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Married at 22
A mother at 23
And loving it.

Why? Because i married someone who makes me truly happy.

And this blog is dedicated to everyone i love.


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★ Friday, August 31, 2007 AT 3:42 PM
i can't wait for school to be over.
things are not looking good.

i'll be all alone, shit.

loner i am.

★ Thursday, August 30, 2007 AT 2:30 PM
worst, worst, worst!
how, how, how?!
shit me. yes.
few more weeks, days.
i can be free. can the days please come FASTER!
can N level come FASTER!?
when it's over i can just go party all day and night long.
seriously, i can't wait.
i wanna leave everything behind.
assurance, i need.
anyone giving?

anyone to turn to?
it feels odd, looks weird.
yes it does.

using or not using.
hates this feeling.

★ Wednesday, August 29, 2007 AT 10:55 PM
lost blur,
help please.
trauma, fear, panic
freak out, shiver, hellishness
please, help.

i went to school, hates it.

★ Tuesday, August 28, 2007 AT 9:12 PM
thats my LAO SHI. and i LOVE her, she taught me and even taught me sister.
she is nice.

she is actually talking how a girl should not be like, how rough slam table and sitting posture and stuff. hahahhhahaha

★ AT 2:25 PM
stayed home today.
whole body is dang weak.
thanks to my sinus.

i'm forgetful.
seriously forgetful.
maybe thats what cause problems.
i forget things really easily.
ask me what i did just now, i'll forget.
thats bad.
i'm becoming senile.
one day i might even forget where i live, then i'll get lost.
just like those ah po and ah gong who get lost because of senile-tisum
then you will see pictures of me pasted in MRT station notice board, and on police station notice boards.

biggest jellyfish in the world, soo big.
body is 2m long.
tentacles are 20m long.

N levels are like, HERE.
next week N level starts.
yes during the September holiday.

now check this out, IT'S DANG FUNNY.

gosh, i'm more in love with spongebob now. now check this out too.

dang powerful, dang funny.
see this!!

i'm looking for this song, Crank Dat Soulja Boy. if you got the song, please send me. thanks

★ Monday, August 27, 2007 AT 10:14 PM
how Singaporeans can be really innovative with the brand naming. or product naming.
really cool, really interesting. i saw this 2 today.

you have MOUSE PARK


how cool ain't it?

★ AT 8:25 PM
went to school today,
i had the ride of my life.
not the fun kind,
it is more like the FRIGHT of my life.
help shalinda's hand dang tight. hahaha.

ok today, gotta sign that paper thing.
so confirm, i passed 5 subjects and failed 1 ):
coolest thing ever, is that my class position tied with shalinda. hahahahahahha.
1st time sia, got 8th position, not from the bottom. hahaha
both of us was shock lah, tied. hahahahaha. rather funny though.

-cough cough- sinus attack ):
my whole body feels weak.
my nose DANGG pain. it is like putting tattttoooooo lah.
though i don't know how it feels.

★ Sunday, August 26, 2007 AT 9:14 PM
argh. wassup.

luched, shop, dinner, home.
thats all. boring day, sort of.

i was sitting on the couch at my uncle's place, when my aunt came, then she look at me and said aunt: le ka pui liao hor (you fatter hor)
me: haha, yah.
aunt: yah lor, le pui liao leh (fat already)
my father: si lor, yi jin su ka jia. (yah lor, she like to eat)
aunt: heh, pui liao.
me: i eat alot, can't stop eating.
my father: jia qin zui (eat alot)

yes, thats my knowledge of teochew. hahahahahaha. little bit. trying to remember my aunt words. hahaha. then translate. haha.

i giveeeee up, i tried.


★ AT 1:24 AM
i've tried,
i played my part.
i thought it would help.
but maybe not,
i don't know if you know.
but there are people concern and worried for you.
you keep mum. while there are people trying to help.
what is happening?
i wanna help, but i can't if you don't allow
is there a kind of miscommunication?
i hope it is, if not. what is it?
we want to help.
arms wide open, just waiting for you.
what's going on, thats the main thing.
none of us wanna anger you, we try, we hope we are not.
sorry for everything, thank you for being a friend.
still much loved by everyone.

★ Saturday, August 25, 2007 AT 11:06 PM
to start off,

this popo, is my uncle soon-to-be-mother-in-law.
she rockxzxzxzxzxzxz.
don't tell you why, HAHAHAHA.
i'm just sooo happy.
i love hugging her hahahahaha.
she da best. haha
she calls me XIAO KU NIANG.
because she is form china, then thats she call girls. haha, so cute right.

ok, i went to church, did usher. so fun.

dined with my family and popo with my uncle and his girl lah.

thats all.

he is soooo nice, soo cute. hahahahahahaha.
by the way, he is my estate the security guard.
sooooo ncie ah this uncle, love him man.

gogo watch ONE LITRE OF TEARS. dangg nice, i cry almost every episode. jap show.
haha. yes. nice show.

leg numb, crap.
i'm in a crappy mood now. hhehehehehehehe.

