.
checked in and all that, then we went to walk around shop and eat.

but i heard from my friends that even A&W in malaysia is shutting down, slowly, 1 by 1.
thats the hotel room.
for the 1st night there.
Rebecca and me went to swim swim.
haha, i don't swim back here in singapore.
so i had to swim in malaysia.
anyway there was nothing for us to do.

check this outt.
i'm a virgin wii player.

after swimming that day.
we actually went to meet our friends form malaysia.
i met my dear twins from Sarawak.
finally get to meet them, AFTER 2 LONG YEARS PLEASE.
pictures are with them, will get it from them soon (:

pretty retarded and funny.
thats Rebecca and myself at friend's house, playing wii!

DAY 2, the Wedding day.

checked out of that hotel, and we came over to this resort to attend the wedding.
we went swimming (again)
then i went to do my nails and hair for the wedding.

soo soo soo much cheaper than compared to singapore lor!

i started to camwhore. AHAHHAHAHA

all dressed up (:
parents and myselfff
out of 7 of us, only 3 went.
if only the rest could make it!
i'm talking about us cousins.
my cousin, Albert and his now wife Wendy.
just a little background, Albert is actually a pilot for MAS. (Malaysia Airline)
and his wife Wendy, is an accountant.
how cool right.
VIP table.

thats all for the trip.

after the wedding we went to play pool.
and guess what, DADDY PLAYED WITH US!

day 3 was just pack up and leave.
too busy to take any pictures. haha.


thats called, PHOTOGRAPHER.
check out his 2 cameras, and his lens.
it's pretty scary eh.
we're seated at Turn 1 Grandstand.

took ALOT of pictures, but all of them are like, same thing.
if not, just different drivers.
anyway, majority of people supports Hamilton.
so i only bother uploading him. HAHA
the parade of all the drivers.
just him will do(: haha
those little white stuff are the F1 grid girls!
and hey debs, i saw you!

the race STARTSSSS.
and thats Hamilton.
the picture is all whitish and blurish and all.
is cause of the dust they kick up when they drive.

taken when RedBull crasheddddd.

damn solid.
this SLK is amazing.
the safety car.

watching the F1 live was really an experience.
it's loud like !#$#@$%#^$& but it's shiok.
sadly like i said in my previous post, or was it my facebook shout out.
i was totally drained.
really really tired to even move.
cause 27th was the finals, and i came back singapore on the 27th morning.

yeah, well, not many pictures right?
i know.
go to my FB to see them all.

pictures of my KL trip would be up FIRST.
will upload F1 later when i'm free.

★ Monday, September 28, 2009 AT 12:22 AM

Everything is pretty much settled :(
I'm just gonna smile. I an going to.
No matter how hard it is. Right?

Gonna bomb my blog with tons of pictures and words.
Would be blogging about my KL trip and F1, since I had the chance to watch.
Not with just anyone:) but with hub's.

I'm really really tired now. Dammit.
And I've still got my little hashbrown to look after.
Since i got back, she is alot bigger. I felt luh.
Ahe can finally walk properly and her teeth are alot more obvious :)

I've got totally no energy to upload pictures and blog about my trip.
Anyway I'm blogging using my phone now pictures are not even uploaded yet.
And I did a count, to realise I've got 800 over pictures to upload, look through and sort.

Just something short.
F1 is dammmnnnn nice. I like :)
now I see why daddy love F1 this much.
But sadly I was just super duper tired :(
I'm totally falling asleep while typing this.

alrighty. I'm gonna blog when I'm alive.
And with my eyes open.
Good thing my phone got word corrector.
If not I doubt anyone will every understand what I'm typing.


★ Saturday, September 26, 2009 AT 12:51 AM
why why why.
why do i sit here.
in my cold cold hotel room.
staring into my brightly lighted screen.
with shivering fingers.
typing this.

i know i can't let it roll
cause, i'm not alone.
korkor is behind me watching soccer.
biu jie is taking a bath in the toilet.


it's strong.
it's really strong.

i know i can't.

with that little wish of mine.
with that little confused prayer i make.

i know i can't do anything.
i know what i say won't change things around.
i know it's all useless.

withdrawer symptoms.
the urge of just leaving Malaysia now.
just running back home.
just going back home.

and i've got 1 more night to go.
and it's not even the first night, it's not even over.
and all these are happening.

i can't imagine.
i cannot.



★ Tuesday, September 22, 2009 AT 12:26 PM
past few days have been eggciting.
but tiring i must say.

little monster friend pass to her a abandon kitten.
only about 2? 3? weeks old.
and soooo, we're nursing her, taking care of her.

her name is Hashbrown (:

there she is(:

had dinner with parents on saturday.
nice dinner.

but guess what, hehehe, i brought Hashbrown along for dinner!
put her into my bag, brought her milk.

my infamous mouse

sunday was kerrie's 18th!

and yesterday!
Hari Raya.
had the first day cycling.

and i woke up at 6.21am.
i think i'm damn amazing now
like, ever since secondary school, i've not been get up that early.
no shit man.
brought my cam along, woo.
her very first 'cycling'

i still think it's mad crazy but mad cool to have tons of bikes mount on a roof of a car.

i paid like $21.90 for a 200g milk powder!
okay, honestly, i don't know if that is considered ex.
but well, it is to me.

on top of that, i've got a VERY VERY jealous dog. who is right outside my door NOW.
(i had to close my door)
i can't let her in cause she will go mad.
like she did just now, and she left me like TONS of scratches on my arm/leg/tummy.
tummy, cause i carry her.
and shino is KNOCKING the door.
like, really KNOCKING.

looking after a kitten is really NOT EASY.
once she starts to meowww.
problem, she won't stop till she gets what she wants.
just like a human baby.
but well, she is such a joy.

and i've got really tired and sore thighs now.
but at least i'm looooooosing my ugly fatts.