★ AT 12:31 AM
went to new house after dinner with my parents.
woo, nice.font of the house
looking in
looking out
looking out

yup, was walking around the estate of my current house with my mother. just counting the number of family who have moved out. here are some pictures of the estate at night.

the estate, at night, hehe. (top picture)
see the house on the 2nd level? thats my current house. the one which is bright. (bottom picture)
this is the best bread in the WORLD or something, hahaha, i love it. milk bread. haha.

★ Friday, August 24, 2007 AT 12:53 PM
stayed home, headache. hehe.
i realise that if i take a bus, and i sit the top deck i'll get headache. yah.
shall not sit up anymore.

keeps kicking me out of MSN, every few mins i'll get kicked out.
wah soooo irritating.
irritates people also, tsk.

soreeee throat.

i'm gonna watch Perfect Strangers. WOOHOO. gonna love it. Sadndra Bulock. or whatever is acting, and i love her actingggg.

★ Thursday, August 23, 2007 AT 9:21 PM

wow today LONG DAY. really tired.
ok i got back ALLLLL my results already. shiokkkkkkkk.
prelims, 6 points, SHIOK. not say BEST lah, but at least. yah. ok.
Ns i'm gonna do betttttter.

today results cool. love it. but somehow never meet up to my expectation ):
SCIENCE 58/110 i also happy, because i pass, really. 55 is the passing mark, i actually gave up on science when i was doing my paper. cause i KNEW i would fail, but nooooo. hahaha
MATHS 41/100 ok yes FAIL FAIL FAIL ): though i pass paper 2. HHAHAHAHA. bad enough.
EOA only got 70/100 lah! ):
CPA got 82/100 ))))):

thinking that i'll pass 3 fail 3, but nooooo pass 5 fail 1 AMAZING STUFF DUDE. thought will fail MATHS SCIENCE CHINESE, end up fail only maths. hehe

could have done better, could get full marks for me MCQ for CPA. never. what sia. i got 19/20 can! SADDDD! one mark, ONE FREAKING MARK ONLY.
anyway, kinda happy. i top the class for this MCQ paper. overall is 82. got 4th in class, BUT THE BOTTOM OK. hahaha. that KIMBERLY so smart lah! got 87. what sia.

thats all for today. yupppppp.
after school, went out with KAKEEEE and ONE DECADEEEE. cause it's one decade birthday!
yayyyy, hahahaha. we watched HAIRSPRAY.
the show is REALLY GOOD, very very veryyyyyyy good. the whole world should catch it. SUPER NICE. but the thought of it is GAY. really, like 2 guy dancing, you will get what i mean when you watch. go catch it. it's great.

kakeeeeee send me homeeee (((((:
indirectly, hahaha, i love her man, she actually reach home already, then form her house bus stop i can take a straight bus home, so she waited with me, end up, she send me home, took the bus home with me, then i waited for the bus with her. so cute lah. kakee best (:

one decade LOVE LOVE. hahahahaha. we laughed like MAD. and her coddy is dang scary sam sam is nice, milo is <3
one decade brother is cute. hahahahahaha, I WANNA BRING HIM OUT. 10 years old. hahaha, one decade did not want. hahaha, she say he is a monster. he is in rugby. so cute right. hahaha. the lil ang mo boy i know. hahahaha, though he is chinese.

i love my hair, hahaha, soooo gonna perm it. HAHAHAHAHAHA. yes i said perm.

end of the year is comming, gonna graduate soon, can't wait.

★ Wednesday, August 22, 2007 AT 11:19 PM
Just 3 Words

Three things in life that, once gone, never come back -

1. Time
2. Words
3. Opportunity

Three things in life that can destroy a person -

1. Anger
2. Pride
3. Unforgiveness

Three things in life that you should never lose-

1. Hope
2. Peace
3. Honesty

Three things in life that are most valuable -

1. Love
2. Family & Friends
3. Kindness

Three things in life that are never certain -

1. Fortune
2. Success
3. Dreams

Three things that make a person -

1. Commitment
2. Sincerity
3. Hard work

Three things that are truly constant -

Father - Son - Holy Spirit

★ AT 6:16 PM
today i got back my RESULTS, except for CPA ):

i'm SUPER DUPER happy with my result.
but ok lah, some happy some not.
i was like prepared to fail 3 subjects.
like obviously lah.

i failed maths, by alot, like 9 marks ):

ok, i thought i pass chinese also will be like 49.5/100 round off kind, or 50/100.
BUT, noooooo i got 59/100. ok i know it is as bad, but hey! i use to get like 38/100 ok. HAHAHAH. i'm super proud of my ting li (chinese listening) i got 26/30 for it. WOOHOO! hahahaha.

as for science, i just pass, err, kinda. it's upon 110 so passing mark is 55. i got 58.
GOOD ENOUGH. i use to get like 30 plus or even 20 plus.

english and EOA, nopeeeee never meet up to my expectation ))):
kinda sad, english only got 66.1/100 WAH SIAN, DID BADLY ):
but my oral SHIOKKKK, i got 12/15. that proves ONE THING, i can talk. HAHAHAH

my EOA i only got 63.5/100 lahhhh!!!
although i pass but never meet up to my expectation.
i'm gonna aim for A1 for both EOA and ENGLISH and CPA, then 3 points SHIOK ENOUGH, need 1 more subject, let it be 2 or 3 STILL SAFEEEEE!!!
i must get like below 7-8 don't care. hahahaha.
count only top 4 subject what.
so i just drill myself in my top 4. hehehehe.

yayy, hahahaha. i'm mad. seriously.

i chop them short ):
because i thought i'll be spot checked ):

lunch today was MADNESS, went to lunch with LUCHIE BUDDY, KERRIE TONG, ONE DECADE AND JANICE NG.
it was dang funnnnnny. i'll never forget this phrase.
'i will NOT tell anyone that janice dump her food under the table'
now laugh. HAHAHAHA. lunch was super funny, we even did kallang wave WITH THE TABLES.

more of it please. hahahahaha.


★ Tuesday, August 21, 2007 AT 3:44 PM
JANICE and lovely ONE DECADE, we were the best of friends in primary school yo.
yes, this is my ONE DECADE, we know each other for 10 years, and still counting.
YES! THIS IS MY KAKEEEEEEEEEEEE. sucha cutie right. hahaha.

i slept for 13 hours, now i am FULLY ENERGIZE.
sad thing, i kana diarrhea . i think i ate too much, and the food all very heavy.
all chili chilli hot hot.
but food SHIOK. hahahaha.

yesterday party was a blast. haha.
long talk with kakee is dang fun.

spending a day with one decade is love.

gosh, i love them both ALOT!

★ AT 1:19 AM
i wanna start of by saying,

one decade (OD) and i wanted to get a cab to the condo. then we spotted a cab.
the road was a 2 way road, each direction got 2 lanes, which is kinda big lah, 4 lanes all together, the cab was at the OPPSITE direction, then we ran across the road board the cab, the cab was not stopping at the right lane which is the pavement, he was in the middle of the road, then we just dash across the road hop on. after that the cabbie was like, 'you know if anything happen insurance might not even give you a single cent, it is illegal to board a taxi when the taxi is not stopped beside the pavement'

we both ignore, hahahahahaha. ok

party was fun, the food was #$^$%&$^@%#$%@!$ ALOT.
and soooooooooooo goo. trust me, gooood like heaven.

was a really busy day, many things happen.

everything rep up only about 11pm. yup.
i went home with KAKEEEEE.

we had a good long talk. HAHAHAHA.
with the tao bao-ed food we were carrying, hahahaa.
i love kakee. hahaa.

OD and i spend the whole day together, haha, doing all the stuff, it was love. hahaha.

ok, i'm really tired now. shall end here.


★ Monday, August 20, 2007 AT 10:50 AM
today is an exciting day! HAHAHAHA.
i hope the result is not over.

ok, i could not see yeesquare off ):
exam ended late ):
anyway, yes. things to do later.

collect lauren's cake, go over to her house, attend her PARTYYYY.
hellllllpppp out is fun, seriously fun. haha.

ok, next stop N LEVEL, please *kill me, someone anyone.
i hate major exams, so much to do after Ns though, super exciting!
outing with onedecadeeeee.

today is shcool dangggggggg suay can.
my friend got caught for short pinafore, then my form teacher went to conduct a SPOT CHECK.
congrats to me, i got caught for my pinafore.

teacher: everyone, stand against the wall, legs together back straight, against the wall!
teacher: -check everyones pinafore following reg. no. i'm number 7-
me: -wispering to my friend- i'm doom, are you scared?
friend: yes, she warn me before, but i never do anything.
me: oh ok, but yours not that short what, i sure die one.
teacher: -right beside me, checking my friend-
me: diediediediedieeeeee.
me: ehhhhh, uhhhuhhh. okok, i know what to do.
teacher: -looks at name list- ER LIYING, TICK.
me: name marked, can't run away.
teacher: -check my other friend- your skirt is short!
me: -trying to be kayy kiang- but her skirt touch her knee what.
me: fineeeeeeeee, my bad, sorry then.

yes, kay kiang, i always get scolded for being kay kiang, hahahha.
kaypo i guess, thats what my father always say, 'kaypo lah kay po lah, now see'

i wanna play badminton, hoho, thats a hint kor. HAHAHAHA.
jogging, workin out. WOO. haha

i feel like eating/drinking CREAM OF BROCOLLI (sp?)
no idea why, I'M HUNGRY. how?

thats all for now then.

* the word is frictional in this blog context, so in another words, DON'T KILL ME.

★ Sunday, August 19, 2007 AT 5:38 PM
i guess i stayed 'home' the whole day.
woke up like dang early ):
8.36am and i am up! mad right?
came down to Fidelio (new house)
waited for IKEA to come and fix up my shelves.
they said they will come between 8-11 in the end never come ):
i called and ask, so they came at about 12.30pm. yup. like at last (:

they came, they fix, i stayed here the whole day to monitor and stuff.
and till NOW i'm still here. lucky my neighbour never secure their internet, or else i'll be staring at itunes the whole day.
yup, time check, it's 5.47pm. ):
from 9am till 5 plus and still counting.
IKEA stuff is still not done, they are still fixing the shevles up, it's ALOT.
guess what, i watched SECRET, hahahahahaha, i know i know. 'some-of-you' know that i'll NEVER watch and not interested i guess, HAHAHAHAHA, i guess i still watched it, on the internet. yes. hahaha.
you know, it's boring here.

so i also did HOUSE CHOURS (((((: -BEAMS-
be proud of me, hahahahahahaa, the jia kan tang person can do house chores. yes. hahaha. say hello to FIDELIO.

click to enlarge
top extreme left: it's the 2nd level.
top middle: stairs up
top right: from hall facing in
bottom left: kitchen and backyard
bottom middle: hall face out.
bottom right: garden, main gate.

★ Saturday, August 18, 2007 AT 10:05 PM
went to church today, looking like PAP.
hahaha, seriously funny.

today's sermon is really applicable to me, it's about worry.
yes i needed it, my lost ring and me freaking out and worrying like crap.

went to catus for dinner, was a fun dinner, hahaha, talked like siao, laughed alot. and guess what, i ate ONE WHOLE FULL BOWL OF RICE.
thats like, ZOMG. yes. haha. i usually eat half a bowl or even lesser, not because i want to be skinny ok, but it's because i hate rice. yes.

camwhored with one and only timmy kan. hhahaha. HE SHAVED HIS HAIR BOOOTAK! because it's his school Rugby tradition. yup.

sony ericsson phone rocks ok.

CPA last prelim paper, can't wait.

yeeyee is flying off on monday, i'm gonna send her off, i think, i want to.

tomorrow i gotta get up early to settle my new house stuff, and if that IKEA people are not gonna show up AGAIN, i'm gonna KILL them.

ok seriously, i needa hit the gym really soon, or you will find be looking like a freaking fat pig.

i love my ONEDECADE friend, loveloveloveloveloveeeeee. i'll help you no matter what huns. you mean soo much to me! ILOVEMYONEDECADEFRIEND.
seriously, i'm gonna scream HAPPY BIRTHDAY ONE DECADE form across the pool! let the WHOLE condo hear! just hope no one pours water on my head form upstairs or something.
all the memories we had together. hahahaha, remember them all right? times when we talk on the phone from morning till evening, even when we're bathing we're talking. stayed over my house, waiting for then newspaperman to give us the newspaper, just wanting to check the movie timing. how we wanna watch NC16 shows when we're like only in primary 4 or 5? HAHAHHAA. oh those time i'll NEVER forget. our laughters with fill the whole house, even neighbors can hear. I LOVE YOU ONE DECADE!

yes, i love my one decade alot. haha. anyway, i shall blog more later thats all for now.

what's wrong againnnnnn, gosh

★ Friday, August 17, 2007 AT 5:31 PM

i can't get over the point my ring is lost, something so close to me is lost. ):

i just woke, 1st time in a long while that i actually napped in the afternoon.
i shall make myself happy, and blog out my dream.
after i did my EOA practical, i went to sleep.
paper ends at 11.37am.
at about 11.10am i went to sleep, done my work printed and went to sleep.
in that short 25 mins or so i felt like i slept for an hour. my dream also like super long.
this is what happened,
i dreamt of like, all my friends and stuff.

i remembered i was at some water park, like wild wild wet, but nicer lah, dream what.
it felt very aussie like. i was at this conner using my laptop, when evan ran over to me with 2 other ang mo boys who are twins, i've got NO idea who they are. i only know evan, i carried him and stuff, play with him. then i on music and stuff, like itunes the whole ppage was flashed onto a white wall infront of me, no idea where it come from also.

then suddenly i saw peijun cell (so random right), from the conner of i don't where, luwei and Henson came out of there door there, to do discipleship, yes at a water park. i still remembered the some that was playing was from Salvage garden - i want to stand with you or something lah. then i saw them having discipleship i off the song.

i was still playing with evan, haha, he is super heavy. was like pao pao him around, he was laughing and stuff. thats all i remember. hahaha. i type so little, but felt soo long.

running nose red eyes and all. i keeeeeeep sneezing, someone thinking of me ah? HAHAHA, that thing which the whole world says. don't know what 1 sneeze means what 2 means what so on and so forth. i blur sia.

my ring my ring my ringggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i wanttttt itttt backkkkkk.
-cries ))))):

i must say this man, Bryan Wong though he is gay, yah he is if you did not know. he looks super smart in this 9pm show. seriously, very smart.

★ AT 12:49 PM
ok serious thing happenen.
puffy eyes, red eyes, red face.
thats me for now.

i'm super duper sad now, my RING IS LOST.
my ring has deep meanings with it, not cheap too.
gosh, it's gone, i can't believe it, seriously. kill or or something.
I WANT IT BACKKKKKK!!!!))))))))))))):

my ring is lost in SCHOOL.
confirm in school, if you see a ring with 3 hearts on it, and 3 diamonds please return it back to me.
my class is 4E1.
please return it. it can be found (i hope) around the canteen, outside general office, com lab 2, DnT room.
gosh, i seriously want it back.

i only want it backk.
please help. ):
i've got NO MOOD for anything, seriously, no mood.

there will be a reward for the person who returns me my ring.

★ Thursday, August 16, 2007 AT 3:30 PM
today's paper, maths paper 2 and chinese.
was maddddddddness.
i was freaking out during my maths paper, seriously. i was going CRAZY.
i did not do 2 question ):
had NO clue how to do.
oh well, and haha, i had a problem drawing a PRISM. i know how to draw but i was freaking out, so i had a hard time doing.
oh well, i did it in the end (:

chinese was alright lah, could not read a word. but ting li was GOOOOOOOOOD. hahaha. i could understand.
prelims are FINALLY almost over, left subjects that no need to study like for practical, it's all typing. and english listening. thats all.

N level really soon, kill me someone.

★ Wednesday, August 15, 2007 AT 11:00 PM
my brain is like a sponge.
i study, i do.
instantly notes goes into my sponge brain.
but once i start to talk,
it's like someone sitting on my sponge brain.
so all the notes are OUT.
in and out, kinda instant ain't it?

★ AT 1:42 PM
ok lets see,
english, done
science, done
maths, half done
chinese, nope
eoa, done
cpa, done
eoa practical, nope
cpa practical, nope.

tomorrow is maths paper 2 (BUANGGGGG) chinese (BUANGGGGGGx2)

okok, about today's paper, it was, alright i guess.
hope not to buang though.

today, gosh, i can't stand that so-called-cher. that same guy i bloged about before.
gosh, i was going mad, i don't know why, his voice veryy kimpa, face EVEN WORSE.
he can't even invigilate! seriously, he CAN'T.
mrs wong went off he took over, the class all finish the paper already, because the paper is not long.
once he came in, he said, '4E1, YOU GIRLS LEFT ABOUT 40MINS PLEASE CHECK YOUR WORK OK?'
and sleepy me was sleeping, so his #$%$*&$@ voice woke me up.
i saw his face, i LAUGHED. don't ask me why. but after he said that, the class was like, whatever lah, haiiiizzzzzzzz him again.
he was like, 'shhhhhhhshhhhhhhhh'

after awhile, sleepy me and sleepy class went to sleep again, then every few mins or whatever he will, 'you girls like 15 mins please check your work' he said that, i woke up ONCE AGAIN, saw his face and LAUGHED this time, together with my classmates.
the whole time he will just shhhhshhhshhshhhhhhh.
then 5 mins before ending he will say AGAIN, '4e1 your paper is ending in 5 mins, use this time to check your work' i was sleeping, so woke up by his $%$#^@$$#% voice again. i laughed with my classmates again, hahahahaha.

times up, before he started collecting he say, 'ok girls, all pens down. i am going to collect your papers now, give me paper 2 and your OAS sheet. no one is to stand up, all sit'. just then, my classmate stood up to stretch herself, then he was like, 'sit down sit down, don't stand ok'. no one could be bothered.

he collect SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO slow somemore, tsktsktsk.
everyone was like faster leh, then he just kept saying SHHHSHHHSHHHH.
once collect finish, he had to count, so he was like, 'i'm going to count your papers before you can go off' obviously the class was like wahhhlauuu, slow. then he just kept shhshhshh sit down and all. gosh, soo irritating.

his voice wanna come out cannot come out. very irritating, seriously.

haha, hope it's not him tomorrow, or else DIE MAN. hahahaha.
class can't stand him at all. hahaha. poor him.

okok, i gotta memorize my maths formulas now, SO MANY, my brain cannot take it. hahaha.
all the piepiepie.

i can't wait for 'N's to be over, seriously CAN'T WAITTTTTTTT!!!!!
then fly off to other place to study. can't wait. hahahaha.

trust me, sony ericsson phone rocks lah.

why so affected by it?
nope, not worth it.
act cool ah? HAHAHA.
ok just being lame.

i got this urge to make it rain, haha, then run around in the rain.
last sunday get to run in the rain, because using an umbrella is useless, and the wind was super strong, even the umbrella broke -.-
sadly, the following day was a monday, that means it's prelims. could not play ):

you girls should check this website out, i LOVEEE their clothes.
clothes dang nice.
it's NOT expensive too!
woohoo, hahaha.

i heard from my friend that, PL is thinking of making the school uniform a 1 piece uniform, that means the white blouse would be sewn together with the pinafore. gross right?
now belt attached gross enough already. but good thing i that, hehe, i'll be graduating.

i wanna go down to esplande! the stories of lvoe photography competition, i wanna go check the pictures out leh, seem nice lah.

i got 1 ulcer in my mouth, i feel like putting salt. haha.

my blog is getting out of hand, my post are getting from rubbish to stinking rubbish, seriously.
super random, and does not even make sense.

i saw this from The Museum Of Twits, so here is it.

будет временем, котор вы растете вверх, я получает достаточно из вашей

★ Tuesday, August 14, 2007 AT 11:09 PM
went out, studies at airport with debs.
yup, we talked, and catched up.
tomorrow, maths paper ONE, buang
CPA theory also.
school ends at 12.30pm

ohoh, today, something happened.
there is silent reading after morning devotion.
silent readings ends at 7.55am.
and paper stars at 8am.
so after silent reading, dismissal time.
class went down to AVA.
once we got there, i peeped into the window saw miss feng.
she was looking dang pissed.
once she saw the class, she came out and shouted.

Me: (standing behind my friend) silent reading only ends at 7.55am lah.

she talk like she 1st time in school like that, thought he know that silent reading only ends at 7.55am. tsktsktsk, class got scolded for no reason.

★ AT 2:40 PM
prelims sucks.
science paper, i guess i can pass, hope at least, tried my best already.
those i study never come out lah ):
eoa was, ehh, weird.
hahhha, paper was weird.

the best thing was, throughout the whole exams i had a baddd stomach.
seriously bad, the pain would come and go. DANG IRRITATING.
oh well, i still did my exam, all i wanted to do was sleep. hahaha.
science paper was like 2.45hours, super long.
don't know why they give soo much time, the WHOLE class was sleeping, really. hahaha.

well, at last 4 paper done, the rest are all the okok nothing much to study kind.
oh, MATHS that one NEED to study. gonna mug like now.
then mother tounge, where i know it's buang.
then all my other practical. FAVORITE SIAL.
hahaha. alrighty!
thats all for now.

my blog is a dead blog, i doubt anyone comes to read it.
hahahahaha, my tag board is like STAGNANT. whatever lah.

★ Monday, August 13, 2007 AT 1:15 PM
english paper 1 & 2 today.
i guess the 1st paper was ok?
after the paper friends was asking me why i finish so fast.
because i took 45mins to complete the paper only. so yeah, friends around me were all asking.
hahahahaha. oh well.

paper two was normal.

tomorrow i call it DOOM DAY.
seriously, science paper 1, 2 and 3. on top of that EOA.
so dead sooo dead super dead!
all neeeeed memory. diedie, dead.
Dear God, i pray that You will give me EXTRA BRAIN, which is not a sponge, because sponge very easy go in also very easy go out, yesyes, xiexieni, Amen.

cheenamina. xiexieni. HAHA.

the show Reba V that show DANGGGG FUNNY.

it sucks,
friends to foe
alias to betrayal
it's you yes you.
changes like in 1 min

★ Sunday, August 12, 2007 AT 11:14 PM
out the whole day, studied and simsoned.
dang funny i tell you. HA HA HA HA.
and i loveeeeeee dadddddy bought me a new phone.
sony ericcson w580i

anyway i saw this banner that a church put up, it says:
good huh.

★ Saturday, August 11, 2007 AT 11:30 PM
baby peiyunnnn
my favorite EVANNNN

to all my hunks and babes, darling and loves.
check this out
Know the definition of Ah Lians in a profound manner.
seriously, it's danggggggggg funny.

today, was a hothothot day, hhaha.
heeled the whole day, church was hot.
did not get to talk to anybody at all ):

dinner was GREATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT seriously, with 4 little rascals running about, no maybe 3, they made my day, seriously.
with little EVAN (oh my favvvvv) KAISHENG (lil quiet small fella) and Dillis (super sweeet) not forgetting little PEIYUN! (11 months old, super sweet)
i took many many shots of them, all so cute.

OH SO CUTE, i wish they were mine.

seriously man, love them.

★ Friday, August 10, 2007 AT 9:15 PM

shino is such a love.
suddenly so nice, staying by me.
finally got my zara berms, niceeee

shopping love

i guess i'm just too harsh

★ Thursday, August 09, 2007 AT 11:37 PM

i love you,
a kind of love and bond that will last
ups and downs, been through together,
can never imagine life with out you.
loving you does not bring pain or tears
tears we shed together, pain too.
but after all those, love we still are.
i will never exchange anything for you.
never in my life.
i use the word you, as individuals.
i heart felt lil message.
always loved by me, always
cliche this lil message may sound.
but it's true.

★ AT 6:13 PM
ehhhh, happy national day?
no mood leh.

anyway, a cute lil ades(sp?) mozzie bite me.
and i took a picture of it, but not clear though, the body is like black and white stripes one.
unknownly i wore red and white, seriously, i did not notice, till i get out of my house.
funny. felt like wearing red, and very long never wear my white skinny.
can see my babat there, GROSS.

anyway, lunch was CRAZY, trust me it was, thanks uncle gonggong for the lunch treat.
madness i tell you, had more then 10 course. CRAZINESS.
seriously, hahahahahaa.
camwhored with my cousins.

uncle gonggong family came, his kids and all. i tell you ah, i was sooo depress, i help to look after his gradson, he is only 4. his name is Shaw and is form hong kong. it's either he is mean, or i am really ***. this is what happen.

Shawn: you been to sentosa?
Me: yup, i have, you?
Shawn: yup, i been there, did you swim?
Me: yeah, i sure did
Shawn: did you slide down the slide?
Me: nope, never.
Shawn: why?
Me: it's too small.
Shawn: it's not, YOU'RE FAT.
Everyone: -stop conversation and stared at me-
Me: -speechless-
Me: fine, i am fat ):
Shawn: -laughing away-
Cousins: now i know why ke kept looking down, HE IS LOOKING AT YOUR TUMMY. YOU'RE FAT LIYING, YOU ARE FATTTT
Me: )))))))): whatever
Shawn: -still laughing-
My sister: Shawn am i fat?
Shawn: NO
-everyone laugh-
My sister: is everyone fat?
Shawn: NO
My sister: is this jiejie fat? (points at me)
Shawn: YES

oh mannnnnn, my heart smashed into pieces. but nevermind, at least he tell me frankly how he feels.
gosh, he is only 4 and he knows how to say that.
smart him, fat me ):
dang depressing.

i just found out something, and that just proves on how much i know about singapore.

★ Wednesday, August 08, 2007 AT 9:58 PM

an urge to break down and cry,
just let tears roll down my cheeks,
hide at a conner of the world, let my feelings out.
a sudden lost of mood.
it use to be all lighted
some are out, the wind blow
some are not strong
went out.
will it be lighted once again?

★ AT 5:51 PM
lil shino, vomitted alot this morning ):

happy eve birthday singapore.

i'm bored, i really am.
prelims are aorund the conner.
and i gotta start to mug, please tell me to mug now. thanks

★ AT 2:16 AM

watch it! seriously, she is ONLY 11.

★ Tuesday, August 07, 2007 AT 5:28 PM
i went to school, with my eyes closed.
thats how tiredi am, eyes can close even, i was trying my best to listen during science class, my eyes was like half closed already, but i still try my best to listen, in the end i slept -.-

break was to celebrate the August babies. yup.

class is amazing, really.

i bought new pajamas, HAHAHAHAHA, super cute.

JAMES PATTERSON books are rather interesting.
bookworm, (: -nerdface-

school's national day tomorrow. tiredddddddd

★ Monday, August 06, 2007 AT 11:54 PM

random pictures, too lazy to go rotate them. happy seeing. -.-

★ AT 2:54 PM
ok, AT LAST, i'm home.
singapore weather is NUTS, i tell you
it'stoo crazy for anyone to handle.
though i like the sun, but this sun is killing me, i'm melting, hahahaha
driving me mad, crazy, retarded.
i think i'm gonna bathe like 9387526359236856 times a day.
i think the whole world can cancel the water the hot water function.
goodness, madness weather. it kills.

my house downstairs is doing some construction work, to build the show flat for the future house they making with this area. stupid en-block.
yes, SOOO NOISYYY!!!!!
goodness, i think i should not have come home till AFTER 5 or something. super noisy, sucks.

time past really fast, zoomzoom and it's over.
wow. amazingly fast.

school was ehhh, ok? sleepy tired. yes, haha.
and hello i'm the new bookworm -nerdface-
i'm READING. hahahahah. i'm sooo gonna have a collection of books.
nice, read read, rent the book, like the book keep, don't like return. HAHA.
murder, thriller, suspense.
all i loveeeee.
Lee Child, James Patterson, ect...
nice, good, favvvvv.

i got kissed by a mozzie last night, ON BOTH MY CHEEKS, how cute can it get
hoho, merry christmas.

science, maths, eoa. gotta focus yes.
chinese, i'll study try my best, hope won't buang.
if not i can go buang together.
Ns soon, scary.

watch it. hahahaha.

you ok?
your words make cry

★ Sunday, August 05, 2007 AT 10:34 PM
house is in GREAT shape.
i took more pictures of the house today!

and i guess no one reads my blog, thats dang sad. no tags at all luh.

ohoh, you know what, i think i got this problem of saying THANKS too often, seriously.
today during dinner, the waitress came to my family table and ask this, "qing wen ni men you mei you zai yi liang che 875 mah?' meaning, did you guys drive a car number 875?
so i replied her, 'mei you, thanks' so she said , 'xiexie' and walk away.
then i looked at my family, and said, 'why did i thank her for asking do we drive a car number 875?, she gotta thank us right?'
then just now, when my mother called home, she ask me if house got milk or not, i told her, don't have, so she said ok can bye, i told her yup, thanks, bye.

i KEEP saying thanks, and this only happened today, other days also i always say thanks, like when i am not suppose to. weird.

ayway, yes, dinner super shiok!
crab bee hoon, wahseh, zai, and shiok i must say.

okok, pictures of house, woohoo!

★ AT 5:28 PM
ikea is niceeee.

haha, went shopping, got some stuff. yupyup.
moving into new house soon!!!!!!!
gosh, soo exciting!
haha, high man, love house. love family. wheee!


oh man, i'm aiming like a million gazillion things
- more cardigan
- grey skinnies
- yellow skinnies
- vintage bags and all other stuff
- deco for my room.
- SLR cammie
- microsoft office for mac

alot more lah, so much to do so many things to buy.
not enough time, not enough moooolahssss ):

i'll help you

★ Saturday, August 04, 2007 AT 9:38 PM


finally back home, SHAGGGGGGGGED.
friday went to phia house. CLIQUE ANNIVERSARY!
hahahaha, was dang fun, we all stayed over. hahahaha. sadly kerrie could not ):

lil messages to you guys:

Shabana: thanks for all your joy and laughters, and all the fighting moments. you're always bring smiles to our faces!!!!
Madeline: it's always soo fun going out with you, thanks for all those times girly!
Chaiern: always quiet, but really funny girl, laughtersss full of them.
Jasmine: SOTONG! our sotong, hahaha, always sooooooo funny. asking super cute questions hahaha.
Sophia: thanks for always 'lending' us your house to use for our clique function! hahaha. thanks for all the outings too!!
Kerrie: housewife, haha, you're gonna be a good mummy. hahahaha. thanks for always helping out, though you could not stay over, but you're loved by all of us!
Shalinda: lawyer! hahahaha, you funny girl, my lunch buddddddy. hahaha.


ok, friday stayed over, was fun. hahaha. many things happened. but they were all FUN things!
haha, i slept on the STAIRCASE, no joke ok, my whole body got the stairs shape already.
slept on the hard floor after that, squeezing in this SUPER tiny conner with 1 friend, sharing 1 small blanket with 2 other friends. yes, hahahaha.
now my staired shaped body is aching like SIAO

saturday churched, usual, service gooood.

and, MR TIMMY K needs loads of prayers, he is my cousin by the way, who FRACTURE his wrist, while playing rugby. and the pain killer he took cause an allergy, and hie eyes swelled ):
take care small one, buijie love you

what am i to say?
then you'll budge

★ Thursday, August 02, 2007 AT 12:45 PM

danggggg shiok.

is it a must to be two faced?
or what people say, pai ma pi.
when person 1 talk to her, she i super sweet kind and nice, like, "hello? yup, alright, sure, thanks"
and when person talk to her right at the second she puts down the phone, she would say things like, "WHAT? WHAT YOU SAY? I DON'T KNOW."
why so cute?

★ AT 12:15 PM
for goodness sake, i'm going mad.
pon-ed school today, head have split APART
like seriously, want more sleep. ALSO cannot get.
at times i really wonder, is the older ones abusing their authority?
they are to set an example for the younger ones, but are they?
screaming and shouting at the younger ones, but when we younger ones scream at them, for simple things like waking up, they flip at the young ones.
then when we young ones flip at them, shiat, we're dead.
example set is not right, parents don't scold.
but when the young ones follow, wah, got scolding.
an this conversation will form:

-many years/months ago-
parents: you must follow korkor/jiejie ok? they setting a good example.
young one: ok.

-after that when the korkor/jiejie never set a good example-
parents: -speechless-

so...-young ones follow, then-
young one: but i follow korkor/jiejie
parents: you dumb is it!? this kind of things follow!?
young one: but you told me to follow
parents: yah follow, did i say follow the bad
young one: you never sya follow good or bad, so i both also follow.

see. no matter what, the young ones will get it, older?
nahhhhh. i ever ask my mother this.

me: mummy, why when kajie do wrong stuff you don't scold her?
mum: daddy and i do, but just not infront of you.
me: huh?! but why?
mum: your sister will get malu
me: so when you scold me, MUST be infront of her lah.
mum: -speechless-

so older ones gets the good stuff and the younger one don't. amazing ain't it?
really cool. wow. so is it a SUAY thing for the younger one to be young?
is the older abusing their rights?
are there ANY rights in the first place.
many will say no, because all family.
so like that means older siblings can scold and all lah, even when he/she is wrong.
amazing logic.
at times with my sister and her friends
we will talk, duhh.
and at times we always arrive at this topic of younger siblings.
all sorts of things will come out.
older one saying that the younger one are DUMB.
even infornt of me, me sis would say, "she is dumb what" -nudge my head-
sames goes to all my cousins, older would say that to younger.
then they would hit/nudge the younger ones head.
but when the younger talks about the older ones infront of them, we kids get all the shait from them.

people will say, THIS IS LIFE WHAT.
so life is, older scold younger is it?

when i missed out, i worry.
what will happen, what will be said
hate me love me i don't know.
the feeling of worry will get me.
why? insecure? maybe, i guess so.
but why? what can i do, what can i say?
oh well.

i'll just stay till you come
i won't push, i won't look for you

★ Wednesday, August 01, 2007 AT 6:41 PM

what about you

★ AT 5:17 PM

went to school.
and yes, it was slack. total slack.
class tee was done, AT LAST.
shall not go into details.
but all credits really goes to madeline, she did the most.
really thankful for her.

gosh, my head is spinning real badly.
panadol won't do.
goodness, i feel like chopping off my head seriously.
ahhh! really bad headache.
first time kena so bad one.
kill me someone.

you care, but why still like that